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Rob Veenenberg | E-mail
After hundreds of books and articles mystery still haunts Bismarck: was the central fire direction/ control room above the main armor deck? Was it hit in the final battle? How many shells were fired by the Bismarck and why was the Bismarck silenced so quick? Were both rudders damaged by the torpedo? What was the exact painting scheme in the final battle? Why didn't Bismarck hit his adversaries?
Was the armor scheme outdated or just right for its final battle?
1 January 2008 - Vinkeveen, teh Netherlands

José Luis Orgeira | E-mail
One of the best sites I've visited; as modeler and enthusiastic I found it excellent in information, graphics and presentation. Congratulations!
29 December 2007 - Argentina

Jim Leutgens | E-mail
Distant relative of Admiral Lutjens and a big fan of this site. Sure wish I had found it sooner!
27 December 2007 - Nashville, TN

Andrew Micallef | E-mail
My Father told me stories of seeing the HMS Hood In the Grand Harbour Malta and I have always had a great interest in her and The Bismark. This is a great site keep up the good work.
"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."
17 December 2007 - Albury Australia

Martin Smith | E-mail
I am the son of an officer on the Dorsetshire who was an eye witness to captain Martin's decision to abandon his convoy and join the attack on Bismarck. He received no order to join, it was his initiative.
16 December 2007 - France

Ana Maria Zacagnino | E-mail
Wir kommen von der Schattenseite des Lebens in das helle Licht der Ewigkeit. Wir werden mitten in das Leben hinein geführt. Ohne Weihnachten wäre unser Herz eine finstere Kammer ohne Trost. Jesus kommt in unsere Nacht, damit wir in sein Licht kommen können. So kann aus Zwietracht Frieden werden. Wer sein Herz an Jesus verliert, der hat das Leben gewonnen, er ist heil geworden. Wer zur Krippe geht, kehrt als Beschenkter zurück. Er ist angesteckt, damit der Glaube nicht mehr auf Sparflamme brennt.


Oliver Gortat | E-mail
A wonderful side. All fallen sailers of Bismarck and Hood should rest in peace, and all who survived are fortunes of war. The fate of those two ships should tell us how awful war is and how cruel mankind can be. I´m interested of Bismarck, because I´m in the filmbusiness (only a little fish, now), but I want to write a screenbook about "Operation Rheinuebung", and it will be more, maybe. Carry on! Brilliant side!
5 December 2007 - Germany/Britain

Horst Reitz | E-mail
My father served on U-96 in WW 2, one uncle served on TIRPITZ, another served on GRAF SPEE. Your site brings home memories because i grew up hearing about these ships! Your site is primo!!
4 December 2007 - Berlin, Germany

chris lenzen | E-mail
it was truly one of the greatest war ships of all time!!!
3 December 2007 - strathmore alberta canada

Marty Chamberlain | E-mail
I just just come into possession of many approx 50 photos from ww2. These are RAF operational photos with dates and what not. all aerial. Included in this group of photos are photos of the Prinz Eugen, The Devonshire, Nurnberg etc. all on or around the dates of 26May45. Surely it is the Prinz on its way to dry dock. Anyone interested in these real photos they are still in the original cardboard folder with operational photos written on the front. Most photos are stamped as well. Email if you have any interest or questions.
9 November 2007 - Spain

Michael Round | E-mail
A wonderful site. Well done. She was a noble ship, as was the Hood. What a mess is the 'glory' of war.
5 November 2007 - England

stephen parkes | E-mail
great site a fitting tribute to all who served on this great ship
5 November 2007 - nottingham uk

pablo | E-mail
30 October 2007 - BETHESDA,MD,US

James L Smith | E-mail
The Bismarck is my favorite ship of the era, her sister ship runs a close second. A Suppurb design. I play war games, I always play the German side. Far better equipment. I've been tring to find the blueprints of the bismarck, because I want to build a 12ft version of her. Can someone help me get a set.
25 October 2007 - North Bend, Origon USA

Andre Deslauriers | E-mail
This is a great adventure - From human and technology points of view!
24 October 2007 - Canada

lisa-marie crichton | E-mail
what an impressive history that even goes as far as the south pacific region history and today so many half-cast Pacific-German's descdendants from the Kaiser during the 1850s reign prior to the British Empire in the Pacific at the same time there is a lot to be said especially in today's world situation where the region remains the South Pacific region remains the world's largest and deepest ocean with the most fish stocks in the world.
18 October 2007 - Port Douglas, Australia

paco ortiz | E-mail
Los espinos tambien dan flores.
La flor el Bismarck y su valerosa tripulacion.
El espino, la Alemania de ese tiempo y su ideologia.
10 October 2007 - Ecuador

Thomas J Sutherland | E-mail
This is a wonderful website. I've been a student of WW2 for many years. The saga of the maiden voyage of Schlachtschiff Bismarck is remarkable. The drama, suspense, the human element, it's all there.
6 October 2007 - Glen Rock, Pennsylvania USA

mile | E-mail
I love Bismarck
5 October 2007 - Split, Croatia

Bill Christie | E-mail
My respects to all the brave sailors who died on both sides
29 September 2007 - London, England

Jonathan Els | E-mail
I am glad I have found this site. The scale model of the original Bismarck has just been released for building through a local chainstore in our country and I have decided to accept the challenge. Good luck to everyone who has set out to build such an amazing accomplishment.
28 September 2007 - South Africa

