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19 August 2005 - MEXICO

driver mumu | E-mail
Excellent reference page,tribute to the fallen youngsters who gave their lives for their ideals whichever they were.
15 August 2005 - all

Mark | E-mail
THanks for the info on Bismarck... It was a very powerful ship and I'm impressed with the thouroughness in which you've researced it. I wish I had your site when I did a report on her in high school!!
11 August 2005 - California

John Wilson Tyson | E-mail
I was a gunner in the Royal Navy 4.7s 5 25s and 6inch. Very heavy demanding work and Whale Island was a tough place to train
10 August 2005 - Australia

Salvador Espinoza Veillet | E-mail
Felicitaciones x la excelente pagina,las fotos,detalles no conocidos de este hermoso acorazado,que su largo reinado empezo desde su botadura...
8 August 2005 - PERU

6 August 2005 - USA

Dennis J. Hanson | E-mail
An excellent web site. So many men who were image bearers of God, and most were so very young.
4 August 2005 - Carlsbad, California USA

Enrique Bozzo | E-mail
Great site, love the technical details.
2 August 2005 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Jan Niemans | E-mail
In Dutch
Prachtig,zeer uitgebreid en leerrijk
1 August 2005 - Zoersel Belgium

vd Wal | E-mail
Great and very detailed site. Bismarck was probably the best and most powerful ship in its time. Very very impressive, like alle major German warships of that time. Shame that they were at the wrong side during the war, but the ships and their crews were amazing!
29 July 2005 - Netherlands

hemelsoet rene | E-mail
James cameron had gone down to the ship IS he making a new movie ?????
29 July 2005 - belgium

Sebastian Rodriguez Renzi | E-mail
buenas, me pueden enviar la cancion que sale en la pagina web, porque me llamo mucho la atencion, Muchas Gracias...Saludos
23 July 2005 - Caracas, Venezuela

Sebastian Rodriguez | E-mail
Quiero felicitar a los creadores de esta pagina web, por no dejar en el pasado la historia de uno de los mejores barcos de la segunda guerra mundial.
23 July 2005 - Caracas, Venezuela

B.V. Fox.. | E-mail
I was a young person of 13 years when the Bismarck was sunk.The loss of the Hood was a terrible blow to us and the sinking of the Bismarck helped to make up for it.However the ship and her crew were a worthy opponent of the Royal Navy and it still fascinates me all these years later.
20 July 2005 - Somerset England

Steven J Bowers | E-mail
Sailors have a common bond with all who have
served and lived the sea. thanks for this site.
Senior Chief Bowers USNR-ret
17 July 2005 - North Carolina USA

michael lindermann | E-mail
dear kbismarck crew.
your web site is an amazing and 1 of a kind website.i am doing a survey on the bismarck, asking the question 'do you think the bismarck was
a)sunk by the british
b)sunk by her crew
this also goes for anyone out there willing to enter. please submit your opinoin.you can contact me by pressing on the e-mail button. or, visit my super-cool aircraft page.
much obliged
16 July 2005 - australia

michael brady | E-mail
hi! me again. could you send me a line drawing of the bismarck extra-large?i raly (underlined) need it ! thanx!
15 July 2005 - australia

michael brady | E-mail
hi. just a question.
how long did it take for the bismarck to sink?
p.s this website is so fiercly accurate, detailed, well put together that it deserves the best bismarck website award! keep it up!
15 July 2005 - melbourne,australia

Julio C. Moreno B. | E-mail
Muchas felicidades, es una pàgina con una informaciòn muy completa y que aborda la historia de una manera imparcial. Mis màs sentidos respetos por los marinos alemanes y no debe de ser tocado ni sacado ningùn objeto del buque. Muchas gracias !!!
13 July 2005 - Mazatlàn, Mèxico

jim | E-mail
hi just a question i have heard that the germans sung the bismarck because they didnt what to fall into enemy`s hands is that true?
8 July 2005 - greece

Frank Raudszus | E-mail
There seems to be a mistake with the last photo of the Bismarck. It shows the capsizing ship, bow right, from the Dorsethire. However, all reports form survivors and other sources say, that the Bismarck listed heavily to port and capsized to the port side. Nobody apparently ever compared the reports with the photos, because this photo has been copied many times in various books. It´s really funny that nobody really detected this fault. If you just mirror the photo horizontically, it´s OK and fits reality....


