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This guestbook no longer accepts new messages. You can however use our battleship Bismarck FACEBOOK page to let us know who you are and where in the world you have reached us from. We welcome all suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticism as well.

In addition, if you have any research questions you may post them over in our NAVAL HISTORY FORUMS, where lots of knowledgeable people will see them and try to help.

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Juan Miguel Samaha Rodriguez | E-mail
Es una historia fantástica de la II Guerra Mundial que descansen para toda la eternidad. JMSR
6 December 2003 - Spain

Bob Hanor | E-mail
Very informative. Very suprised in detail/links provided. Looking forward to future research. Good job, nicely done.
5 December 2003 - ny, usa

Congratulations on a very informative site. I came across it after searching for some historical info on the Bismarck after listening to Johnny Houghton's song! :-)
My only criticism is that question 7 of the Beginner's Test seems to have an incorrect answer recorded. The answer supplied (regarding the number of survivors from Bismarck) was 116, yet the info in your timeline says there were 115 saved.
4 December 2003 - Australia

Jorni Esteval | E-mail
BRAVO... It's a great site. Thank you... for the info. I
3 December 2003 - Philippinies

Dave S. | E-mail
Have been fasinated with German warships and military history since my father took me to see the movie in 1959. This is the best information and techicnal source I've seen. Great job!I also appreiciate tribute to the mighty Tirpitz
3 December 2003 - Las Vegas,Nevada

Alejandro | E-mail
Como buen aficionado a este tipo de reportajes, felicito al creador de esta página. Guardo un profundo respéto para los tripulantes de esta embarcación alemana, que murieron defendiendo su nación la cual yo pido a todos los lectores que tomen en cuenta este hecho.
2 December 2003

Marc Walter Riley | E-mail
Hello this is my first trip do this sight. My grandfather's brother served on the Bismarck and perished at sea. It is hard to tell who he was, my granfather's name got changed when he came over. It got changed to Rekel instead of the true spelling Reichel. I beleive it was Walter that was on the ship.
1 December 2003 - Michigan.United States

Dr. Richard P. Hallion | E-mail
Just read your essay on the sinking of the Bismarck--simply excellent! Superbly done and very well illustrated....very useful for students!
29 November 2003 - Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Miroslaw Skwiot | E-mail
Dear Rico,
I Really am impressed with your website about Bismarck. The documents posted on the website are partucularly important because they do let every reader to get to know the facts and the opinion is left to the individuals. Another thing I find particlularly useful is translations of the documents from German into English, which make the subject much more popular for the wider audience. The work you are doing is excellent and I wish you and your collegues all the best and I will keep my fingers crossed for your ambicious plannes to come true.
With kind regards
Miroslaw Skwiot
26 November 2003 - Poland

Claude Bersano | E-mail
Hello José, and thanks for a beautiful and informative site.
Cheers from Virginia, Claude
26 November 2003 - Virginia, USA

Miguel MALLE Gómez | E-mail
Emocionante. Como ex oficial de Marina, admirador de los hombres que han muerto por su Patria, luchando en la mar y de sus buques, siento gran emoción al poder recorrer el sitio con toda la información acerca del gran "Bismarck". Las naciones que guardan su pasado y respetan a sus héroes son dignas de todo aprecio.
21 November 2003 - Concón, CHILE

Bruce Tether | E-mail
An excellent site. Many congratulations
20 November 2003 - manchester

kevin | E-mail
I love every german warship. I'm from Belgium but I love anything that's involved with the Führer and if you have some pictures from Hitler you can alwayse send them to me RUFFNECK_17@hotmail.com
18 November 2003 - Belgium

Édson Feler | E-mail
Ví o Bismark no discovery channel e năo acreditei, pensei que só tinham o Graf Spee, realmente os alemăes estavam decadas á frente do resto do mundo, que coisa em?
See the Bismark in the Discovery channel and not belive,...
17 November 2003 - Brasil not Brazil!!!!

