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This guestbook no longer accepts new messages. You can however use our battleship Bismarck FACEBOOK page to let us know who you are and where in the world you have reached us from. We welcome all suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticism as well.

In addition, if you have any research questions you may post them over in our NAVAL HISTORY FORUMS, where lots of knowledgeable people will see them and try to help.

There are 1,093 messages in our guestbook.

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A. Rose | E-mail
a memorable day..... reminds me to the battle of the Java Sea 1942.
12 February 2005 - Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Jennifer Gilliana | E-mail
I have been a fan of the titanic even before the movie came out. I have investigated and search for a list of survivors.I was wondering,are there any Titanic survivors who are still alive today?
8 February 2005 - Illinois,USA

Massimo Romanello | E-mail
Sito molto bello, complimenti ai redattori
8 February 2005 - Italy

Alessandro Ragatzu | E-mail
Very interesting site.
I am completing an history project on air war over sardinia. I there any poeple who may supply informations about the ark royal swordfish attacks on 2 and 3 september 1940 and 9 november 1940 against Elmas airdrome? (n. of aircrafts, bombs carried, commanders)
thank you very much
alessandro ragatzu
6 February 2005 - soleminis, sardinia, Italy

James | E-mail
Great site. We are reading a book which the Bismark is mentioned in so this has really helped me with my homework.
2 February 2005 - England

adam kraus
schicke seite heiße auch adam kraus wie einer von der crew ^^
2 February 2005 - germany

jose miguel galilea echevarria | E-mail
la mas bella historia de la II guerra mundial
1 February 2005 - barcelona(spain)

Maurice R. Dawe | E-mail
My Brother was wounded in the Bismarck action while serving in the RN destroyer HMS Zulu,they had made a torpedo attack at night and he was hit be shrapnel while working on the torpedo tubes. He died in a military hospital in Londonderry N.Ireland a few days later.
31 January 2005 - Barrie, Ontario Canada

Bob Hoobler | E-mail
Let the ship rest in peace where she is at.
31 January 2005 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Kevin Naughton | E-mail
I was able to meet Bruno Rzonca at a military show a few years ago in the Chicago area. I bought an autographed hat and a signed photo for a friend. He was a very nice man and I am deeply sorry to learn of his passing. Thank you very much for putting his interview on the website. I wish I had talked to him more that day.
28 January 2005 - Chicago, IL

Alex | E-mail
Great site mate........Excelent reading......
Good luck for the future.....
27 January 2005 - Australia

Santiago Navarro Castelló | E-mail
Este es un hermoso tributo a los héroes del mar, los famosos y los anónimos, a los que rindo mi admiración, respeto y agradecimiento.
25 January 2005 - Teruel, España

The Bismarck has always, and will always remain one of my biggest passions in life. this ship is totally remarcable in every aspect,, for the fear she created, to the majestic design. never again will any ship command such respect, and have the beauty that the BISMARCK generated! God bless all that lost their lives to her, and on her!
25 January 2005 - chemung new york

Bjorn Leek
Really an impressive site. The list of casualties really makes you silent and reflecting.
25 January 2005 - The Netherlands

Nils Thorell | E-mail
An impressive site about an even more impressive ship. I have been on board a very similar ship, the USS New Jersey, and I must admit I did not understand how impressive they, until then.
21 January 2005 - Sweden

A Stultz
I just wanted to say you have a great site and it very interesting information
20 January 2005 - Canada

Linda Kelly | E-mail
I just finished watching a program on The Hood and was curious as to the name of the ship that actually sank The Bismark
18 January 2005 - Canada

Franklin Oswaldo Ramìrez Zamora | E-mail
Soy coleccionista de maquetas de barcos de guerra,aquellos que actualmente serian considerados como clasicos,con sus imponentes cañones y su belleza sin igual.Recuerdo la pelicula "Hundan al Bismarck",en la cual narra la epopeya de este acorazado y a partir de la cual me sentì atraido hacia la marina de guerra.Que podemos hacer para que hagan una nueva versiòn en el cine acerca de este o te todos los acorazados que participaron en la 2º guerra mundial?Si lograron hacer el Titanic,Pearl Harbor, de las cuales ya tenian versiones antiguas? Realmente vale la pena hacer una nueva pelicula,con todos los efectos especiales del combate naval.Haganlo por favor,ya sea de la historia de este o de otro acorazado.
18 January 2005 - Piura, Perù

