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This guestbook no longer accepts new messages. You can however use our battleship Bismarck FACEBOOK page to let us know who you are and where in the world you have reached us from. We welcome all suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticism as well.

In addition, if you have any research questions you may post them over in our NAVAL HISTORY FORUMS, where lots of knowledgeable people will see them and try to help.

There are 1,093 messages in our guestbook.

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P.M. Collins | E-mail
I'm a 41 year old graduate from Florida State University with a bs in history.I have been interested in the Bismarck since I was in middle school.I was watching James Cameron's Expidition Bismarck the other night on the discovery channel and my love for the great ship was reborn.I decided to write a screenplay about her maiden voyage and bring her story to the big screen.Once I started searching the web,I was stunned to find so many sights dedicated to the vessel I loved and admired as a kid growing up.Seeing her on the bottom the other night gave me goosebumps, as well as, brought a tear to my eye.I also swelled with pride, when James Cameron proved once and for all that she was scuttled and not sunk by the Royal Navy.Long live the Bismarck and long live her galant crew, may they rest in peace together in their icy eternal graves.
28 May 2004 - Davie, Fl (USA)

Gary A. Dolch | E-mail
I'm glad to see this site is still going strong, as well as the memory and awareness of this great ship's tragedy. Today, in 1941, she and her crew put up one hell of a fight against overwhelming odds... a fight that should always be remembered as the greatest naval chase ever embarked on.
27 May 2004 - Virginia Beach

Anneliese Henderson | E-mail
What a tremendous effort! Thanks for your dedication. These brave men should never be forgotten. Excellent website!
27 May 2004 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Josef D Lorenz | E-mail
The Bismarck was lost on May 27 1941 not May 26 1941
26 May 2004 - USA

José Antonio Caballero | E-mail
Muchas gracias por una página como esta. Me parece muy completa y con una información muy buena. Me gustaría aportar algo, pero sólo puedo aprender de vuestra página en estos dias, aniversario, mas aun.....
25 May 2004 - Madrid, España.

My parents and I saw a Discovery Channel show on the Bismarck. I was so interested in the ship and the wreck I asked my parents to go online (I'm only 6) for more information. This web site has it all - Thank you,
24 May 2004 - New Hamphire - USA

Pablo V.
Silencio ....silencio abrumador ante la grandeza de esta gesta oceanica.
En el mar descansa el barco mas glorioso que portara la bandera de la Kriegsmarine.
22 May 2004 - Chile

Magnífica página, enhorabuena, excelente trabajo.
21 May 2004

Mj.(Ret) Daniel Oscar MENDEZ (Fuerza Aerea Argentina) | E-mail
Desde joven lei mucho acerca del Bismarck como asi tambien de otras unidades navales de la KM, en especial del U-556, muy relacionado con la historia del buque.
La pagina es excepcional, el trabajo de investigacion y el espiritu puesto para hacerla posible hacen que todos aquellos que disfrutamos de la lectura debamos decir: Felicitaciones y Gut Gematch.
20 May 2004 - Buenos AIres. Argentina

Private Krankenversicherung
Excellent Site. My compliments. keep up that good work. From Germany Dani
16 May 2004 - Germany

Gracias por esta pagina, MUY BUEN TRABAJO.
15 May 2004 - Islas Canarias (España)

Greg Palmer | E-mail
I think the Bismarck should have been in the modern museum of art as it was such a beautiful design! Its Captain and crew for a new battleship on their first engagement were exceptional in their ability to fight and evade.
12 May 2004 - Brisbane, Australia

Mike | E-mail
I think its time for a new film about Bismarck.
11 May 2004 - Germany

Todd Lagerstam | E-mail
Like the Colonel I also think that the Bismarck was the most beautiful warship of all time. I have 2 questions. I heard that the two mushroom shaped pods were for radar that was used to aim the main guns. Is this correct? If so wouldn't that put the Bismarck's design well ahead of its time?
I have also come across a story that the Bismarck had a ships cat. The cat was picked up from the wreckadge by the HMS Cossack after the sinking. About 5 months later the Cossack was sunk and the cat was rescued again. It ended up on the Ark Royal. Later the Ark Royal was torpedoed and the cat was rescued again. The cat was then retired to the Sailors Home in Belfast where it died in 1955. Can any Bismarck survivor verify that the Bismarck had a ship's cat? If true this is an interesting sidebar to the Bismarck's history.
OK, make that 3 questions.
7 May 2004 - Minnesota, US

Alberto | E-mail
Potenza e bellezza vanno di pari passo in questa nave....Soprattutto, il coraggio e il valore non hanno bandiera, e in quanto tali meritano rispetto. Anche se l'era delle grandi navi da battaglia è ormai tramontata, la Bismarck e il suo equipaggio sono ancora lì a ricordarne la gloria. Riposate in pace.
5 May 2004 - Italia

Eugene & Joseph Langschwager
Fabulous site. Found the reconstructed and translated war diaries so interesting that we could have stayed on-line for days reading them. Also found some of the (scratch-built) models incredible!
4 May 2004 - Near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

kerry whitson | E-mail
i may be a decendant of one of the crew
3 May 2004 - tennesee

Robert B. Austin, Lt. Col. USAF retired | E-mail
To me, it was the most beautiful ship of all time. Would like to donate kit to reunion group if they would like it.(would need address). The Baron's book was extremely interesting, and I would not part with it.
2 May 2004 - Oakhurst, CA, USA

Greg Shields | E-mail
Very cool. Many of the testing techniques for the armor welding are still in use today by the various welding codes.
29 April 2004 - Raleigh, NC, USA