Joachim Kaltenbach | E-mail
I have seen a 1/150Scale Model from the Bismarck,
in the Museum for history and Culture,of our town.
I have taken fotos from the Model,but how can i
show it on this page?
15 November 2003 - Diersheim,Southwest-Germany

Franz Josef Buchberger | E-mail
I am a nephew of Franz Herteux, the son of his youngest sister, Hermine. I am happy to have found this site and see that he is on the crew list. Thank you for doing such an incedible job.
14 November 2003 - New Kingston, New York, USA

Sandra Cats | E-mail
This is a great site! If you get a chance, check out my site for this month's update on how much I've made from various Internet programs. I also have lots of exclusive Window's software programmed by myself that you can check out. http://program-reviews.cjb.net
12 November 2003 - US

Richard L.Wright | E-mail
I am trying to identify the maker of a scale maodel of the Bismark believed to have been made by a crew member while in prison camp. It is in pristine condition approximately 24 inches long in a hand made display case. The turrets turn by a wheel locatred in the mount.This was an estate purchase and I have verified the exostence of this model to 1946 Ontario , Canada where it was in the possession of a man who was in the medical corps during the war. He acquired it from the prisoner at wars end for a wrist watch. I am trying to confirm the identity of the prisoner/ former crew member who built it.Other prisoners have seen the model and have apparently confirmed that it is authentic but I have notheing in writting and as these veterans/witnesses are passing on.I believe this to be an artifact of great significance.
If you knowe any veteran of Bismark please ask them if they remember one of their crew making the model and advise me.
10 November 2003 - Belleville, Ontario, Canada

stefan | E-mail
hi,i bought a tip for the construction of the bismarck 1/150.what for a material is the best for the underside?and where is a plan?
9 November 2003 - austria

J. Grubbs | E-mail
The Bismarck was an anachronism, a beautiful, but deadly lady of the seas. Alone, against overwhelming odds, she almost succeeded. The most attractive big-gun warship that ever existed.
8 November 2003 - Greenville S.C. USA

eren gündođan | E-mail
hi all i have couple of questions 1why prinz eugen left bismarck2whykriegsmarine didnot send uboots tohelp bismarck3 and iwant to learn thenames of the heroes who still tried to fire rodney when everyone left the ship ... website is fantastic stay cool
5 November 2003 - turkey-türkei-istanbul

Gery | E-mail
Hi at all!
I have a question!
I´m from Austria!
I have bought the book "Die Schicksalsfart der Bismarck".
It was written by an German Author!
He tells about some People (about 5) who where on de Bismarck.
The Book describes the 7 Days of the Bismarck from the sight of the people!
But i have not found some names from the book in your crew list.
For example: Kapitänleutnant(Kaleu) Nobis Werner
or Gefreiter Link
Thank you, if you would answer this mail!
4 November 2003 - Austria

Petter K Ulvestad | E-mail
As borne during WW2, the Bismarck is in a way part of the Norvegian history - together with two more for Norwegians famous german wharships: The Blücher sunk in the Oslo fjord on the attack on Norway 09 april 1940 . The Tirpitz sunk by british airpower in a North Norwegian fjord on 12 november 1944. The Bismarck started its last trip from Bergen in may 1941, and was sunk at sea on 27 may 1941. The Bismarck web gives the best description of the ships construction and operation. In the fading light of history we all feel sorry for the men lost in these battles.
3 November 2003 - Tafjord - Norway - 03 november 1993

K.Dilip | E-mail
It is hard to beleive that such a technical marvel of a battleship existed way back in 1940s.Hats off to all those young people on board who fought an armada of battleships and aircraft carriers singlehandedly and ultimately laid down their lives.This one battleship alone broke the British hard egos by sinking the HOOD.The German govt should make the wreck site a national monument.
3 November 2003 - Hyderabad,INDIA

Raul Larghi | E-mail
This is the best web page on the Bismarck I have seen. It is a must for all the german warships fanatics. Congratulations on the excellent research job!
30 October 2003 - Caracas, Venezuela

Lilia Guevara | E-mail
Muchisimas gracias por el entusiasmo y esfuerzo en darnos informacion acerca del Bismarck, mi esposo es fanático del Bismarck y estara fascinado en saber que existe este sitio. Por ende yo soy fanatica tambien, de verdad la ingenieria alemana no tiene igual.
29 October 2003 - Chicago, IL

Very nice site. Thanks for your hard work in this site. I'm glad I stopped by and will again, many times.
27 October 2003

Richard Peets | E-mail
I am really pleased with this page. I have been interested in the Bismarck saga, since I read a story about the pursuit of the Bismarck in the Saturday Evening Post in 1961. I remember watching the Britisih production of Sink the Bismarck. It would be nice to have a movie made about this thrilling story. The special effects possible and new would make a strong and acurate movie possible.
25 October 2003 - Brandon, MIssissippi, USA

Steven F. Neuendorff | E-mail
Very interesting website. My grandfather, Wolf Neuendorff was the Navigational Officer on the Bismarck and went down with the ship. My father Kay Neuendorff who passed away this year often told intersting stories of the Bismarck including stories of how he would spend weekends in Hamburg with Wolf and watch the construction of the Bismark at the B & V shipyard.
24 October 2003 - Houston, Texas originally from Toronto, Canada

Mr. & Mrs. Roy | E-mail
For many years I have been intrigued about the Bismarck. I have read the books and my self being a model freak! I have put many models of the Bismarck together, ever since the age of seventeen. I have just viewed the web site for the first time. I was very impressed. As was my wife. We both found a great vast of knoledge of the Bismarck. Thank you!
22 October 2003 - U.S.A.

