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Ernst Lindemann

Ernst Lindemann
Kapitän zur See
Ernst Lindemann

Born: 28 March, 1894 in Altenkirchen/Westerwald, Germany.

Died: 27 May, 1941 aboard Bismarck.

Age (at the time of Bismarck's sinking): 47.

Rank (at the time of Bismarck's sinking): Kapitän zur See.

Position: Ship's Commander (Kommandant).


  • 1915 Oberleutnant zur See
  • 1925 Kapitänleutnant
  • 1932 Korvettenkapitän
  • 1936 Fregattenkapitän
  • 1938 Kapitän zur See

    Additional notes: Last seen alive aboard the Bismarck in the bow area shortly before the ship capsized. Captain Lindemann was posthumously awarded the Knight's Cross (Ritterkreuz) on 27 December 1941.

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