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Abschuß - Discharge (of a gun); downed enemy airplane.
Abteilung Abt. Branch, section. The hull of the Bismarck was divided in 22 sections (Abteilungen) numbered I-XXII from stern to bow.
Alarm - Alarm. Call for battle stations.
Anker - Anchor.
Anton - Name used to designate the foremost main turret in German warships. "A" turret in British naval practice.
Artillerie Art. Artillery.
Beobachtungsdienst B-Dienst Wireless reconnaissance service.
Backbord B.B. Port side. The left-hand side to a person in a ship facing forward.
Batteriedeck - Battery deck. Second deck.
Befehlshaber Befh. Commander.
Befehlshaber der Aufklärungsstreitkräfte B.d.A. Commander of Reconnaissance forces.
Befehlshaber der Kreuzer B.d.K. Commander-in-Chief of Cruisers. Vizeadmiral Hubert Schmundt from 01.08.1940 to 15.10.1941.
Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote B.d.U. Commander-in-Chief of submarines. Admiral Karl Dönitz.
Besatzung - Crew
Bodenzünder Bdz. Base fuse.
Bordnachrichtenoffizier B.N.O. Board intelligence officer. Korvettenkapitän Kurt-Werner Reichard aboard Bismarck.
Bruttoregistertonne BRT Gross registered ton. GRT. International volume measurement according to which all countries determine the content volume of merchant ships. 1 GRT = 100 cubic feet = 2.83 m³.
Bruno - Name used to designate the second main turret from forward to aft in German warships. "B" turret in British naval practice.
Brücke - Bridge.
BS - Official German Navy Morse code ship abbreviation for Bismarck. The abbreviation "Bc" was often utilized too.
Cäsar - Name used to designate the third main turret from forward to aft in German warships. "X" turret in British naval practice.
Division Div. Division. On board the Bismarck the crew was divided in twelve divisions each consisting of 180-220 men.
Dora - Name used to designate the fourth main turret in German warships. "Y" turret in British naval practice.
Elektrisches Werk E-Werk Electrical power generator.
Entfernungsmeßgerät E-Meßgerät Rangefinder apparatus.
Erkennungssignal E.S. Recognition signal.
Erster Artillerie Offizier I.A.O. First Artillery Officer. Korvettenkapitän Adalbert Schneider aboard Bismarck.
Erster Navigation Offizier I.N.O. First Navigation Officer. Korvettenkapitän Wolf Neuendorff aboard Bismarck.
Erster Offizier I.O. First Officer. Executive Officer. Fregattenkapitän Hans Oels aboard Bismarck.
Flaggschiff - Flagship.
Fliegerabwehrkanone Flak Anti-aircraft gun.
Flotte - Fleet.
Flottenchef - Chief of Fleet. Admiral Günther Lütjens at the time of the Bismarck sortie.
Flottille Fl. Flotilla.
Flugzeugträger - Aircraft carrier.
Funk Fu Radio.
Funkmeßortung FuMO Radar.
Funktelegramm FT Wireless message.
Führer Fhr. Leader.
Führer der Torpedoboote F.d.T. Commander of Torpedo Boats.
Gefechtsmast - Foremast.
Geleitzug - Convoy.
Gerät - Instrument or apparatus.
Geschoss - Projectile
Göschflaggenstock - Jack staff.
Granate - Shell
Großmast - Main mast.
Gruppe Nord Gr. Nord Group North. Naval command station based in Wilhelmshaven. At the time of the Bismarck chase Group North was under the command of Generaladmiral Rolf Carls (10.08.1940 - 01.03.1943).
Gruppe West Gr. West Group West. Naval command station based in Paris responsible for operations in the Atlantic. At the time of the Bismarck chase Group West was under the command of Generaladmiral Alfred Saalwächter (23.08.1939 - 20.09.1942).
Gruppenhorchgerät GHG Passive underwater listening device.
Hakenkreuz - The Swastika.
Handelsmarine - Merchant navy.
Heck - Stern. The rear part of a ship opposite to the bow.
Heckflaggenstock - Stern flag staff.
