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Ivan Gonzalez | E-mail
Deseo felicitarles por el simple hecho de que den a conocer al mundo uno de los mejores navios nunca construidos el "BISMARCK", siempre senti admiracion por este navio y pena por la perdida del mismo, ningun barco de los construidos hoy, arquitectonicamente y en cuanto a caracteristicas de resistencia se le puede comparar, y han pasado muchos lustros. Felicitaciones por su buena pagina.
3 January 2003 - Islas Canarias

Darrin Chapman
To all sailors on the Bismarck and the Hood: "You gave your lives for your countries. May you rest in peace and sleep well."
2 January 2003 - Nova Scotia, Canada

John Potter | E-mail
Congratulations on an excellent site. Having just seen James Cameron's documentary on the Bismarck wreck, I was interested in learning more. This is a fascinating and tragic story. The number of men lost on The Bismarck and The Hood is heart wrenching - may they never be forgotten and rest in peace.
1 January 2003 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lawrence Everett | E-mail
I am inquiring for a dear friend wether anyone may recognize the name Arther Hoppe. It is beleived that he went down with Bismarck as all correspondence with him ended after the sinking. He is not currently listed on the crew roster.
1 January 2003 - Maine, USA.

F. Domínguez | E-mail
Les felicito. Su página es un modelo y ejemplo. Solo les queda incidir en pequeños detalles, fabricantes de los equipos ópticos, instrumentación, equipación, insignias, uniformidad (ver www.uboat.net), armamento, para ser magistral. Enhorabuena.
1 January 2003 - España

William Castillo | E-mail
Esta pagina es muy buena y espero que hagan un reconocimiento a las fuerzas alemanas y una pagina sobre los bf 109, los fw 190 algunos proyectos secretos de la segunda guerra mundial como las v-1 y v-2 y el he 1073 y tambien los bombarderos y las divisiones panzer espero su respuesta
30 December 2002 - Colombia

David Walters
A Truly splendid battleship of 2nd World War. My sincere gratitude to all Crew who lost their lives on both sides during this terrible war of the north atlantic. Thank god that our generation live in peace and harmony with one another.
28 December 2002 - United Kingdom - British Citizen

Ian Evans | E-mail
A truly exceptional site, informative and compelling.. have for some time been interested in Bismarck, Hood and Tirpitz. Have received Model kits of both Bismarck and Hood for Christmas and then by chance the UK Channel 4 documentary regarding the expedition to locate/relocate the ships and also find this site (how spooky is that?) Thanks for such a good resource will try to donate to its upkeep.
28 December 2002 - Midlands, United Kingdom

John Byrne | E-mail
Excellent web site, full of details and facts not only on the Bismarck, but also other German Naval Ships plus, Royal Ships
27 December 2002 - Liverpool UK

David Ward | E-mail
What a shame all these brave men had to die. Goverments make war not people. All the same, what a wonderfull ship that the Germans built. And then look at the british ship the Hood, five hits and gone! and all the poor lads that sank with it. God bless them all German and British.
27 December 2002 - Southyorkshire, England

John Clarke | E-mail
If you would like to see a model of BISMARCK made to perfection out of stainless steel please e mail me I will send you the photos, made by a friend. john.clarke14@ntlworld.com
26 December 2002 - united kingdom

Josef Fricks | E-mail
I am very sorry for all the seamen who gave their lives for their country. My favorite song is "Sink The Bismarck" because it shows how brave the Germans were.
26 December 2002 - Upland , California

Patricia Boyens | E-mail
Would like to purchase a Bismarck model Battleship 1/350 motorized. Would be great if already assembled. Would like to put the swastika on it, since this is how it was built and i dislike changing history for any reason.
26 December 2002 - Ontario, California

jonathan s. lutgens | E-mail
great site, used lots of helpful info in your articles and archives
24 December 2002 - Ft Campbell Ky

Wally Mcleod exRCN 1941-48 | E-mail
24 December 2002 - CANADA

Wally Mcleod RCN Can.Tribal Destrpoyer Assoc 4489H | E-mail
Just finished reading Battleship Bismarck written by Baron Burkard von Mullenheim Rechberg who was a surviving officer off Bismarck when she went down. It was excellent and truthful.
24 December 2002 - Canada

