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This guestbook no longer accepts new messages. You can however use our battleship Bismarck FACEBOOK page to let us know who you are and where in the world you have reached us from. We welcome all suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticism as well.

In addition, if you have any research questions you may post them over in our NAVAL HISTORY FORUMS, where lots of knowledgeable people will see them and try to help.

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Friedrich. J. Eisink | E-mail
Dear readers. How in the world, people can give a judgement about a ship like the Bismarck. With a ship it is like with a beautiful woman. You love her or not. For me it is more than thad. I admire here. With tears in my eyes I salute the brave man going down with here. Friedie.
8 October 2002 - Holland

Marcel Hizkia Susanto
Your site is the best sit for knowing the details ! I already read another Bismarck and another naval battle preview , but your site still the best ! I hope you make another site for another battleships !
I also agree with Mr. Ron Pegg ! Long Live Bismarck ! I know and sure Germans Navy is the best Navy , not the Great Britains or The Americans !
7 October 2002 - Indonesia , but now I am in Germany

Michal Sekulski | E-mail
Interesting materials about "Bismarck". Success in work. I greet
6 October 2002 - Poland

D William Tegge | E-mail
May they be restful in their eternal sleep.
3 October 2002 - Dallas Texas USA

Frank Chapman | E-mail
I think your site is a very good site. But i think that if there was a way to put on your site the deck plans of the bismarck it would make it even better. since that is what some peaple what to see as well.
3 October 2002 - USA

Hans Schieder | E-mail
I happened upon your site while looking for information about this great German battleship. Your site is superb, the might and brilliant design of this magnificent war ship is well presented. May the brave men who sailed on both sides of the conflict forever rest in peace! Theirs is the honor. They did their duty well!
2 October 2002 - USA

Wallace C. Harrison | E-mail
to all who go to sea in ships... god bless!
1 October 2002 - irving,texas

Germain St-Amour
Bravo très bien documenté. J`avais un ami maintenant décédé qui a visité le Bismarck en 1940.
27 September 2002 - Canada

Thomas L. Allison Jr. | E-mail
As a fan of the battleship Bismarck, your site is quite awesome. The pics. will be quite useful when I begin my model.
26 September 2002 - Ohio, U.S.A

Peter Karetka | E-mail
Want to make a correction to my message dated 25 July 2002. I want it to read the certificate issued for crossing the Artic Circle is dated 9/23/41. Will be back for viewing and reading, enjoyed the review.
26 September 2002 - United States

Mr Colin Allison | E-mail
A brilliant model of a very beautiful ship. I served with the Royal Navy for fifteen years and love ships, and Germany sure knew how to build them! I do believe that all sailors of whatever navy would now, as well as then, do their duty. That's the navy way.
26 September 2002 - New Zealand

Terje Langoy | E-mail
I am a big enthusiast of naval warfare and have several books and movies about the subject. I've been interested in naval history for a couple of years and the history of the Kriegsmarine is extremely fascinating.
I strongly recommend other naval enthusiasts to also check out other great "kriegsmarineschiffs" such as Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, the three heavy cruisers and the pocket battleships although Bismarck is my favourite. I just love the look of that ship in camouflage stripes, not to mention her performance and measures.
Mail me if you wanna discuss, share information or simply just talk about "kriegsmarineschiffs"
26 September 2002 - Bergen, Norway

Erhan Akcan | E-mail
Yes, I know Bismarck very well... ALSO I have been executing a project called "Bismarck is alive" "Bismarck yasýyor (in Turkish)" Ýt involves banknotes. I have been writing on the backside of them "Bismarck" and give them to contribution for almost 3 years...
25 September 2002 - Turkey

F. Dimas B. | E-mail
La ideología que promovió la construcción del "Bismarck" es para mí despreciable. Pero la naturaleza humana es contradictoria y reconozco que cuando envuelve a la historia de este extraordinario buque, me interesa y me fascina.
22 September 2002 - España

Jens Beth
My father was born in Lubeck, Germany on the Baltic Sea. He watched the launching of the ship as a child. Many memories of the ship.
21 September 2002 - Fort Myers, Florida

Elke Jucknat-Morel | E-mail
Just found this site. My father was one of the survivor. I am very proud of my father. He was a great man and a hard worker. He ended up working in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada . Past away a few years now, but he will never be forgotten.
21 September 2002 - Hartington, Ontario, Canada. Just north of Kingston, Canada

Ron Pegg
The Bismarck was a good ship! He made history! WWII is the best subject I love! I read about the Bismarck and othe ships! He finish off the Prince of Wales! If Lutjens listen to lindemann the Bismarck retreat from Exercise Rhine with two kills! The Bismack live another day. The Kriegsmarine plan to upgrade Bismarck and Tirpitz with 16" guns. I am a fan of the battleship Bismarck!
21 September 2002 - USA

Edward Trenkmann | E-mail
One man who lived through the sinking was named trenkmann--would like to know more about him--is he related etc. I am a veteran of WWII.(usa)
20 September 2002 - New Jersey, USA