Hi, just surfing and found your great site.I enjoyed my visit.
17 January 2005 - UK

Antonia Marie Leganshuk | E-mail
This is a great website, i saw the movie and it touched me...
16 January 2005 - 17 January 2005 philippines

hemelsoet rene | E-mail
when is there somwhere in europe a convention of al related with the ship ,models,poeple,books ets ;;;;; thanks mail please ;; rene.hemelsoet@telenet.be
12 January 2005 - belgium

George Roumbos | E-mail
After so many years, still a devoted fan of this superb website !!!
Keep up the excellent work mate !!!
George Roumbos, Hellas
10 January 2005 - Greece

Cyrille Depondt | E-mail
I would like to have an (e-mail)adress of Markus van Beek, The model-builder i found on your site. I believe his work is beautiful and i would like to know more about it. So if anyone can help me please email me on tieske69@hotmail.com.
Thank you
10 January 2005 - Holland

Kevin Kleinpeter | E-mail
I visit your site often and find it to be the best site on larger German ships of that period.
I beleive the bismarck was the most beautiful
ship ever built.
10 January 2005 - U.S.A.

Ron Richter
what a great site and tribute to the brave men from both sides who died in this battle,,,my father was in the canadian navy during WWII
8 January 2005 - Atlanta,Ga

werner belmega | E-mail
My uncle was one of the survivals from the
bismarck. He always tells me that his rescue
was a very good luck and the days as prisoner
in canada under the english war-imprisonment
have been for him in good remembers. The Treat-
ment was always fair and he learnt many from his
He died on 08.dec.2004 with 84 years.
Excuse the bad englisch language.
many greats
7 January 2005 - Germany

sandra Young | E-mail
As a child I saw the movie Bismark at our local cinema, something about it captured me and so the interest has grown and the knowledge gained of this great ship has become something I can't put down. Now I see by this site I am not alone. May our interest be a tribute to the men of both
England and Germany, those who served and those who died they will never be forgotten.
7 January 2005 - New Zealand

Daniel M. | E-mail
Excelente pagina!!!...Siempre he sido un aficionado a este gran buque de guerra, y con la informacion que he recibido en esta pagina he quedado satisfecho. Pienso que es una buena manera de recordar a aquellas mounstruosas maquinas que nunca seran igualadas ni olvidadas.
6 January 2005 - Colombia

Frank Wilson | E-mail
Enjoyed the site very much, and found the pictures and archive information very useful, while researching some questions on damage to the Bismarck's rudder assembly by British aircraft torpedo attack. There is a very complete, although a few years old, analysis of the damage to the Bismarck in the final battle at www.naweaps.com/index_inro/index_inro.htm
6 January 2005 - Tempe, Arizona, USA

George Bogachevsky | E-mail
Long time ago I had read a book where it was stated that before attack on Spitzbergen Tirpitz had met in the area and sunk the Russian SS Sibiryakov but Sibiryakov managed to send some radio out, thus forwarning about presence of the unknown raider in the vicinity. The crew of Sibiryakov was picked up by Tirpitz and sent to KZ. Forwarned, the Spitzbergen garrison managed to organize response to Tirpiz attack by firing from the pier land based artillery guns about 105 mm (can't recall definitely) and had scored at least one hit. The landing sortie from Tirpitz was abandoned as the result of resistance. I had read the book long time ago, so I rely on the best of my recallections.
5 January 2005 - USA

Peter Ashford | E-mail
Have recently watched a very interesting [and sad] History Channel show, narrated by John Hillerman [formerly from Magnum PI].
The episode of these 2 great ships, Bismarck and Hood, must be regarded as a watershed in naval history, and therefore they and their crews require the utmost respect.
Never again will we see such wonderful and awesome ships, and hopefully they'll never be forgotten,
4 January 2005 - Auckland, NZ

neo | E-mail
Site très agréable. Bonne continuation et bonne année 2005 !
31 December 2004

Felix Valencia | E-mail
Hola, esta es una buena pagina donde se puede encontrar informacion e historia acerca del famoso acorazado alemán, tengo un modelo el cual quiero mejorar en algunos detalles, al respecto seria bueno que tambien se mostrara los planos del acorazado para aquellas personas que quieran hacer o mejorar sus modelos a escala.
29 December 2004 - Peru - Lima

