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Mario Mejia | E-mail
I was looking for information about the Bismarck battleship and I found this site. Congratulations It's a wonderful site and I could find all the information I wanted
8 February 2004 - Bogota, Colombia

Peter.F.Giesel | E-mail
A very good site, always been interested in this kind thing, I am looking for information on my grandfather who was a German foot soldier in WW2 then a POW till the end of the war,if anyone could pass on information on how i could find out more on him i would greatly appeciate it. Thankyou.
8 February 2004 - Sydney,Australia

John Vriezelaar | E-mail
This site keeps the memory alive of those who died during the Bismarck chase, even if manely seen from Bismarck side of view! However, the story of Bismarck is not only a German story, it tells about the code of hounor in naval seawar!
If anyone should doubt about this, think about the remembrence of those who toke part of the rescue of sailers that survived the Bismarck tragedy. Woesn't there someone who tried to save a German sailor who had no arms left? A man named...........
From German side of view survivers granted this man a medal of hounor!
Me i think that just this "simple" human action shows what the meaning is of a naval code of honour: you may destroy eachothers ships, when things get more personal (seeing the "enemy" eye to eye) the good things in a man are just that little strain that decides between live and dead!
Keep up the good work telling all the world of this episode in Naval war that eventualy resolved in the destruction of a beautifull ship and, unfortunatly, resolved in the deade of so many jong and dedicated men, both German and Britisch!
3 February 2004 - Netherlands

mark | E-mail
One must debate all the "what ifs", I suppose but why? She was a warship, built for war and died by that for which She was built. The men who sailed and died with her did their duty. History has shown, that as long as leaders of nations wage war on one another, people die.
29 January 2004 - USA

David R. Parkes | E-mail
Wonderful site my uncle died on the Hood before i was born, but as with the Titanic holds a special place in maritime history. keep up the good work.
29 January 2004 - liverpool england

cuando pienso en las ultimas horas de vida de las personas abordo del BISMARCK, me entristece pensar que algunas personas que conformaban a los "aliados" dicen "esos bastardos merecian morir" , en la guerra y en el juego se conoce al caballero señores y me agrada pensar que los tripulantes del Bismarck murieron con valentia y con honor y no merecen ser tratados asi , sobre todo por que los britanicos fueron crueles con los alemanes despues de la guerra. Paz en la tumba de los tripulantes del Bismarck y el Hood.Exelente site sigan asi, los felicito de todo corazon
26 January 2004 - bogotá, Colombia

Miguel Villagran Calderon | E-mail
Emocionante saber de ese pedazo de historia gloriosa que hoy duerme en el fondo del mar.Paz a aquellos que cayeron en el cumplimiento del deber!!! Felicitaciones por tan bien elaborada pagina.
26 January 2004 - Santiago de Chile

Kurasiwa Mokhakari | E-mail
Very intersting infomation on your site, thatks for information!, welcome to our site all fans toyota supra,History of Toyota Supra
26 January 2004 - Japan

Leonardo Spaanderman | E-mail
Felicitaciones, es un encuentro con la historia y como la historia la hacemos los seres humanos, es un encuentro con nosotros mismos.
Es muy emocionante recorrer la página y encontrar aspectos desconocidos de su vida como buque, como asimismo, a las personas que dieron vida a esta obra de la Ingenieria Naval.
Conocía al Bismarck por fuera....ahora le conozco el alma.
Gracias y guardemos el máximo de respeto por ésta noble amalgama de acero y hombres, que cruzó los mares tras un ideal.
Leonardo Spaanderman
26 January 2004 - Santiago - Chile

Bruno Blaschke A. | E-mail
Emocionante reportaje, dificil no sentirse admirador de tan magnanima obra de la ingenieria ,que representa ,no solo la calidad incuestionable de sus constructores, sino que refleja el espiritu de un ideal de perfeccion , y valores de todo un pueblo que los acompaño en su heroica lucha.
24 January 2004 - SANTIAGO DE CHILE

Claude Bersano | E-mail
Just a point: in the "easy quizz" about DKM Bismark I think I remember the question: "what was the most powerful _commissionned_ battleship in 1941. I gave, according to the test IJN Yamato and was told I was wrong.
Well, according to:
Yamato was commissionned in 1941... After the Bismark/Hood encounter, but in 1941.