Frank Raudszus
PS: This web site is really great: detailled and correct
7 July 2005 - Germany

Richard Hagenhoff | E-mail
I would like some information on friedrich Hagenhoff who was killed on the sinking of the Bismark.
6 July 2005 - United States of America

Mark Lunsford | E-mail
Found your site very informative and interesting
3 July 2005 - B'ham Alabama

Marco | E-mail
Great site! I feel much obliged to you that the German Schlachtschiff Bismarck has found such a great caretaker!
3 July 2005 - Germany

William Paul Gantt | E-mail
I am 32 years old. But I am a World War 2 freak. I love the stories of ships. The Bismarck was a ship that catches the ones who weren't born at that time. But the story catches our attention. I was hopeing that any of the websites on the Bismarck could make a 3D version of the Bismarck. I would love to see that so that we can see what the Bismarck looked inside. God Bless the Bismarck crew who have past and for those who are still living.
30 June 2005 - United States

les howard | E-mail
graet site i have a specal intrest in big engenering and i think bismarck is one of the bigest self propeld mashins ever bult also beutifull and powerfull and i wold like to see some more photos of the interrya aspecally the engens. ps sory about the bad speling
26 June 2005 - england

Jim Luetjen
Being a very distant relative of the Admiral has always given me a strong interest in the Bismarck and his life. Great website! Thanks!
26 June 2005 - United States

joshua smith | E-mail
ive read stories and books on the bismarck since childhood. i can tell you the fight that sailors like bruno rsonca, adolph eich and all the other sailors and officers has been an inspiration to me all my life. i only wish i could have met one of them and shook his hand. they did thier duty to the bitter end in the face of impossible odds. these men the world should never forget because they fought with a sense of duty and honor long lost on modern times.
26 June 2005 - ft drum ny

Mr. Richard J Lindemann jr | E-mail
wonder if the captain and other gentleman wa a relation?
23 June 2005 - Ma. usa

He visitado hoy por 2a. vez esta página y la encuentro formidable.-Sinceramente, gracias por presentarnos tanta información en forma clara, seria, objetiva, pues muchos de estos datos dificilmente figuran en los textos comunes o son negados por los "prestidigitadores de la historia".-Considero que todos cuantos trabajan y han trabajado en ésta página merecen un sincero agradecimiento.-Seguiré visitándoles.-Auf wiedersehen!
23 June 2005 - Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Centroamérica.

Sin duda alguna un buque como el Bismarck debio haber sido tan poderoso para que los ingleses desplegaran media Home Fleet para perseguirlo, la calidad demostrada por la coraza fue increible para soportar dos horas seguidas de proyectiles sin hundirse, y tener que ser los mismos alemanes quienes lo hicieran, ademas tengo entendido que los alemanes proyectaban una nueva clase de acorazados aun superiores al Bismark, asi que pueda que el regimen nazi sea odiado, pero hay que admirar a los cientificos y tecnicos alemanes por su espectacular capacidad de vision y de tecnologia
21 June 2005

Marco | E-mail
Very interesting reading. Thank you for the history lesson.
21 June 2005 - France

Lolo | E-mail
Saludos,buena pagina,aunque mi pregunta es sobre otro tema,he visto tu mensaje en Amen,solo te queria consultar,donde encontrar dominio mas alojamiento a buen precio en español y que sea muy facil(nociones casi nulas),disculpa las molestias.
18 June 2005 - BZ

Tom Sheldon | E-mail
Can anyone help me identify the plant on the Ship's Crest?
15 June 2005 - Scotland UK

simon poole | E-mail
i have always been intrested in the bismarck ever since i first watched sink the bismarck. i congratulate you on an excellent web page didicated to the best warship ever sailed
13 June 2005 - u.k

