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count von Shaffgotsch of Krummhubel
Bismarck was built by Vikings for Vikings.
Vikings like Mongols price their lives highly.
Their military tactics are not to have any casualties in the battle.
Both Vikings and Mongols use everything from
theatrical performance to the newest technology
to preserve expensive and hard to replace
The same happened with Bismarck,
Theatre, underwater homing devices, submarines,
airplanes, weather ship, the latest technology
to sink several out of date british junk
in an encore of battle of Jutland.
No german sailor died that day.
8 May 2005 - Eastern Atlantic coast

Carlos E. Martinez | E-mail
Fantastica pagina, la mas completa de la web, desde hace 5 años, ha sido mi consulta permanente y mi soporte para la construccion de mis propios modelos estaticos; Jose Maria Rico... Gracias por tu luminaria.
6 May 2005 - Bogota Colombia

Ana Maria Zacagnino | E-mail
Liebe Freunde, Bin beim Surfen hier bei Euch wiedermals eingekehrt. Ihr habt eine wundervolle HP erstellt, die viel Arbeitsfleiß und Liebe beinhaltet. Ich wünsche Euch noch recht viel Erfolg mit dieser Seite und grüße Euch herzlich aus ARGENTINIEN Ein Gegenbesuch in meiner HP und ein Eintrag im GB würde mich sehr erfreuen, Ana María


Very interesting reading. Thank you for a great history lesson.
3 May 2005 - Sweden

Marko Piplic
I,m interested about German pocket batleship
3 May 2005

Bob Edwards | E-mail
Researching second world war wrecks personal interest
3 May 2005 - Lancaster, England

John Patsikas | E-mail
Making almost the whole british fleet looking for it, means a lot. Bismarck is a LEGEND!!!
3 May 2005 - Hellas

I haven't checked out the whole site yet but I am doing a project on Holocaust survivors. The site looks pretty cool though...
2 May 2005 - Canada

Paul Lopez | E-mail
Nice job. Fantastic site dedicated to the
HSk. BISMARCK, and to those who served and
died aboard her.
"The sea know no politics...".
1 May 2005 - Upstste NY (USA)

K.Dilip | E-mail
Irrespective of whichever side they were on,one should never forget the brave admiral lutyens and his crew who gave their lives on this great battle ship which was far ahead of its times.There are no rights and wrongs in war.
28 April 2005 - India

Miguel | E-mail
Enhorabuena por el excelente trabajo contenido en esta web. He disfrutado realmente con ella.
Un saludo
26 April 2005 - Santander. España

Donald Francis Tanner | E-mail
I wiould like to correspond with any survivors of the Bismark, as I am a historian. Can anyone tell me the names and addresses of those survivors that are living? Thank you.
26 April 2005 - Dodge City, kansas USA

Clive Townsend | E-mail
First visit
25 April 2005 - South Africa

Wyvern | E-mail
Great site, keep up the good work!
25 April 2005 - Germany

David | E-mail
Hola, antes de nada quiero decir que me ha encantado la pagina, pero no necontre nada sobre como se hundio y el trabajo que estaba haciendo se quedo incompleto pero aun asi me han puesto un 8 me gustaria que me mandaran algo sobre su hundimiento, mi correo es davidgarciadiaz_3@hotmail.com
9 April 2005 - Gijón (españa)

Jeff Kraschnewski | E-mail
I am writing an alternative history novel about the Bismarck. In my story, the Bismarck is repaired covertly after the Hoood encounter, and becomes the super-battleship, and practically unstoppable and untouchble. Your website was very helpful. I am looking for a cover picture for the book; one that makes the Bismarck as formidable in apprearance as possible. Thank you.
7 April 2005 - Burlington, Wisconsin, USA

Tony Onslow | E-mail
This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful warships that was evr desighed. Ive have heard it sied that she was based on the Frederich de Grosse but after reading this site I very much doubt it. Did the Prinz eugan score a hit on the Hood before the Bismark as some books Ive read seem to think so.
28 March 2005 - Liverpool, England

johnny perkins | E-mail
very good site,,very informative. I enjoyed it very much.
27 March 2005 - jellico, tn.