Cheers, Claude
22 January 2004 - Midlothian, Virginia, USA

Leon Basson | E-mail
Recently started reading the book written by Ludovic Kennedy on the sinking of the Bismarck. This is the first site I visited that deals mainly about this great battleship and it's short life, and will visit frequently.
21 January 2004 - Johannesburg

Andrew Evans | E-mail
What a great operation to destroy the Bismark.
A classic struggle of good over evil.
My father on HMS Norfolk during the chase would
turn in his grave if he read some of the comments
on this website.
20 January 2004 - Australia

Ben Walker | E-mail
best bismarck site i have ever seen. Iam a big fan of the ship and have the 1:600 airfix model
16 January 2004 - U.K

Lloyd Spencer | E-mail
Wonderful!I have read about the Bismark since I was 12.The site is good for the new and the old the new history buff.
15 January 2004 - Virginia Beach,Va. U.S.A.

Diederik de Pillecyn | E-mail
Anerkennung fur die schön gestaltete und interessante Internetseite.
Gerne scaue ich mal wieder rein
15 January 2004 - Lier Belgiën

Arnaldo Galvani | E-mail
Site was excellent!!! Great job.
14 January 2004 - Porto Alegre -RS - Brasil

Marcin Orlef | E-mail
Congratulations, your page is more than good. It was a piece of good work to gather all the informations about this battleship. You play in the same league as creators of famous Encyclopedia Titanica (www.encyclopedia-titanica.org) - for me the best marine/naval/historical webpage. But I've one question; where is the picture rendered in 3D Studio Max (probably) , which i've seen on main page in 1999? I'm very interested in this - ???
12 January 2004 - Cracow, Poland

Karl Muschner | E-mail
Site was excellent, really found it intresting, i did however wonder the position of reinhold muschner was. listed in the crew manifest.
Thankyou for providing an excellent site
12 January 2004 - United kingdom

Keiron Clapcott | E-mail
A truly remarkable internet site regarding a very important point in history. Well done to you!!
11 January 2004 - An English man living in Germany.

Bartek | E-mail
Zupelnie przypadkiem znalazlem ta strone,i... z pewnoscia tu jeszcze wroce. Swietna strona.
11 January 2004 - Poland

Carl Waltz Jr | E-mail
Just looking for information on the Bismarck. This is a great site.
10 January 2004 - USA

April Lee - Bogar Family | E-mail
just serft in, great site..German decent
10 January 2004 - USA

I want to go to La Cambe all the time.I want to call on Michael Wittmann.He is a hero in my heart.But i am a senior mid-student. i have no time and no money because i will join in the test that go college[the NMET].
9 January 2004 - China

Nicholas Armstrong | E-mail
I was browsing on the internet for info on the Bismarck on Google.ca when i came up to this site. Which was after i went to a site saying it was about the Bismarck, but was actually about the canadian government or something around that but anyway. It had all the info and more than i needed on it for the paper i choose to do on it mostly because there was a show on it on the history chanel (Cable 55). I was so intreaged about it and yet sad about how many people who had died. Out of around 2,200 people only 100 or so survived. 2,100 families never saw there son or father or what ever had been on that ship never saw them again.
7 January 2004 - Canada

Muy linda pagina web.Felicitaciones.
He quedado satisfecho con la visita y a partir de este momento queda en mis Favoritos.
Muchas gracias.
7 January 2004

Daniel D Rause | E-mail
I have found this website very informative about the Bismarck and it's history. Keep up the good work!
31 December 2003 - USA

Mason | E-mail
The memory of the bismarck will live forever as will the crew, and all the other brave men that fought in the kreigsmarine.
31 December 2003 - U.S.A/ N.Y

Svaran | E-mail
In the words of seaman Briggs one of the 3 survivors of the Hood, on the Bismarck's sinking " she put up damn good fight!" Just seen the History Channel's brilliant "Sink the Bismarck". What an insight into Lutjens and Lidermann(sp) and their different approaches to command. One can only wonder what might have happened if both ships had persued the Prince of Wales as the captain of the Bismarck had wanted and then rushed back to the safety of Norway. A fantastic site guys and a fitting homage to all the brave men that served on the Bismarck and the Hood.
30 December 2003 - New Zealand

peter gauweloose | E-mail
was zelf bij het leger heb ook in duitsland eens een krant gezien met een artikel over de bismarck
vandaar de intresse en heb de film al meermaals gezien
30 December 2003 - belgie

Michel | E-mail
Das ist eine wirklich sehr schöne Seite.
Schade das man nicht mehr solcher Seiten im Netz findet. Ich finde es gut, daß die Engländer nicht als Helden dargestellt werden ( sind sie auch nicht ). Daß die BISMARCK getroffen, und Manövrier unfähig war, war reines Glück.
Schade das "wir" Deutschen nicht mehr so großartige Schiffe bauen dürfen. Sonst hätten wahrscheinlich die Engländer wieder Angst.
30 December 2003 - Frankfurt/Main Deutschland/Germany

