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This guestbook no longer accepts new messages. You can however use our battleship Bismarck FACEBOOK page to let us know who you are and where in the world you have reached us from. We welcome all suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticism as well.

In addition, if you have any research questions you may post them over in our NAVAL HISTORY FORUMS, where lots of knowledgeable people will see them and try to help.

There are 1,093 messages in our guestbook.

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Dyc | E-mail
Unique, awesome site! Thank you for all the information,
demons- Lilith, Succubi, etc, Keep up the good work.
11 February 2007 - USA

Brian Pinti
Just watched the episode of dogfights about the bismarck. After seeing the interviews with the sailors on board both ships then looking at the battle pictures here is chilling. GREAT site.
10 February 2007 - Pittsburgh, PA

Darryl Odom | E-mail
The technical nature of your site is very good. The ship looks like it was technically sound but was not supported with a proper fleet based upon its size and importance.
9 February 2007 - Houston, Texas

Paul E Roth | E-mail
I thouroughly enjoyed your web-site and shall return for more information.
7 February 2007 - Louisville KY USA

Simon Mark Percival | E-mail
Hi Guy's,
Just thought I would drop you a line as I have researched the career of all WW2 warships since I was a child. Your site is one of the best I have seen, thankyou for your efforts and keep up the good work.
6 February 2007 - England

Michael Delevic | E-mail
I will only say you are excellent and Bismarck was greatest ever.
5 February 2007 - Montenegro

Robert Loftis | E-mail
watching about the Bismark&hood on Discovery tv.came to this site to see more.Great Site.
30 January 2007 - Marion nc USA

tom | E-mail
the history of ww11 naval conflicts facinates me especially bismark the engineering on that ship must have been fantstic i also read a book about another ship the nodmark any info?
26 January 2007 - suffolk uk

Charles Kent
Great site! Of course I'm glad that the Bismarck didn't secede in its mission but to have an incredible ship like that end because of one torpedo. Such a waste.
25 January 2007 - Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Craig Bousquet | E-mail
A salute to all that sailed and defended the Bismarck. She was an exceptional ship at the time and remains that way to this day. I also saw the movie when I was in grade school, and have built several models of her. I am now working on another (the others got destroyed in various moves). I am trying to find out what the final colors of the cameflouge were. I have contrasting info.
23 January 2007 - Virgina, USA

You did your duty well, till the end
15 January 2007 - Canada

Koen | E-mail
I have much respect for the Officers and crew of the Bismarck. They fought brave until the end. They fought for their country, comrades and ship.
My grandfather was a member of the Waffen-SS and fought on the Eastern front against Russia. He survived that hell, some of his friends not.
I'm proud that he's my granddad, I hope the grandchildren from the men of the Bismarck have the same respect for their grandfathers as I have for my grandfather!
13 January 2007 - Flandern

sgt scott west | E-mail
Fascinated by the German war machine. Everything they made better, especially capital ships and jet aircraft.
11 January 2007 - Albany, Vt.

Captain Alfred S. McLaren | E-mail
Took part in first manned dives to Bismarck using Russian MIR submersibles. Presently giving talks on results of our detailed survey.
10 January 2007 - USA

Patricia Youngerman | E-mail
Hi the ships are great.There are so mutch information about the Story. It`s great
6 January 2007 - Germany

David B | E-mail
The Bismarck was and still is a modern military marvel . I really enjoyed your site, very informative.
5 January 2007 - Concord, California

alex zuniga | E-mail
ti is a vary good pashtion of the bishmark
4 January 2007 - hoover al

Peter R Russell | E-mail
I found the account of the final hours of the Bismark fascinating. My late father is J Russell, TAG in Swordfish 4B and all I knew previous to this was a brief mention in his flight log, and an account he wrote for a newspaper in the early 1960's, both of which I still have.
3 January 2007 - Sheffield, UK

kriza lorand
Bismarck is a beautful ship!!Deutschland uber alles
2 January 2007 - romania

JOE MIZZI | E-mail
29 December 2006 - malta 356

Matteo Busné | E-mail
I want to tank Mr.Antonio Bonomi, for the meeting we had yesterday evening at my home. He explained to me and to my friend Marco the Bismark/Prinz Eugen battle behaviours compared to english vessels, surprising me concerning the accuracy of his knowledges and, above all, surprising me of all not corrected available informations about the ships, the battle, the involved men that are in books, motion pictures, and magazines. Thank you very much indeed!
29 December 2006 - Italia

Edward Wentges | E-mail
A really historical fantastic side.

It would have been wonderful, if the world of today could say: these brave men of the Bismarck died for a good cause, for defending freedom, peace and humanity. It is so sad that we have to say: we can not.
28 December 2006 - Edison, NJ USA

Werner Boesche (mit Umlaut geschrieben) | E-mail
Ich bin der Sohn von Werner Rick, der auf der Bismarck am 27.Mai 1941 untergegangen ist. und hoffe eventuell, das ich durch diese Nachricht eventuelle Verwandte des Werner Rick's kennen lerne.
11 December 2006 - In Hamburg geboren, in New York, USA wohnhaft.

daniele daneri | E-mail
never seen a WEB site like this!! Fantastic.
10 December 2006 - ITALY

Paul Maraldi | E-mail
She is a beautiful ship, may she rest in peace and all who lay with her.
9 December 2006 - Western Australia

Wilhelm Banzhaf | E-mail
I noted that on the men lost at sea there is a Ernst Banzhaf. Can you tell me where he was born and anything else you might know about his Family Danke, Wilhelm Banzhaf
3 November 2006 - USA Pennsylvania

John Gareze | E-mail
A great site. Tell me you have excellent coloured crests of the Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen but not the Bismarck, why? Does anyone know where I can get further coloured crests of the German WW2 surface fleet?
29 October 2006 - UK

Judy Stender | E-mail
I haven't been back to this site for a while so to me the guestbook is new. My Uncle Johannas Stender went down with the Bismarck. I was born several years later but I grew up with his memory as my father, who was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Juneau Alaska in 1930, never fully recovered from the loss of his youngest brother. When the song Sink The Bismarck would come on the radio my siblings and I would rush to turn it off. It always made my father very sad.