Dear Sirs,
I would like to inform you about the auction of a very interesting Scharnhorst picture with signature and friendly words by the 1. >Officer in 1943. It is ebay Nr. 6520632512 on ebay Germany
Please put info on to everyone interested.
25 March 2005 - Germany.

William Weismuller
What a great job you've done! Awesome site about an awesome ship. You have done a great honor to all the sailors from both sides that lost their lives.
24 March 2005 - San Jose, California

George Humbarger | E-mail
Zum Tod comrads!
23 March 2005 - USA

José Fons | E-mail
I am 80 years old and know a lot on wold war II.
I am from Uruguay and wish to know more about "The Battle of Rio de la PLata", passed in december 13-17 of 1939, between the Admiral Graff von Spee and a british Task Force of three warships.
23 March 2005 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Christina Miller
I had a dog named Bismarck for 11 yrs,we named him after the Battleship Bismarck. We just put him to rest 3-18-2005. I wanted to read about the great ship that we named a great dog after. This is a very well done web page. Thank you,
Mrs. Christina Miller
March 21, 2005
21 March 2005 - Sugarcreek, Ohio

Florian | E-mail
Schöne Seite. Baue eine Bismarck in 1:100. Schaut mal rein www.modellschlachtschiffe.de
21 March 2005

T. McPhillips | E-mail
The very first book I remember reading was "Sink the Bismarck" and I have been fascinated with her story ever since. Having spent many years in the submarine service and on research vessels, I feel a sense of deep respect and admiration for the seaman of that time as well as a certain sense of familiarity. You have a great site and I look forward seeing more future updates.
18 March 2005 - Kansas, USA

giuseppe | E-mail
being a ww2 buff i have to thank you for this great site!
17 March 2005 - venezuela

peter gillespie | E-mail
wonderfull site,i enjoyed it a great deal.having always thought what an elegant,proud ship she really was.my father had admired her imencelly& this has stayed with me over the years.thanks peter
17 March 2005 - gillashnacov

Jim Walker | E-mail
Having been in the engine room of a Liberty ship during the Atlantic war I really appreciate the end of the Bismark. We had enough troube with the ice, the storms, the submarines, and convoys.
16 March 2005 - Lakewood, Califiornia

Jim Wegman | E-mail
Being a history-buff and a navy man, I have always found the events, the men, the ships and circumstances surrounding the German Battleship Bismarck amazingly interesting. This site is of fine quality. Thanks for all the hard work that you have put into this site. My interest in the Bismarck first started when I viewed the movie "Sink the Bismarck".
14 March 2005 - St Louis, Mo, USA

Ramesh | E-mail
I found this site after surfing google What a highly inspiring and dedicated site! I really appreciated and say thank you for Keep up the great work online....!
14 March 2005 - India

inger | E-mail
very interesting site, I´ve been reading technical information about Bismarck for my husband all evening ..he´s tired of me now
13 March 2005 - sweden

Martin | E-mail
Hi.Great site!! Anybody knows if there is any cool naval pc game? (except Silent hunter series)
11 March 2005 - Slovakia

Adam | E-mail
Thank you this site is wonderfull i havnt seen such detailed drawings of the war ships can anyone tell me what ship acctually sunk the bismarck was it the hood (like in the johnny horton song)
9 March 2005 - Australia

Nasrullah | E-mail
A best work I have ever seen. Very informative site for me. If you are running any mailing list plz add me to your list. Thanks
9 March 2005 - Pakistan