Jean-Claude Margerie | E-mail
Bravo aux valeureux marins de la Kriegsmarine et aux concepteurs de ce site.
Quelle émotion de trouver les photographies des participants de cette épopée plus de soixante ans plus tard!
Je regrette seulement de n'avoir découvert ces pages que récemment.
Pourvu que ce site s'agrémente de nouvelles photographies des héros. Encore merci aux Webmasters.
29 December 2003 - Perpignan, France

Pieter | E-mail
I would like to wish you a happy new year.
27 December 2003 - The Netherlands

SUPER tres beau site, bien informé bravo
25 December 2003 - France

Ricardo Amaral
Superb site, though a bit pro german. Hood received a (un)lucky hit while in a vulnerable position (to plunging fire). If not, Bismarck would be in trouble for the british gunnery had got the range by the time she was destroyed.
24 December 2003 - Portugal

I am a student in China.I like Germany very much!I think Bismarck is greatman in Germany.The Bettleship Bismarck is great ship,too!!In China,there are many man of liking German militarist.All of them are mid-students and young people.They like motherland very much.There are many nets about Germany in second world war.For example, www.sspanzer.net,Art of war,Germany in 1933--1945 and so on!!!I know about German militarist from them.
24 December 2003 - China

Maria | E-mail
Ich soll ein Referat über das Bismarck halten und wollte mir auf dieser Seite etwas Material hohlen.
Hier gibt es ziemlich viel zu finden, aber teilweise kennt man sich nicht so gut aus!
bussi hdgdl maria
23 December 2003 - Oberösterreich

George a. Johnson | E-mail
She would have been a very hard ship if she haden been torpedo in the rudders. she would made it hard for allied shipping if that haden happen
I'am a Battleship sailor USS WISCONSIN BB-64
Turret Three Gunnermate
22 December 2003 - Grand Bay, Alabama

Pouzadoux | E-mail
le manque de radar at'il cause la perte du BISMARCK.
22 December 2003 - Auvergne, France

Jurgen & Trond | E-mail
Great web site!! Very informative & visited on regular basis.
22 December 2003 - Norwegen

John Baars
Very nice site. I bookmarked it right away.
22 December 2003 - Netherlands

Daniel Culgan | E-mail
This was a very helpfull site for i had to write an essay for work. I chosse to write about the Bismarck cause i think she was one of the best battle ships of her time.
15 December 2003 - Australia

Joachim Kaltenbach | E-mail
Bismarck and Hood, two ships, two countries, two enemies. 2003, England and Germany are friends. Our languages have the same root. I hope, There will be no war again between our countries and the whole world. No war, never again, for all times. Merry Christmas
and peace on earth.
14 December 2003 - Germany

Steinar Magnússon | E-mail
I like this web wery much. As a young boy I made a model of Bismarck. We have a book in Icelandic about Bismarck
13 December 2003 - Iceland

Justice Oliver | E-mail
I am a grest admiror of yor web page, and I have a special interest on everything related to the cruisers Suffolk and Norfolk since my father and another close relative served in them. I would like more info on this subject. Greetings
12 December 2003 - Liverpool, England

Andrew McBride | E-mail
very useful website! i'm in the RN and i'm in a team of people having to do a presentation on the sinking of the bismarck, so this website is a very useful one for research.
10 December 2003 - Aberdeen, Scotland

Lee D. Booton | E-mail
Super web page. Just tonight on our local PBS station I watched the two new documentarie stories on the HMS Hood and the Bismarck in finding them. Then also they had the story about the sinking of the liner HMS Lusitania off Ireland.
Looking through the ship roster of the Bismarck, and being an old US Navy man myself I was able to figure out several of the positions for the men that you did not have listed.
One fella for sure is a Signalman, (which is between ship communication by flags and flashing light) several were Boatswain Mates, (which is cables, anchors, stearing and general deck cleanup)and there were several Machinest Mates, (which is engines and machines just as it says). Now as to rank that is a total different thing. But the job or "POSITION" is still the same no matter what the rank is. You can only do so much on a ship.You doint switch jobs or positions to easy in the service once you are trained for it. I'm sure that was true even in their navy.
10 December 2003 - Ankeny, Iowa USA

Erick Komo | E-mail
Hello! I really don't like much the Bismarck, but I enjoy reading your guestbook section and sending to those people friendly messages. Bye
9 December 2003 - Kuwait

student | E-mail
thx for the info
it have been to much help, and i am glad some one put down so much work on this ship
you are the gratest!
8 December 2003 - norway

Larry A. Brooks | E-mail
My wife stumbled across this website and gave it to me. This is very impressive. I have really enjoyed viewing this. I would like to see a historicly accurate motion picture made about this historic event.
6 December 2003 - Huntington beach, California, USA

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