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Matej Furman | E-mail
I admire Bismarck and her strugle to survive and I belive that the Bismarck legend is the greatest of all time but also know that there was another even bigger ship sailing acrosss the oceans!!
It is shame that Yamato battletship is not so famous as Bismarck, because it was really the greatest ship ever created!
Too bad that her life was so short!
24 March 2004 - Slovenia ( Europe)

Matej Furman | E-mail
I m very impressed with this web page.
There are litle so good webs on the net!
With my regards!
24 March 2004 - Slovenia (Europe)

M Paradis | E-mail
Very Informative, Thanks.
24 March 2004 - New Westminster, BC. Canada

Ron Schubert | E-mail
My friend a Sophmore,in highschool has a history class. They are currently studing WW2. What I found found distrubing was the total ommission of the battleship Bismark. This is supposed to be a history class concerning world history. I find the fact that a history book could totalty neglect one of the most fearsome weapons of WW2---mind-boggling!!!!
23 March 2004 - Houston,Tx

Hernán Lusquiños | E-mail
Realmente la página me partió la cabeza. Como un fanático desde chico de este increíble e irrepetible barco, me alegra muchísimo que exista un sitio en español tan completo. Ojalá sigan en la web y perfeccionándolo por mucho tiempo más. Tuve la fortuna de conocer la historia al leer "Perseguido" de Ludovic Kennedy. Quisiera saber que otros libros o videos subtitulados al español puedo conseguir del Bismarck.
22 March 2004 - Capital Federal , Argentina

Gabriel Molina | E-mail
Ante todo quiero felicitarlos por el sitio, está muy bueno y muy completo.
Me comenzo a interesar la historia del BISMARCK luego de ver un documental y ahora estoy armando una maqueta y me parecia que antes de armarla necesitaba saber toda la hiatoria de ese Coloso del sigloXX y gracias a ustedes lo pude conseguir.
Muchas gracias.
19 March 2004 - Argentina

Gerhard Dobberke | E-mail
I'm looking for informations about my father (Giselher Dobberke, 25.10.1925 - 1975), who was soldier on "Prinz Eugen". Are there any lists of names of the soldiers on this ship?
15 March 2004

Damian | E-mail
can anyone send a message of the Bismarck to my e-mail? please
15 March 2004

Carl Stowers | E-mail
I am glad that there is a site where people can learn about the History of the 20th century that forever changed the world we live in today.Battle on sea or land is fought by man not machine.I just hope that our children will learn from history and not repeat it.The crew of the Bismark fought to the very end because the had no choice.Today we have the power to stop War before men such as these have to die.
14 March 2004 - United States

Stephen Cooke | E-mail
Commisioned on the date of my birth, 28 years before, this ship has always held some strange hold on me and kept me coming back looking for more info. Im happy to have found this site.
14 March 2004 - Manchester, UK

A former Member of the European parliament presented a genocide: Swedish nationalist Jörn Donner said in the newspaper "Johnny Kniga" 6/2003 that the Finnish language and its speakers should have been destructed in the 19th century. Donner has been a Social Democratic member of the European parliament (1996-99).
Donner's original Finnish text, "Johnny Kniga" 6/2003:
-"olisiko pitänyt säilyttää ruotsin kielen asema ja ajaa se koko maahan?"
=> "should we have killed all the Finns and replace them by the Swedes?"
Also Swedish professor Nesselius suggested in 1708 a genocide of the Finns, like many other Swedish nationalists after him - including many Social Democrats.
A genocide to come in today's Europe!?
13 March 2004

Teddy Lee Wolf | E-mail
Bizmarck & Iowa class ships are of two different designs! YOU COULD NOT MOVE THAT IOWA CLASS TIN CAN IN THE FIJORDS with any amount of ease against a BISMARK class with its slighter draft and superior beam! If an IOWA class ship were to take the cowardish point blank fire for 90 minutes that BISMARCK took (only sinking with the release of scuttling bombs -PROOF-) we would probably see a devastating reality that it is in thier heads that those ships (iowa class) were really THAT MUCH BETTER. Without thier "NUKES" and all of the modern tech those ships later gained, they FOR REAL are only BIGGER CHEAPER-BUILT(quality of materials-STEEL ect.) that if ever had to go into the lions den (the fijords) the theory of IOWA IS BETTER would very possibly be proven wrong with DEVASTATING RESULTS! LUCKY! none of our IOWA CLASS had to do such a thing. I am a lover of both classes of ships. I DO NOT FEEL THAT WITH THIER SOMEWHAT SUPRIOR ARMOUR & GUNNERY that 40s era IOWA would be able to just OVERPOWER BISMARCK and BISMARCK efforts would be small compared! It would be a jolt of luck for either to escape a run-in with the other! ONE ON ONE, I would put my money on the BISMARCK crew and tech than the 40s era IOWA!
13 March 2004 - Hawaii