Miltiades Varvounis | E-mail
Hello, the battleship Bismarck together with the polish submarine Orzel, are the naval legends of WWII. In memory of the people who serviced in that terrible war. The site is wonderful, bravo to all those who worked for the promotion of that great ship.
1 June 2005

Ah sorry i do forget. So thx your very good and nice sites. Keep up good work!
29 May 2005 - Scandinavia - Viking land

Hi i dont find anything information that new-Bismarck book-BISMARCK KAMPEN ON ATLANTEN-so i am not sure if that book are tranlation english...but i guess it is.
Books writers are two military-history-researcher from Sweden think one is militari-history professor.
Anyway there is for me all new info about concerning a fight and also building a Bismarck.
Like Bismarck armour steel is lot better than british steel in that time. Bismarck guns are lot better that Rodneys+King Georg V guns..more accuracy and ammo has more speed...so on.
Well in that book i get idea bismarck could destroy both british battleship same time exp- Rodney+King George - ofcourse that could happen if bismarck in not lose it's rudder. Finally i think Bismarck maybe strongest battleship its own time(yamato+Musashi?)
29 May 2005 - Scandinavia - Viking land

Bob Weymouth | E-mail
Today, 27 May, 2005 is the 64th anniversary of the sinking of Schlachtschiffe Bismarck. May her crew rest in peace forever.
27 May 2005 - USA

t ohara | E-mail
I have 4 optical range finders, one of them is as far as i can tell is off the bismarck.three are 1&2 war, one is only found on the bismarck as this was the most up to date,
24 May 2005 - england

Robert Krieger (Krüger) | E-mail
I love your beautiful website on the Bismrck. In tracing family genealogy my great grandfather came over to America on the Nord Deutsche Lloyd ship Bismarck in the late 1800's.
24 May 2005 - Cheyenne, Wyom,ing, USA

Bart Furey | E-mail
My father was executive officer aboard the US Coast Guard Cutter "Modoc" that inadvertantly ran into Bismarck and Prinz Eugene and was nearly attacked by the first Swordfish wave. To his dying day he remembered how awesome both ships were as they broke, totally unexpectedly, out of the fog in front of them. I've seen Prinz Eugene where she lies in Bikini Atoll after the atomic bomb testing.
23 May 2005 - Panama City, Florida

gemza | E-mail
can you please send me that picture of Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser as big as it goes please!because we need it for a history project in school!please help!
18 May 2005 - england

W M Wachniewski | E-mail
Great site, and long-lived, indeed. I know my share on Her (the B, of course). We Poles still have "Our Lady B" - the destroyer BLYSKAWICA.
But "Bismarck was the biggest ship that ever'd sailed to sea" and she remains for me the most famous of all the battlewagons ever built. Salud to you and to Her, or Him - to BISMARCK anyway
17 May 2005 - Slupsk in Poland, a city that Bismarck visited!

miguel ovando | E-mail
gracias a Jose Rico, por haber publicado mi trabajo en esta pagina. espero que sean del agrado de los visitantes
15 May 2005 - chile

stew mercer | E-mail
excellent site, obviously the result of a lot of hard work ! (this is about my 20th visit to it so far) - fascinating and sobering stuff. keep up the good work.
15 May 2005 - Milton Keynes, UK

Charlie | E-mail
thanks alot for an interesting page, and bringing back history!

Thanks alot, well done.

Charlie -
13 May 2005 - Hotel Tannenhof - Austria

Frank | E-mail
Hello, nice Page...:-)
12 May 2005 - German

Waldo Cuba | E-mail
Great Site !!, ever as a child in Peru I remember building Bismarcks with Rastis and Legos, using matchsticks for the guns. What a Beautiful and Powerful Ship,a great example of German Design.
Thanks for bringing back the memories of those clear days.
10 May 2005 - Moraga , California

SIG HEIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 May 2005 - PERU

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