David Walters | E-mail
A very remarkable web site with excellent information. I nice way to pay tribute to all those brave men who thought in the North Atlantic both on the Bismarck and the Hood. Excellent!
21 October 2003 - United Kingdom

Lance Young | E-mail
Since I was a young boy I have been enthrawled with the Bismark. My other brothers and I sank her several times in the lake behind my house using plastic models. We would "salvage " the wreck and repair her to be sunk another day. The world is lucky Hitler didn't have the time or manpower to build 5 or ten more of these ships.
20 October 2003 - Rochester, Indiana U.S.A.

Charles A. Jacobus | E-mail
Hi. I would like to participate in the forum. I am researching WWI British destroyer action against German U-boats.
20 October 2003 - Auburndale, Florida

Onyeoru Onyeze | E-mail
I have been surfing for this site but thanks a lot that l am here now. I will officially visit here and will always be here.
20 October 2003 - Manila, Phillippine

Christian Hauser | E-mail
Hello from Nuernberg (Germany)!
This is a nice Site.
Greetings from Christian
19 October 2003 - Germany

a great website and a great history
...all sailors all over the world.
Brave men, one and all , God bless & rest in peace
No war ...never again
16 October 2003 - Germany

Luciano Luppi | E-mail
Splendid, truly a work of love and moving. May all rest in peace.
10 October 2003 - Italy

J'aime bien votre site, ca fait incroyable!
5 October 2003 - CHINE

Ronald F. Kandzerski
The Bismarck is history. Her history should be recorded and documented for educational purposes. This is a great tool for sharing and offering history, your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ronald F. Kandzerski
3 October 2003 - Rhode Island, USA

Mark Mutzner | E-mail
Wonderful site! A must see, words cannot describe all that is revealed. Nice work.
3 October 2003 - Sonora (in gold country) California

Alexandra Harbeck
Nie wieder Krieg. Meine Großmutter hat ihren Bruder Johannes Stender auf der Bismarck verloren. Wie traurig.
3 October 2003

Jens Schmidt | E-mail
Hello? Eure seite ist cool, und so ziemlich die einzigste. Doch nirgens,gibt es Pläne usw. Schade??, für einen Hobby Bastler wie mir.
2 October 2003 - Deutschland

Knut-Erik Seierslund | E-mail
I have been interessed in the history of the Battleship Bismarck since i was 10 years old. That is now 38 years. The Bismarck is the greatest and most incredible warship that has ever been build. And the most beautiful as well! All the officers and sailors were heroes. May God bless them all, and their mighty ship as well.
23 September 2003 - Norway

Interesting Page about an intresting and historical ship.
I served in the US Navy (USS Beale & USS Brough) and am always surfing Naval sites. Well done on a fine Page.
23 September 2003 - N.Huntingdon,PA. USA

Martin Hollmann | E-mail
Thanks for putting up this site in rememberance to this great battleship and the men who served on her. For history on radar in WWII see www.radarworld.org
22 September 2003 - USA

Frank J. Rosetti | E-mail
Brave men, one and all. God bless and rest in peace.
22 September 2003 - Olean, New York, U.S.A.

Gary | E-mail
Hi, Just surfed in. I enjoyed looking around your web site. Please visit http://www.ozmagic.homestead.com/index.html and leave a link in our guestbook if you like. Very helpful for people coming to Australia. Child friendly site.
21 September 2003 - Australia

Joachim Kaltenbach | E-mail
KBismarck.com is a great website with many informations about this famous and proud Battle-Ship. I am very interested in her history and technology.
20 September 2003 - Germany

Antonio Bonomi | E-mail
I would like to congratulate J. M. Rico for the website and his kind support on my work about the Denmark Strait battle Re-Construction. Thanks again for the support.
19 September 2003 - Vimercate - Milano (Italy)

Andrew | E-mail
This Place Is Great I Can Get Reports For School Done It`s Great.
17 September 2003 - U.S.A.

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