Ana María Zacagnino | E-mail
Excelente página han creado y los felicito a todos quienes lograron hacer posible todo ello, sigan siempre así, y no olviden a quienes lucharon y supieron morir con honor.
27 April 2004 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Alastyre | E-mail
A very well done site, I am most impressed. I am a firm believer that the Bismarck is the greatest ship to ever sail; sail what you will about the Nazi Regime, they knew how to build a ship!
26 April 2004 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Stephen Cleek | E-mail
I enjoyed your web site very much. I have a hobby of building plastic models of battleships of World War II. Thank you.
25 April 2004 - Kingsport, Tennessee, USA

Niels Beinema | E-mail
This is the greatest website ever! How did the Bismarck sink?
23 April 2004 - Netherlands

Gun Pratama
Bismarck is the best warship ever made.
22 April 2004 - Indonesia

Ian Anderson | E-mail
The Bismarck was always an amazing ship, your webpage does it justice :)
21 April 2004 - UK

Hemelsoet Rene | E-mail
Hi, if there is anyone who sells a finished model 1/350 of the Bismarck please let me know , if in good condition i wil buy if ok. Thanks
21 April 2004 - Belgium

Thomas Johnstone | E-mail
Very interesting site full of great information. I am curently working on a model of the "Bismark" any info on colour or camo patterns used during the work up stage in the Baltic. Any info can be sent to my e-mail address
21 April 2004 - Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Louis Lesens | E-mail
Félicitations pour ce très beau site. La liste nominative des marins, et les quelques photos qui l'accompagne, matérialise le drame humain individuel de ce combat sans espoir.
19 April 2004 - Hossegor, France

alan | E-mail
great web site Let us never forget the Battieships Bismarck & Hood and the men that sailed on them.
19 April 2004 - westen australia

John R. Kessler | E-mail
How does one join your organization? The hiatory of the Bismark is very interesting and needs to have more told about him.
18 April 2004

John Boles
Even if the Germans were our enrmies during WW2, let it never be said that they lacked courage and valor. They were respected foes. The Bismarck went down flags flying and guns smoking. A good way for a fighting ship to die. It may be that the crewmen who went with it is in vallhala.
18 April 2004 - Reno nv.

Mario T. Sivilli | E-mail
No question but that you have an excellent website.nIt could be enhanced a bit more if you included in your sub-title "Battleships of the Time", the new American battleship (1941) USS North Carolina to add for comparison.
M. Sivilli, former crewman, USS North Carolina, BB55.
18 April 2004 - USA

Mark Miller | E-mail
The Bismarck will always be the best!!
17 April 2004 - California, USA

Ben | E-mail
I really enjoyed the history section. Nice site!
16 April 2004

Kurasiwa Mokhakari | E-mail
Very intersting infomation on your site, thatks for information! :) if you fans toyota supra - http://www.toyota-supra.info ,Toyota Supra Club
12 April 2004 - Japan

Ms. Jiao Liangmei | E-mail
My friend wanted to buy a book of Battleship Bismarck. The most detail is better.
12 April 2004 - Beijing of China

Parvez Jamasji. VrC. GvPr. Sqn. Ldr. Rt. IAF | E-mail
Bismarck will live forever.Fighting against all Odds & yet she couldn't be sunk by her enemies as recently proved by Dr. Ballard. I wonder why she was alone especially on her last sortie. The outcome would have been different if she had a companion & if she had a similar companion German Navy could have done "another Hood"
Perhaps Corporal Hitler prevailed over the Admirals.
11 April 2004 - Bombay, India.

shelby and dalton | E-mail
Well, we think that your site is awsome. It helped us a lot on our social studies project!!!!! Thank you so much for a great site :)
10 April 2004 - Birmingham, Alabama (reprosenting) ya cuh

andrew beaman | E-mail
A great site. Lets hope that all that die at sea r at peace now
8 April 2004 - england

Shaun Aunsgt
Great site, wonderfull photo's
7 April 2004 - United States

Chris Neal | E-mail
Thanks for all you help now i know what the bismarck is and have some very good Photos On my wall. I am a good WW2 fan
Thanks again
6 April 2004 - New Zealand

spain hotels | E-mail
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6 April 2004

john j cardillo sr | E-mail
just surfed in,cool site,will return when i have time.
4 April 2004 - shirley ma

Andries van Elk | E-mail
What a fantastic site indeed!! Top quality. I read a book about the battle of the Bismarck. On this site you get a lot closer to her.
3 April 2004 - Netherlands

Humberto Flores Salgado | E-mail
The greatests sea legend of modern times never again to be repeated. God have mercy of the souls of the lost on the Bismarck, the Hood, and the Prince of Wales.
2 April 2004 - Tijuana B. Cal. Mexico

Hilebrando de O. Lima | E-mail
Congratulations for your website
26 March 2004 - Brazil

Great site, but please lets not forget the Bismarck was an instrument of the Nazi war machine and it's sinking was for the good of we who can now express our views.
24 March 2004 - Ireland

Ruben de Santis | E-mail
Muy bueno el sitio y excelente la informacion sobre este coloso del mar muchas gracias
24 March 2004 - Mar del Plata, Argentina

Veljko Ivanovic | E-mail
24 March 2004 - Bosna i Hercegovina EU

Matej Furman | E-mail
If anyone has any pictures of japanese batleship YAMATO or her sister ship or knows about any interesting web page about them please contact me!!
24 March 2004 - Slovenia ( Europe)

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