Kassandra Swan | E-mail
My father built a model out of Ice block sticks after hearing how much I was interested in the famouse ship......my mum and I like singing the song.
I would like to hear from others who have information, photoes or just want to talk about the ship or anything else.
I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who is/was related to any of the crew.
28 December 2004 - New Zealand

Saviour Garcia | E-mail
Excellent reference page,tribute to the fallen youngsters who gave their lives for their ideals whichever they were.
26 December 2004 - Malta

Claudio | E-mail
Muy buena y completa información perfectamente clasificada y facil de navegar. Es muy bueno poder informarse de los hechos ocurridos en estas circunstancias historicas y no simplemente guiarse por pequeños resumenes faltos de rigor historico y cientifico. Es indudable que la marina Alemana ocupo un lugar de privilegio e induscutido liderazgo en la WW2
23 December 2004 - Argentina

Todd Conkey | E-mail
My father brought back a model of the Bismarck from WW11 and I intend on using your site to research it
19 December 2004 - Vancouver

Joseph Williams, | E-mail
Am fascinated by the skill and thought brought into the construction and manning of this fine warship , but am saddened by it's loss before having a chance to prove itself , as in a jutland exercise for instance , but some things are not meant to be, i guess, thanks for the hard work and effort on this site , will visit time and again
16 December 2004 - mississippi, usa

JUNIOR | E-mail
13 December 2004 - BRASIL

Busné Matteo | E-mail
Bismark. I was only 8 eight years old and red about the ship, Now I am in the fourties and still the name Bismark gives emotions to me.
History doesn't give the right weight to those
who lost. They were young and full in spirit as the winners were. My thoughts to them.
8 December 2004 - Italy

Onyeze Magaman | E-mail
Excellent and informative indeed. Keep up the good works.
8 December 2004 - USA

Dennis Caetano | E-mail

Excellent website. Perhaps you'd enjoy reading ours. Please check out http://www.georgethomasclark.com/ -- the author's official web page - which features information about his biographical novel HITLER HERE. This work is unique because all the characters have bylines and thus the opportunity to reveal what they did and how they felt during an era of unprecedented destruction.
The online excerpts are from the points-of-view of Hitler and six other characters.

Admirals Raeder and Doenitz also have plenty of bylines, and there's a piece from the point of view of a wolfpack commander, Otto Kretchmer.

At the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, HITLER HERE generated reading copy requests from several foreign publishers, and the English language rights in India have just been sold to Mastermind Books.


Dennis Caetano
Three Point Press
8 December 2004 - Bakersfield, California

damian | E-mail
Saludos,buena pagina,aunque mi pregunta es sobre otro tema,he visto tu mensaje en Amen,solo te queria consultar,donde encontrar dominio mas alojamiento a buen precio en español y que sea muy facil(nociones casi nulas),disculpa las molestias.
7 December 2004 - Ushuaia(tierra de fuego)Argentina

T. Stuelken
Fo all those who would like to research for more information about the former shipyard: Acc. to the message of Bodo Rautenkranz we would like to mention that the ships have been built at the Stülcken Werft (Stuelcken Yard) with "ck" in Hamburg. Greetings from Germany, ts.
6 December 2004 - Germany

Ana Maria Zacagnino | E-mail
Eure Seiten zu besuchen. Das ist für mich immer eine Freude.Heute möchte ich nicht gehen, ohne Euch einen besinnlichen Advents und Frohen Weihnachtsgruß hinterlassen. Ein Gegenbesuch in meiner HP würde mich sehr erfreuen, Ana María aus BUENOS AIRES - ARGENTINIEN

Dave Gordon
Thank You for keeping this Great Ship and her Crew alive. They were our modern Monsters of the Deep Blue and as such are testiments to the Power, and Insanity, that is the Human Condition.
3 December 2004 - Bradenton, Florida, U.S.A.

Uwe Schroeder
My aunt's fiance went down with the Bismarck. I needed to find out some information on this great ship. Thanks!
2 December 2004 - Ont. Canada/ Neumunster Germany

Otto Kadow
Thank your for making this site on the Bismarck. My grandfather served on this ship, and he was lucky to survive. This is a site were my grandfather, and his comrades can be honored.
2 December 2004 - Hamburg, Germany

Brett Holden
The Bismarck is a ship where every medern-sailor can look up to it's crew as the bravest, and the best. I have been writing a book for a year now, and this site as been a big help, I will be sure to acknowledge your site if, and when my book is published.
2 December 2004 - Missouri, U.S.A

1 December 2004 - GEORGIA - UNITED STATES

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