Great Website. Only a quick look, but I found the information I was after. That service history is more detailed than I could have ever imagined!!
Amazing site dedicated to an amazing piece of machinery, and a incredible period in History!!
23 December 2002 - Devonport Tasmania Australia

Christopher Weiz | E-mail
A first class web site. It is a tribute to all those who lost their lives. It should never, ever be forgotten. I shall be returning often.
My father was a Kriegsmarine on a Minesweeper - he told many many times of the great battle that took place - this sight brings it in to sharp focus. - Congratulations!
23 December 2002 - Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Ricky Goyetche | E-mail
Hey, nice website. I've been interested in battleships of the second world war for a while and i believe the Bismarck was one of the best. To the sailors who served and died aboard the Bismarck, may God bless your souls.
22 December 2002 - Canada

Eric Stein | E-mail
The Bismarck the best designed warship ever made if they didn't get lucky and hit the rudder it would still be around. God bless the water grave of the dead sailors.
18 December 2002 - Canada

Brendan Whitaker
I am 7 years old. I am just starting to learn about the Bismarck. I am very interested in battleships. I like the website you have made. I hope to keep getting more information.
Thank you.
18 December 2002 - Greensboro, North Carolina USA

Ed Gruben | E-mail
I have always been fasinated by the Bismarck. The engineering of the ship appears to be superior to all ships of that type. I hope to garner the latest factual data and better understand how it was defeated.
Thanks for putting the facts together.
18 December 2002 - Tulsa, OK

R. Adrian Davies | E-mail
Truly a turning point in the war, without which I might be speaking German now. But how tragic that when his ship was crippled [by a lucky torpedo hit] and the outcome of the battle was abundantly clear to all combatents, the German admiral chose to sacrifice the lives of what was left of his crew in the name of "Der Fuhrer". In the circumstances, scuttling the ship and surrendering would have been a more honourable course of action. Fanatics are always dangerous, regardless of their creeds.
18 December 2002 - USA

Ivan Vida | E-mail
How can I explain the struggle I felt on reading this story.... a pray for all those good sailormen dead is all I can do, no matter the flag they're serving.
A great site, thank you all and plesa excuse me for my bad english
17 December 2002 - Milano, Italy

Tim Huffman | E-mail
This is a fine tribute to the many thousands of souls on both sides that gave the ultimate for what they believed in this site we can pay our respects and honor them and the mighty ships that once took part in the mighty sea battlees of long ago thank you so much for this sight.
16 December 2002 - Jacksonville, NC, USA

David Stevens | E-mail
I have been fascinated by the story of the Battle of Denmark Strait since I was old enough to read. The Bismarck was a ship of contrasts; beautiful and deadly at the same time. Congratulations on a great web site.
16 December 2002 - United States

Josè Seijas | E-mail
Afascinante...miro la pagina a menudo...y se la recomiendo a los amigos aficcionados de estos temas...super.gracias por su trabajo.
16 December 2002 - Suiza

Kristian hamilton | E-mail
I like the website as it is, but could you put up some detailed blueprints?
15 December 2002 - Philadephia P.A. United States

Manuel Romo | E-mail
Fantastica Pagina española del Bismarck lastima q sus contenidos mas interesantes esten en ingles
15 December 2002 - ESPAÑA

Gene Lampione | E-mail
It is sad, that this beautifull ship, and others were used to destroy.
14 December 2002 - Selden New York (on long island)

Don Ballock
The Bismarck story has interested me since I was 8 or 9 years old but saddens me because of the lives lost in that silly war.
14 December 2002 - Philipsburg Pa. USA

Ronald F. Kandzerski | E-mail
Great web site! I look forward to everyone sending me updated information about historic battleship - Bismarck...
14 December 2002 - Rhode Island, USA

David Nelson | E-mail
While stationed in Berlin about 1974 or 1975, I shared my table at a cafe on Kurfurstendamm with an elderly gentleman. He said that he was in Berlin for a reunion with his shipmates of the Bismarck. Being an historian, I was stunned but enjoy an absolutely wonderful conversation with a truly great man. I do not remember his name but he wore a CPO like jacket and martime type hat. Is there anyway to find out who he was and if he is still alive? His story was simply fascinating.
14 December 2002 - USA

Michael Fisk | E-mail
You've put together a great website with lots of information. A nice respect paid to a grand ship and her crew.
12 December 2002 - USS Texas, San Jacinto Battleground, Texas