Mariano Navarro | E-mail
Este buque fue el mejor acorazado en toda la Marina Alemana, lástima que no pudo entablar una batalla favorable en contra de los aliados y si el Prinz Eugen no se hubiera separarado, ganaría esa batalla contra la poderosa Royal Navy.
19 September 2002 - Argentina

Gilbert Ramirez Morales | E-mail
Hola amigos de esta página tan buena deseo hacerles saber que cuando lei toda la informacion de esta su página, me quede mas impresionado aun, con todo lo que ella contiene, y deseo expresar que, cuando a uno le fascina esto de la segunda guerra mundial, y mas de este acorazado pues se pone triste con su trágico final, aunque asi es como se vence a un titan; por si solo ya que lo ingleses nunca le pudieron hacer nada, ni aun con su mejor acorazado, que fue partido en dos en solo 7 mins. De todo corazon pido por el descanso de todas las victimas de esta cruel guerra y principalmente de la batalla en el mar.
pd: no se si les pase que cuando una oye hablar del Bismarck como lo hacen uds hasta se pone la piel chinita, porque parece que se habla de un gran heroe, que murio por sus ideales con la frente muy en alto, y asi fue la muerte de este bello ejemplar.
Gracias por su atencion y escribanme personas que piensen como yo mil gracias.
17 September 2002 - Veracruz, Mexico

Danny | E-mail
Bismarck: a brute of a ship, powerful, imposing, threatening, designed to be intimidating. Ludovic Kennedy was right about that. Not a beautiful ship: not graceful like the Hood. Bismarck's crew, though were very brave: no white flag for them. Lutjens: psychologically very interesting, but out of reach of all psychologists now. Why did he, inadvertently?, demoralise his crew with his last ship-wide broadcast?
17 September 2002 - London, UK

Väinö Mieli | E-mail
In the book Stockholms Enskilda Bank and the Bosch Group, 1939-1950, the relations between the Bosch Group and the Stockholms Enskilda Bank (SEB) have been examined in connection with the economic role of neutral countries and Germany during World War II. The Swedish SEB purchased Bosch Group companies outside Germany during 1939-1940, creating an association with Nazi Germany which colored SEB's international reputation during the post-war years.
The Boston Globe published Walter V. Robinson's article Sweden probes a dark secret (July 6, 1997).
But a darker chapter is being written now about the Wallenberg family and its extensive business empire, as Sweden confronts dismaying new evidence that the country's wartime collaboration was more extensive than is widely known, and that the Wallenberg family profited from secret dealings with the Nazis. For instance, documents from World War II contain evidence that Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg, Raoul's cousins, used their Enskilda Bank to help the Nazis dispose of assets seized from Dutch Jews who died in the Holocaust.
17 September 2002 - Finland

André Queirós | E-mail
I'm looking for original photos or films of World War II. Please reply to me! AQ
16 September 2002 - Portugal

Bill Storey | E-mail
I have just read Pursuit the Sinking of Bismarck and also the Discovery of the Bismarck. Both books show the many feelings good and bad connected to this great feat of enginieering and an insight into the brave men of all ranks who sailed in her. God bless them all.
14 September 2002 - New York Village Tyneside,UK

Luis Palma | E-mail
Me gusto mucho la información que tienen ustedes acerca de tan magnífico buque de guerra, es una lástima que haya tenido tan dramático final sin poder entablar una verdadera batalla para el cual estaba diseñado. Una pregunta, ¿porqué no senalizaron o pidieron la rendición del buque la tripulación al ver el desenlace de lo que los esperaba? Saludos y felicitaciones por su trabajo.
11 September 2002 - Tabasco, México

Dan Reusser
I don't care what people say. The Bismarck was the most beautiful, powerfull ship ever. And it was German! Deutschland uber alle. God bless the men of the Bismarck and Tirpitz. The pride of the royal navy sunk in 8 minutes. Impressive.
4 September 2002 - Kansas, USA

Ron Raymond | E-mail
Left message earlier, but did not have chance to leave email.
2 September 2002 - Orlando, Fl USA

Ron Raymond
I have always been fascinated with battle ships. I served in USN & once observed USS NEW JERSEY firing 16 inch guns during Tet 1967 in Danang harbor at enemy in mountains. What a sight!!!!
2 September 2002 - Roa

John. K | E-mail
I would like to talk to anybody that served on the Bismarck or any u-boat, or in Hitler's army plzzzzzz talk with me I am very interested on anybody in the Reich!
2 September 2002 - Crystalriver, Florida America

Thomas Braeuniger again
I have to correct myself: the book "Pursuit" by L. Kennedy can be found on the book page of this site (don't know how I overlooked it), and it is also definitely available from Amazon and B&N. So if you're planning on buying a few books about the "Bismarck", consider to include that one, too!
26 August 2002 - Durham, England