Tom Schmidt | E-mail
Kriegsmarine strategy was wholly lacking in Bismarck's raid. Like Jutland and later, the Graf Spee, and Scharnhorst, it was another "death ride" to no purpose. It contributed nothing to their war. Thank God.
Counterfactual speculation: As single combat goes, it would have been interesting to see the Bismarck/Tirpitz go up against any Iowa Class BB's. The winner...Iowa Class by two lengths.
11 March 2004 - Chicago USA

Timothy Thatcher
This website has helped me find some great info about this amazing warship of World War II. Keep it up!!!
11 March 2004 - United States

Aaron Cutts
The Bismarck was a great war ship in its time
and will always have a special place in history
11 March 2004 - Auatralia

Bryce Cutts | E-mail
I like the ship and the song by Johnny Horton
11 March 2004 - Australia

Rob perkins | E-mail
Firstly, I wanted to say that this is an excellent site and highly informative. Having read several books about the Bismarck it seems that Ernst Lindemann's authority and control of the ship during Operation Rheinuberg was overshadowed by Admiral Lutjens...and unfortunately so. Does anyone have any comments on that and can anyone testify as to the truth in that? For those interested, I recommend the book Battleship Bismarck by Burkard von Mullenheim-Rechberg, who was the highest ranked surviving officer.
10 March 2004 - Huntington Beach, California

Stefan Dahlberg | E-mail
Thanks for a great web-site. Very informative and with a great lay out. However, does anyone know where to get wreck-photos of both Bismarck and Tirpitz?
10 March 2004 - Sweden

Chris Stefanou | E-mail
Excellent history of a superbly designed ship. There's a good summary of technical information.
10 March 2004 - Norfolk, VA

tye | E-mail
I had learned a while ago in abook that germany refered to the Bismark as a he instead of a she like most ships and on your website you call it a she -just hought i'd comment
8 March 2004 - Michigan ,U.S.A.

Mark Allison
I was doing a little research into The Bismarck to help my son and found all the information I needed on your site. Full of usefull information.
I liked the polls and was fasinated by the different opinions. great site keep up the good work
7 March 2004 - Grangemouth, Scotland

Harald S. Barfod | E-mail
Very intresting Site! As an old man, I have become an internet explorer. ( A Universe within itself. ) I`m currently doing a lot of research on Naval Battles of WORLD WARS I & II... As a young boy in Montevideo, I saw the Graf von Spee blow up in the River Plate estuary. To a degree the history of both warships is very closely linked.
Thanks again for this Site!
7 March 2004 - Verdun, Quebec, Canada

Richard Bohlmann | E-mail
In looking at the crew list of the DKM Bismarck, I discoverd a crew member named Hermann Bohlmann. Since my family came to the USA from the fatherlan - wondering if he might have been a distant relative?
Richard Bohlmann
Pearl, Mississippi - USA
7 March 2004 - Pearl, Mississippi - USA

Jimmy Boyce | E-mail
5 March 2004 - Mount Holly N.C.

Richard Stein | E-mail
Great Site!
Keep up the good Work!
All the design team at Attractant Pheromones www.attractant.co.uk
Attractant pheromones
4 March 2004 - UNITED KINGDOM

Phillip Neumann
Great page dedicated to the Bismarck. Thanks for the time and effort put into the site. I am not only fascinated with the Bismarck, I am also sad by the great loss of life. Very educational and I plan to continue visiting the site. I will never forget The Bismarck nor the Hood Battleships or crew.
4 March 2004 - Orlando, FL. USA

Megan | E-mail
I am doing a school project and i would like to use some of the photos but it will not let me.
1 March 2004 - United States

i have written a poem to bismarck
bismarck my lover
when i saw you
i already knew
tah you will be my lover
you were so big
so i start to sing
"bismarck bismarck my lover"
1 March 2004 - ukraine

Roman Alsace-Lorraine | E-mail
Watch out for mega Franco-German ship the Royal
29 February 2004 - Australia

Jim Martinovich | E-mail
Great site and excellent information.
29 February 2004 - Canada

Allan Scorer | E-mail
My grandfather Jonas Todd was a sick berth attendant in the Royal Navy and tended the Bismarck survivors when they were landed at North Shields. To him and to me they were just brave men who had done their duty.
27 February 2004 - Berkshire, England