MAJ. Jesse Carnes | E-mail
Eine wunderbare WEBSITE! Übrigens (wenn ich) kommentieren darf: Admiral Geunther Luetjens hätte dem Bismarck, und nicht Lindemann befehlen sollen. Luetjens hat auf HMS Hood nicht feuern wollen, aber Lindemann hat einer direkten Reihenfolge von Admiral Luetjens nicht gehorcht. Luetjens war ein herrlicher Schneller Offizier und hat den Nazis misstraut! Er hat gedacht, dass Hitler ein hysterischer Esel war! Luetjens war ein wahrer Held!
20 September 2007 - Baton Rouge, USA

18 September 2007 - SOUTH AFRICA

Peggy King | E-mail
I was looking on my computer and i came across this about the Bismark and i was reading some things from it to my husband he was in the WW11.
13 September 2007 - WE are from Bogalusa,Louisiana

Lisa-Marie Crichton | E-mail
6 September 2007 - Australia

2. Worldwar Historyer
This is a good site.
The gallery is very good.
2 September 2007 - Germany

Pablo Vega Monardes | E-mail
Una página exelente. La travesía del Bismarck es apasionante y se agradece encontrar lugares donde poder leer un poco más del tema.
Un Buque formidable para hombres formidables.
30 August 2007 - Santiago de Chile.

peter sinclair | E-mail
excellent site with fascinating information thank you
22 August 2007 - australia

Carlos E. Rivera Frances | E-mail
Hello My name is Carlos E Rivera Frances,and Im a military Historian,specialy from all navies around the world, The history of the battleship Bismarck is one of the greatest achievement in military history, and is a great example of courage for all Sailors around the world, I have a model of the Bismarck in my home, Scale 1/350, Thanks.
22 August 2007 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Iain MacArthur
Great site I find the Bismarck very interesting and this site was a great way for me to find out more.
19 August 2007 - Scotland, UK

josip | E-mail
the battleship bismarck is my favourite battleship.
19 August 2007 - Split, Croatia

Rene D. Egle | E-mail
Great Site, keep it up. Rene D. EGle (Author of U-1706)
18 August 2007 - Dubai, UAE

Raul I. Morey Armas | E-mail
Very good web,long time ago I read about Bismarck,now I found a lot information,Thanks and God bleess all the people die at II world war
12 August 2007 - Kissimmee FLORIDA - USA

kevin south | E-mail
Very well put together site,
well done.
11 August 2007 - australia

David Hi | E-mail

Your thorough, organized and easy to navigate site makes it possible to learn more in a shorter time than I would have thought possible. I found your site while watching James Cameron's Expidition Bismarck on DiscoveryTV. Watching the program in HD and cross referencing your site was the perfect way to re-live an amazing time and gain a greater appreciation for the greatest of great battleships. I wouldn't have found answers to my questions without this site. Thanks!
4 August 2007 - TX, USA

Aleix | E-mail
Creo que esta pagina hace honor a todos aquellos marinos, en este caso en especial los del Bismarck, que tuvieron el honor de participar en esta gran batalla. De la misma forma que ensalza las caracteristicas y la superioridad tecnica de uno de los mejores navios de toda la Historia.
29 July 2007 - Spain

Cesar Barcala | E-mail
Los felicito por la pagina. Soy un apasionado de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y en especial del equipamiento de Alemania en materia de armamentos.
23 June 2007 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tamojit Ghosh | E-mail
The Bismark has always been fascinating reading for me. I believe the German navy gave a good account of itself in WWII. Reading about it on your website was a splendid experience
21 June 2007 - Kolkata, India

Bill Schulz | E-mail
Excellent Site. Fascinating
16 June 2007 - California

chuck foley | E-mail
tremendous site on the Bismark.God bless the seamen who died with her both Anglanders and Germans
7 June 2007 - pennsylvania USA

ian formstone
a truly great ship.such a sad end.
6 June 2007

Trevor Walhen | E-mail
I am interested in this great warship, and the events leading up to its distruction. A lucky hit by a torpedo on its rudder by a dropped from a British bi-plane. I am looking forward to meeting the pilot of the Swordfish aircraft - John Moffat.
4 June 2007 - England

Kampf | E-mail
Hello everyone!! I'm SouthKorean and interested in warship.
I really touched this site, because in Korea, DO NOT run like this site. what is WORSE, many people is regard Bismarck as rubish!!!!!
So, I'm very sad, like THIS PEOPLE.
So, I make A DICISION.
That Dicision is I teach them with my knowledge.
but, my knowledge(about BISMARCK) is very low.and finally, this site was give so much information about BISMARCK. and Thank You SO MUCH!!!!

PS// hum. my English is not good.I think. please tell me about my English writing in my mail. Please.
2 June 2007 - Seoul, South Korea

lee davenport | E-mail
we love the ship
25 May 2007 - ky usa

Nick h. (again)
hi everybody i still need blueprints please post a link containing blueprints on guestbook i check once a week and love this website so congrats to the designer
24 May 2007 - johnston, south carolina, united states of america

22 May 2007 - AUSTRALIA

JAMES B | E-mail
20 May 2007 - Liverpool, UK

18 May 2007 - USA

The Cowboy, U505 Drag Racing Team | E-mail
Perhaps your viewers would like to know that one of our big Chevy drag cars is named TIRPITZ. It is temporarily out of action (like namesake) and we are making some changes and preparing for new paint and decals. It has a picture of TIRPITZ on the side. We race in eastern and midwest USA. oUR team has TIRPITZ shirts and hats. Our address is U505 TEAM, PO Box 78, Lewisberry PA 17339
17 May 2007 - Pennsylvania, USA

sven martinez | E-mail
Does anyone know how many survivors are still alive today?
16 May 2007 - Franklin, tn, USA

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