Thomas Braeuniger
This is really an excellent web site: thorougly researched, very extensive, and professionally designed. I really hope the authors will find the time and money to continue this page! Here is another very interesting book about the sinking of the Bismarck, which I didn't find in the book selection of this page:
"Pursuit" by Ludovic Kennedy
Kennedy was serving on a Royal Navy destroyer at the time and is actually an eyewitness of the action. The book is written in a very good style, and not at all prejudiced against either the British or German side. So I can only recommend it! It has been recently re-published by "Cassell Military Paperbacks" in the UK, but I don't know if it's available from Amazon and/or Barnes and Nobles, although it very likely is.
Cheers and regards, Thomas
25 August 2002 - Durham, England

Andrei-Radu Captalan | E-mail
I'm doing a paper on The Battle of the Denmark Strait and so I've searched the web for information. I have to say that this is the most complete site on the Bismarck I've found. Keep up the good work.
25 August 2002 - Galati, Romania

Mark Stevens | E-mail
Very good web site, I am in the middle of building a radio controlled model of the Bismarck. Thanks.
24 August 2002 - Perth, Western Australia

Edward J. Giese
Embarressed to say - his name was Erich Giese and the ship was the Z12. It was sunk in 1940 while part of the Kriegschiffgruppe 1 in a battle with 6 British destroyers.
21 August 2002

Edward J. Giese | E-mail
Wonderful web site; very up-to-date and informative. My great-grandfather had a destroyer named after him in the second war. It left Kiel in 1939 - Albert Giese (Z-45) I think. My wife's father was in the SS on the Eastern Front; I find it interesting to hear "war stories" from him and see how they sound next to the "American Versions" you often read about.
21 August 2002 - Texas

Michael Milford | E-mail
This site is an excellent resource with a lot more detail than many other sites have especially regarding the exact armour scheme of the Bismarck. The artwork is quite breathtaking, it is a pity that there aren't higher resolution images available (or are there?). I think that it is one of the most dramatic wartime stories and this site is a good place to go to read more. Cheers!
19 August 2002 - Brisbane Australia

Eduardo Adolfo Rubio Herrera | E-mail
Camaradas, este es el sitio mas fascinante para mi en la web. No hay dia desde 1998 cuando lo descubri, en que no mire algun detalle de la pagina. Desde que aprendi a leer, lei el relato condensado del libro Pursuit, llamado > en Selecciones y desde entonces ese episodio naval ha estado en mi mente y en mi corazon.
Hace poco logre conseguir el libro de Ballard, asi como el del distinguido Baron Mullenheim-Rechberg. Tengo varios modelos del navio y otros navios de la Kriegsmarine ya que tambien soy aficionado a la Kriegsmarine en especial a los buques grandes de superficie y a los implacables "Lobos Grises". Invito a todos aquellos que quieran compartir informacion a escribirme.
Al amigo Jose M. Rico: Te felicito por tan magnífica página y agradezco tu deseo de compartir con todo el mundo tu afición por nuestro querido barca, sin egoismos de ninguna clase. FELICITACIONES!!
Dear comrades, if you wish to share (in two ways of course) information about this subject, please contact me via e-mail. Enjoy this great web page!!
19 September 2001 - Guatemala City, Guatemala

Cam Fleming | E-mail
I have always had an interest in the Bismarck and since serving with the Army in Germany I met many ex service men who served in the war. I am now going to study the great warships from WWII and German u-boats people who served there country should never be forgoten
11 September 2001 - Bristol England

Alejandro Dawidowicz
Desde Argentina quiero felicitarlos por la excelente informacion de esta pagina. Soy un estudioso del tema de la marina del III Reich, tambien tengo armadas las maquetas del Graf Spee y del Tirpitz. Un abrazo Alejandro
31 July 2001 - Argentina

Fernando Aliaga
Una gran página. Con un verdadero lujo de detalles y muy bien documentada. Continuad con el mismo entusiasmo.
23 July 2001 - Madrid, España

Grove Murray
Was in college at the time of the battle and was much impressed by it, having no idea that within a few months I would be stationed in Iceland near where it happened. Many good men on both the Bismarck and the Hood lost their lives and two fine ships were destroyed. Thanks for the information.
15 July 2001 - Barneveld, N.Y.

Richard Chappell
Although my predominant interest is in the three 'Olympic' class liners of the White Star Line, I have always had an interest in Battle-ships and famous engagements of WW2. Excellent site, keep up the good work. Regards Richard Chappell
26 May 2001 - United Kingdom

Frode Groven
I have allways been fascinated of the German warships, as the Caesar turret from Gneisenau, is mounted on land, near to wear I live (Ørland, Norway). Its really huge, and I can imagine how big these ships were. Also, Tirpitz was operating very much in Norway. The heavy cruiser "Blucher" even to day leaks oil, a oil slick can bee seen in the Oslo fjord. Blucher will continue to leak oil for at least 20-30 years more (30 litres each day!!) In september 2000, they found the wreck of SCHARNHORST, north of Norway. A documentary were shown on Norwegian TV a few weeks ago. Very special indeed. I suggest you to come to Norway and visit the Gneisenau turret in Ørland. Write me for details about how to get there. The best, Frode
23 May 2001 - Trondheim, Norway

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