Ronald Painter | E-mail
I would like to know why the ship is so weel preserved after so many years.
27 February 2004 - St Paul Minnesota, USA

primoz ogris | E-mail
compliments for the site
26 February 2004 - europa slovenia

Nelson L. Ott | E-mail
Thanks for a job well done. I've been fascinated by the sinking of the Bismarck episode since I was only 7 years old (and that's quite a long time), and it was a real joy finding such a well done and researched site. Congratulations !
25 February 2004 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Robin Newell | E-mail
Was presented with Will Berthold's book 'The Sinking of the Bismarck' as a school prize in 1958.have been fascinated by the ship and the Kriegsmarine ever since. I have only recently had a computer and my joy at finding this site I cannot explain. Thankyou it is magnificient.
24 February 2004 - London. UK

Zhang Shi xian | E-mail
yeah,this web site is very excellent,the only thing should be improved is the amount of the pictures of Bismarck.
23 February 2004 - China

Tim Rose | E-mail
This site is great for any information that you could possibly get! I'll definately recommend to everybody I know to visit this great site. Thanks for creating such an information full site.
22 February 2004 - Hilliard, OH

terry samuel | E-mail
can anyone tell me if there is a document that is supposedly signed by the survivors of the scharnhorst.
I have a friend that believes they have such a document, and we need to clarify the authenticity of it, would be grateful for any info anyoine may have on the subject.
20 February 2004 - cardiff

Colin Fletcher | E-mail
Superb site first class in every way, just like the Bismark was you are doing it justice.She was a beautiful ship with awesome power, she really looked the business sat in the water, fantastic, what a crying shame things tuned out the way they did.I would love to be able to stand on her deck.I must have been on this site now dozens of times but i never get bored i just keep coming back for more just like the BISMARK on the fatal day. Best wishes to everybody past and present.COLIN.
19 February 2004 - Rochdale, England

T O'Hara | E-mail
Markings on my gun sites(range finders) M.EAGLE 1V11 Next line.Art.Beob.S R next line.(NavsRc/9A next line.Vc 10x7c AP-7mm. next line Nr 180.next line blc Can anybody tell me what the markings are.
17 February 2004 - England

T O'Hara | E-mail
I have three first war range finders, and one from the second world war. All are from German Battle ships The last one is in David Ballard book on the Bismarck. A photo from inside the gun turret is exact to mine.Most pop out of the gun turre and are round,the Bismarcks have a square top like mine.
17 February 2004 - england

yancy yates
watched a PBS special on the Bismarck & the Hood last night. did a 'yahoo search' and found your site...very nice!
17 February 2004 - west plains mo

Edward | E-mail
Trying to find a model 1:100 of the Bismarck.
One like Markus Van Beek's
14 February 2004 - Virginia USA

William | E-mail
This is the best site ever for the Bismarck because it has the most information
13 February 2004 - Canada

Roger O Doss
She was a great great ship one of my all time best.
13 February 2004 - Columbus, Ohio USA

kyle | E-mail
I am currently starting to study all aspects of the Bismarck for a movie screenplay that I will be writing. If anyone has information about not just bhe Bismarck but the hood and all ships/individuals involved. any story no matter how small could be very helpfull thanks.
13 February 2004 - canada

Joern Clauss | E-mail
Very interesting site!!My father was educated on the Bismark and had to do with the Tirpitz while stationned in Tromsö during the war.So I devoure everything I can read about these outstanding warships.Peace in the World!And thank You for interesting reading!
13 February 2004 - Sweden

Andros Ioannou | E-mail
A very good site.It is so nice of you to provide such accurate and succinct information over this legendary battleship. I think that Bismarck and Tirpitz were the finest battleships of their time. Their service will remain rememberable.
11 February 2004 - Cyprus

Richard Mullins | E-mail
Great site. I believe that the Bismarck sinking was a key turning point of the war. Had she not been sunk, Churchill may not've remained in power. With Britian out of the war, Hitler could've defeated USSR before Pearl Harbour. Both German and Brits seemed to get an extraordinary amount of good/bad luck during Bismarks operation.
9 February 2004 - Vancouver, Canada

Mariano Arnau (Montevideo) Uruguay | E-mail
La batalla del Río de la Plata: llevarán a un museo los elementos que recuperen. Van al rescate del acorazado Graf Spee. Está hundido frente al puerto de Montevideo desde 1939 por decisión de su comandante para no entregarlo al enemigo.
8 February 2004 - Montevideo Uruguay

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