Sorry its K Bismarck not HSK am i right?
6 March 2005 - Australia

C.Williams | E-mail
A very proud German Battleship and brave men who serve her and was a sad day for Germany for the lost of HSK Bismarck and her crew who died there as well the lost of HMS HOOD also a sad day for Britain and also a sad day for Australia due to lost of HMAS SYDNEY with all hands of 645 crew to HSK Kormoran which also sunk during the close battle off Western Australia.
Bismarck is a very fine and proud battleship, and should leave it where it is in peace.
6 March 2005 - Australia

The Sell My Car Guy. | E-mail
Surfing by. I once worked with a guy, Don, who being a proud German historian, refused to believe the Bismark was sunk, he claim the ship had been scuttled, since she was unsinkable. Later, he felt vindicated when undersea surveys found not servere damage to her hull. Good Site, I love the photos.
5 March 2005

Sylvie Seguin | E-mail
We Were looking at a program about the Wilheim Gustloff that was sunk by the Russian torpedo and that so many people dye. I said that it's to bad that they shot down a cruise ship that add no defence. And then the conversation change about the battleship that got sunk and the Bismarck came up and my boyfriend said that the ship sunk a lot of ship and I told him that if one ship is a lot he should go back to school and lurd how to count. He said that it was in service for years till I shown him your site and he add no choice to say he was wrong. It sure was a beautiful ship. To bad that all these ship was used to kill peoples
2 March 2005 - Timmis, Ontario, Canada

Victor Katchadourian | E-mail
Je suis toujours à la recherche de toute information sur la Kriegsmarine , première & deuxième guerre mondiale, ce site est une bonne source de liens pour appronfondir mes recherches... J `apprécie toute image de la grande flotte allemande du reich !
27 February 2005 - Montréal

miguel ovando | E-mail
hola: soy chileno, dedicado a confeccion de barcos en palos de fosforos. he confecionado este buque gracias al aporte de esta pagina.
soy un admirador de este barco, por todo lo que representa para su epoca. es una pagina completa y ojala sigan aportes como lo que ya hay.
atte. a uds.
27 February 2005 - chile

23 February 2005

elephant | E-mail
Just thought I would pop in again - love your site - you've done a WONDERFUL job - will be back often. I have put you in my links - hope you don't mind.
22 February 2005 - KRLD

Richard Schlueter | E-mail
I stumbled across this site when I typed my name in Yahoo's search engine. To see so many names, many which may have been distant relatives to vangish so suddenly, be forced by a corrupt regime to die for a false honor, and to have life taken away so young, sad for them, sad for their grieving families and sad for future generations less we honor their lives. God bless all the loss of life in that horrible war
21 February 2005 - San Marcos,CA. USA

Christian Gary Villavicencio López-Aliaga | E-mail
this site is very good for a fan like me. The epic history of two powerful vessels such as DKM Bismarck and HMS Hood, their tragic and incredible end catch my attention since 1981 when i read Ludovic Kennedy's book titled "Pursuit: The Chase and Sinking Of The Bismarck". Curiously,that year i saw accidentally by Tv. the 1960's film "Sink the Bismarck"... this facts made my mind to follow this history until now.
Lima, Peru
Excuse me, my english writing isn't good enough yet.
20 February 2005 - Lima, Peru (South America)

20 February 2005

Richard Gustav Bender | E-mail
I have always admired the Bismarck and feel very fortunate for having stumbled across your website by accident.
18 February 2005 - Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Jeffrey Hunter | E-mail
This is a wonderful website to honor all those lost on the Bismarck. Thanks
18 February 2005 - Waterford, Michigan

Bea | E-mail
A friend of mine told me about this place. I love it. I will recommend you to all my friends.
See you again next time I surf around.
16 February 2005 - GER

Léa | E-mail
Merci beaucoup pour la qualité de votre site. Bonne continuation ! Léa
15 February 2005

Nicholas Miernicki | E-mail
I was simply surfing for sites on naval history (WW I and specifically Jutland have been my main interest), when I can upon your great site. It is one of the very best that I've seen, regardless of the subject. Thank you for providing the links to other great sites, like the HMS Hood site. Keep up the good work.
13 February 2005 - Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

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