Heizöl - Fuel-oil.
Hood - Codeword for a separation manoeuvre used by Bismarck and Prinz Eugen in the afternoon of 24 May 1941.
Indienststellung - Commissioning. The Bismarck was commissioned on Saturday, 24 August 1940.
Ingenieur Ing. Engineer (Eng.).
Jot Dora
JD Signal code used by the German ships for the command to "Permission to fire at will" or "Commence firing when ready".
Kampfgruppe - Battle group.
Kapitän zur See Kpt.z.S. German Navy rank equivalent to Captain.
Katapult - Catapult.
Kessel - Boiler.
Kommandant K. [Ship's] Commander. Kapitän zur See Ernst Lindemann aboard Bismarck.
Kopfzünder Kz. Nose fuse.
Kreuzer Krz. Cruiser.
Kriegsbereit K.B. Combat readiness. This means a ship is cleared for action.
Kriegsflagge Battle flag.
Kriegsmarine - The German Navy from 1935 to 1945.
Kriegsschiff - Warship.
Kriegstagebuch KTB War Logbook. War diary.
Leitender Ingenieur L.I. Chief Engineer Officer. Korvettenkapitän (Ing.) Walter Lehmann aboard Bismarck.
Luftwaffe - The German Air Force from 1935 to 1945.
Magnetischer Eigenschutz M.E.S. Magnetic self-protection device.
Marinepersonalamt MPA Naval Personnel Branch.
Mittlere Artillerie M.A. Secondary artillery. Aboard Bismarck it alludes to the 15 cm guns.
MN-Abteilung (Marine-Nachschub) Naval Supply Branch.
Oberbefehlshaber der Kriegsmarine Ob.d.M. Supreme commander of the Navy. Grossadmiral Erich Raeder from 24 September 1928 to 30 January 1943.
Oberdeck - Upper deck.
Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine O.K.M. Supreme Command of the Navy.
Panzerdeck - Armoured deck. On board Bismarck it alludes to the third armoured deck that lies 4.7 meters below the upper deck amidships.
Panzerschiff - Armoured ship. It refers to the so-called pocket battleships of the Deutschland Class.
Panzersprenggranate Psgr. Armour piercing shell (AP).
PG - Official German Navy Morse code ship abbreviation for Prinz Eugen.
Reichsmarine - The German Navy from 1919 to 1935.
Rheinübung - Rhine Exercise. Codename for the operation of Bismarck and Prinz Eugen in the Atlantic in May 1941.
Ritterkreuz - Knight's Cross. Aboard Bismarck the First Artillery Officer, Korvettenkapitän Adalbert Schneider was awarded one on 27 May 1941 for sinking the Hood.
Schwere Artillerie S.A. Heavy Artillery. Aboard Bismarck it refers to the 38 cm guns.
Schiff - Ship.
Schlachtkreuzer - Battlecruiser.
Schlachtschiff - Battleship.
Schwere - Heavy.
Seekriegsleitung S.K.L. Naval Warfare Command based in Berlin.
Seemeile - Nautical mile. Equivalent to 1,852 meters (2,025 yards).
Sperrbrecher - Blockade breaker. A mine clearance vessel.
Sprenggranate Spgr. High explosive shell (HE).
Steuerbord St.B. Starboard. The right-hand side to a person in a ship facing forward.
Turbine - Turbine.
Turm - Turret. Artillery turret.
Unterseeboot U-boot U-boat. Submarine.
Ultrakurzwelle U.K. Ultra short wave = VHF (Very High Frequency).
Verdrängung - Displacement. The Bismarck had a maximum displacement of 53,500 metric tons including reserve fuel-oil and water.
Versenken - Sinking an enemy.
Vorderer Kommandostand - Fore conning tower.
Vormars - Foretop.
Wasserlinie - Waterline.
Werft - Shipyard.
Werk - Machinery. Also mechanism or factory.
Zerstörer - Destroyer.
Zweiter Artillerie Offizier II.A.O. Second Artillery Officer. Korvettenkapitän Helmut Albrecht aboard Bismarck.

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