Botho Wimmer | E-mail
Great site, but does anyone know what happened to the bodies of the crew of the Tirpitz the sister ship which was demolished by a salvage company in Norway in 1949. They should have been treated with honor and dignity befitting men who fought for their country.
11 December 2002 - Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

John Crowley | E-mail
The story of this magnificent ship is awesome. The heroic actions of the crew, many of them just kids, is inspiring, 60 years later.
9 December 2002 - Los Angeles, CA

Ronald A. ANDREWS | E-mail
A superb site worthy of a fine Battleship.
9 December 2002 - Toronto,Ontario Canada

Harry Brothers | E-mail
Glad the truth about how this great ship was sunk finally was brought out due to Cameron's expedition. If it had not been for the lucky hit by those brave pilots that launched the torpedoes that crippled Bismarck's rudder she probably would have unleashed unbelievable destruction on worlwide shipping. Glad the world know knows that The Dorsetshire's torpedoes did not sink this truely unsinkable engineering masterpiece!
9 December 2002 - e-mail

Brad Johnston | E-mail
To all those poor souls lost in the battle of the Atlantic and the remainder of the War. I envy all who fought for their freedom and their country, and may this be a constant reminder how Wars separate each of us, a time when the world loses sanity.
9 December 2002 - Ontario, Canada

Mary AsaWoman | E-mail
Last night, I saw the Discovery Channel's program on the Bismarck and was especially moved, not only by the sights of the wreck, but also by the survivors' stories. The epic battle between Bismarck and the Royal Navy stands in history as one of those unforgettable moments. I especially liked how the German survivors described the treatment they received when the British sailors pulled them, frozen and wounded, from the North Atlantic and treated them as "friends."
9 December 2002 - Lower Vinland (USA)

Nice website! I always have been fasinated by this ship. What a horrible senseless waste of human lives. May they and all sailors lost in this war rest in Gods Hands.
9 December 2002 - NY

Scott K. (Pappy) Pierson | E-mail
You have constructed a very informative web-site about one of the most romanticized ships of modern times! I was very pleased with its design and content. Lest we forget All who served and gave their All for their beliefs; May God bless us ALL! And Grant us PEACE!
9 December 2002 - U.S.A.

Chuck Reeves | E-mail
This is a great site I have been doing alot of research on this grand ship it has been very educational!
9 December 2002 - Fort Atkinson Wisconsin

Stephan J. Metscher
Is there a complete crew list available?
Great website especially with the Discovery Channel's James Cameron Expedition airing this week.
8 December 2002 - Springfield,Missouri

Jason Swindell
Hi. Great job ont the site. The Bismarck is my favorite ww2 battleship. I watched expedition Bismarck and it was awesome!! Keep up the good work.
8 December 2002 - Baltimore Md

Merna & Elmer Reed | E-mail
I just read most of this site and you've done a great job. My hubby is watching the thing on Discovery about the Bismark. We checked out the USSHood last nite. Wonderful work. Thanks.
8 December 2002 - Big Timber, Montana

Humphrey D. Germaniuk, M.D. | E-mail
Thank you. So often, so many things are lost with the passage of time until all that remains is the precious incommunicable past. You and your web site will undoubtedly slow the grains of sand as they pass through the glass. Human conflict, and the horrors that accompany it have always been, and will continue to be with us. Your site is a memorial and tribute to those who perished as well as a reminder to future generations of what may lie ahead in the arena of human conflict.
8 December 2002 - Warren, Ohio USA

E. R. Enriquez | E-mail
A very detailed and accurate description of the "Bismark" - the best that I've ever seen. Although I was born more than 10 years after the events of May, 1941, the story of the "Bismark" is one that has intrigued me ever since I first became aware of it (40 years ago). My compliments! *S* Maybe it's because I'm half-German; maybe because it's just a very powerful story; or maybe it's because your attention to detail is wonderful!
8 December 2002 - Carlsbad, NM (USA)

Lindel Davis | E-mail
I think that your site is very informative. thanks for all the hard work that you have put into this site.
7 December 2002 - USA

Richard A. Newman | E-mail
Very interesting and informative site you have created here. An engineer, I am interested in all things technical, especially the big guns and their fire control.
7 December 2002 - New Jersey, USA

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