Thank you for this site. It helps me to stay connected to a part of my history that is still very important to me.
28 October 2006 - USA

Dirk Eickholt | E-mail
Very nice site! A lot of pictures I haven`t seen before.
24 October 2006 - Germany

Michael Elson | E-mail
Surely he most graceful, powerful, magnificent of all battleshps. It's a tragedy that she was ever sunk.
17 October 2006 - Cape Town, South Africa.

Tissa Pilimatalauwe | E-mail
I am so happy that I found this site,I have been an admirer of the Bismarck, and the German Kriegsmarine since my school days
16 October 2006 - Bonn, Germany, originally from Sri Lanka

Enrique Gil F. | E-mail
No dejo de pensar en los valientes marineros alemanes que derrocharon tenacidad, coraje y consecuencia a bordo del Bismarck
14 October 2006 - El Monte, Chile

jim palmer | E-mail
some truly moving messages from people of all nations. a fine tribute to the kreigmarine may they and all the sailors of all the world never be forgotten fro their courage and devotion to duty.
18 September 2006 - ohio usa

18 September 2006 - UNITED STATES

Chuck Fluty | E-mail
I was greatly impressed when I first read of the Bismarck and the Hood. That was about 1965 when I was in grade school. Now that I am 53, I am still moved by these events. I salute those that served on both sides.
17 September 2006 - Virginia, USA

Paul G. Schreiber | E-mail
I am an old friend of Carl Mohner, a friendship that dates back to the early 60s. We met in Rome, where my wife and I bought one of his very early paintings. I just learned that he died in January of 2005, and just want to add my --FAREWELL my Friend -- to this guest book.
10 September 2006

Simon Ennever | E-mail
Great and informative site and a credit to the author. I've been researching my name Ennever and did a Google search and found C.C Ennever involved in the melee. Was he Colin Croft Ennever who later married Katherine Betty Carver which was announced in the Times 27/06/1942?
2 September 2006 - Shropshire, United Kingdom

Robert Pfaus | E-mail
This Site is great, but not my English, eine sehr schöne Seite mit vielen Informationen, leider nur auf Englisch, einen Deutsch (German) Button mit übersetztung der Seite ins Deutsche währe super schließlich gehts ja um die "Bismark" a German Battleship.
Aber trotzdem mein Kompliment, an die macher.
Grüße an alle aus Bayern (God old Germany)
27 August 2006 - Germany, Erding by München(Munich)

Dean Rose | E-mail
I have visited this model of the Bismarck- very interesting. You can feel the history when you stand next to it.
27 August 2006 - Canada

Daniel Lauck | E-mail
Very nice photos of the Bismarck. This ship is magnific.
25 August 2006 - Brazil

Steve | E-mail
Enjoyed your web site, always found this topic so interesting. I am in search of a print or painting of the Bismark. May be difficult from Canada but did find a site on war ship prints, aware of any other sources?
21 August 2006 - Canada

Felipe da Silva Antonio | E-mail
Quero primeiramente parabeniza-los por este portal muito bem feito, e no seguimento dizer também que apesar do momento histórico triste destes acontecimentos pode se ver que, a Alemanha sempre teve uma grande Marinha, e o Bismarck foi e sempre será um dos maiores navios já contruidos em todos os aspectos, um grande viva para todos a queles que tiveram o prazer de tripula-lo.
4 August 2006 - Brazil

Ron Leskun | E-mail
Attempting to contact Larry Richter who was aboard CG83434 during the surrender of Aguijan Island 4 Sept 1945. I would like to exchange some information.
31 July 2006 - Quesnel British Columbia Canada

15 July 2006

Jerry Stone | E-mail
Thanks for the images.will be building from the Tamiya kit as soon as I complete my "Battle of Midway" aircraft(s). Jerry Stone
15 July 2006 - Lexington, Kentucky USA

Sonja Herbert | E-mail
I find this site great. And, I think it would work well to llink to my site. I'm a German-born writer and have written a novel about the Holocaust and post-war Germany. Check out my site and let me know if you're interested in linking
13 July 2006 - Oregon, USA

Fernando Lluberes | E-mail
Very interesting site! Do you have any information about the computers used for the operations in the Bismarck? I understand that coumputers at that time were purely mechanical ones.
3 July 2006 - New York City

Stadler Kolos | E-mail
An excellent site! Having read a long time ago about this ship I was always excited when I heard about somthing new.
Keep up the good work! And full speed ahead!
27 June 2006 - Hungary

Lou Plant | E-mail
There is an excellent write up by Heinrich Kuhnt, a survivor of the Bismarck sinking, in the August issue of Naval History.
21 June 2006 - Michigan

Orlando Cuallo Cinta | E-mail
Soy un analista empìrico de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, en èsta, las Batallas Navales decidieron en buena parte el destino de la misma. Excelente pàgina. El Acorazado Bismarck es ejemplo en disciplina y estrategia; ojalà hubiese seguido al Prìncipe de Gales.
20 June 2006 - Mèxico

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