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In addition, if you have any research questions you may post them over in our NAVAL HISTORY FORUMS, where lots of knowledgeable people will see them and try to help.

There are 1,093 messages in our guestbook.

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Radu Dumitrean | E-mail
Back when I was 10 yrs(25 yrs a go)I have read about BISMARK for the first time. Since then I looked for every bit of info I can get my hand on(not an easy thing in communist time). But now I found your wonderfull site about my first love! And you know, a first love last forever ! Thank you for this. Now I can get every info. Keep up the great job you do
18 June 2006 - ROMANIA

Jason Montoya | E-mail
Hello from SaveTheSoldiers
17 June 2006 - Atlanta

Stacey Deere | E-mail
4 June 2006 - Springfield, Ohio United States

Charles Teague | E-mail
Great site for tons of information. I even found a 2nd cousin who died on the Bismarck, his name was Otto Wirth. May he and all the others rest in peace.
30 May 2006 - Texas

William Cox | E-mail
65 years ago this week-many servicemen were to loose there lives in the pursuit of the Bismark--may they rest in peace.
26 May 2006 - Baltimore ,Maryland--USA

Haig | E-mail
i am doing a research on the battle of bismarck and i need to contact the survivors from the battle.does anyone know how i can contact them????? please help.
24 May 2006 - Los Angeles, Ca.

Chris Herbst | E-mail
You should put the blueprints of the ship if possible on your website. I am also pleased to say that Iam citing your website as my only source for my mla paper at school. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23 April 2006 - MINNESOTA

virgil | E-mail
very interesting and useful site !!!
8 May 2006 - england

Dan J. Blackburn | E-mail
History has a way of ensuring that famous ships remain memorable: Thermopylae, BonHomme Richard, Flying Dutchman, Lusitania, Titanic, Dreadnought, Hood, Arizona, Enterprise, Andrea Doria (just to name a few). Bismarck is no exception!
30 April 2006 - USA

Gary Christian | E-mail
After serving in the Canadian Navy to learn to appreciate the sacrafices made by all the salors of WWII. The Bismarck is one of the greatest battleships of all time.
25 April 2006 - Canada

dave pearce | E-mail
The greatest Battleship ever to roam the seas.I work in the refit of naval vessels and non compare to craft as excellent as this.Great website
24 April 2006 - England

Robert Zorn | E-mail
I Realy like history about WWII and finding Bismarck one of my most fameous ships around.
20 April 2006 - columbus Ohio

Gary Gibson | E-mail
This websight is great. I am fascinated by the great armies of WWII, especially the Third Reich. I love to read about the great ships of WWII. My ancestors are from Germany which leaves me always trying to find out more about my heritage.
16 April 2006 - United States

MMSPORT | E-mail
Nice site. Good work.
14 April 2006 - Poland

Stelios | E-mail
I would like to join the company in order to exchange some of my opinions and knowledges with others.
6 April 2006 - Greece

Rick. Apanui | E-mail
great site and monument to the ship and crew ,such a sad loss of life ,history will not forget such a magnificent vessel and those who sailed her
4 April 2006 - Australia

Mike Newman | E-mail
I have always been fascinated by the great ships of WWII. This is a great site with alot of information on one of the greatest ships of her time. I am trying to create a scale CG model of her, anybody know where I can find blueprints of the Bismarck?
2 April 2006 - Indiana, USA

Mike | E-mail
COOL !!!
Echt Tolle Seite sehr Inforeich .
28 March 2006 - German

Frank Shaklo | E-mail
It's good to see a site that not only remembers the ship, but her crew. She was the ultimate killing machine of her time, a marvel of engineering. But never forget her crew, many were just boys with lives never lived.
22 March 2006 - Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Pawel P. Liberski | E-mail
very good and interesting page; I wanted to know how Lutjens and Lindemann died
12 March 2006 - Poland

John M Schoener | E-mail
Great site, just looking for relatives
12 March 2006 - East Grand Forks Minnesota USA

juliee | E-mail
i enjoyed staying with your site, will surely come back to learn more . here is a site which i found online for Airlines reviews have a look
Hawaiian Airlines |
8 March 2006 - usa

Alex Gao | E-mail
I am interesting in the redio Bismarck model made by Tomas Vnoucek in Models page(the fourth link in the "Models" page)
How can I contact the owner?
9 March 2006 - China PRC

Richard Nacamuli | E-mail
To the Bismarck, a magnificent ship.
7 March 2006 - Califon, New Jersey, USA

peter frost | E-mail
beautifull battleship does anyone know where and how i can get a large scale model kit please thankyou
18 February 2006 - england

Peter Congdon | E-mail
I have recently written a book in which the sinking of the Bismarck is described by my father who was serving on HMS Dorsetshire at the time.Please email me if you are iinterested.
28 February 2006 - 21 Hampton Lane Solihull B91 2 QJ UK

Dr Peter Congdon | E-mail
I have recently written a book in which the sinking of the Bismarck is described by my father who was serving on HMS Dorsetshire at the time.Please email me if you are interested.
27 February 2006 - 21 Hampton Lane Solihull England B91 2QJ UK

Jorge Vazquez | E-mail
Me parece excelente el site y mucho más excelente aún que se mantenga vivo el recuerdo de una nave que, si bien no combatió abiertamente, significó un dolor de cabeza para la Royal Navy y las Fuerzas Aliadas con su amenzante presencia en Noruega. He leído mucho sobre el Tirpitz en publicaciones e historias sobre la guerra naval y la guerra aérea, pero esta es la primera vez que me encuentro con información detallada y precisa. Nuevamente, felicitaciones por el site y un solo pedido : ¿No habrá más fotos?
17 February 2006 - República Argentina

jeanette laddusaw | E-mail
As a person who truly loves American naval history, I really appreciate this site.
15 February 2006 - Bayonne, NJ

gordon thompson | E-mail
For those of us that was at sea when the Bismark and her escorts broke out into the atlantic, we were glad beyond the imagination she was sunk, the joy I had then, waned as the many years since the war ended, and my respect for the gallant crew of the Bismark and HMS Hood increased as the years passed by, a war that had to won, at the expense of so many, that had to die, May they all RIP
10 February 2006 - Lewisburg Pennsylvania USA

Paul R Huwig | E-mail
saw alois huwig in crew might be related?
9 February 2006 - Massillon Ohio USA

Sofie Persson | E-mail
Hi! This side is greate. I have a school- project to research about the famous warship Bismark, and here i can find the facts that i need. Many thanks from me
9 February 2006 - Sweden

Tom Wagner | E-mail
I have a wood carving in the form of a nut cracker featuring Otto Von Bismrck head. Given to me 60 years ago by an 80 year old family friend. Any history information would be appreciated.
5 February 2006 - Mesquite,TX

Jesse Jetty | E-mail
This is a great site! My grandfather was part of the american crew that took the Prinz Eugen to the Pacific. He always talked about how the germans talked of the Bismarck with a hushed reverence. I can see why; what a wonderful ship and crew!!!
18 January 2006 - Tucson, Az. USA

Matthias H. | E-mail
Very interessting! My Uncle was (Matrosengefreiter) on the "Bismarck". He died when he was 19 years old! His name was "Richard Wägener".
26 January 2006 - Germany

Craig Gordon | E-mail
Congratulations on a very comprehensive web-site.
Just had a thought.I know todays German navy has a warship named Lutjens and was just wondering if it is appropriate to attach a photo of this ship with this web-site to honour a worthy opponent.
21 January 2006 - Australia

Philipp Arndt | E-mail
The combination of the history with paintings is just great! I enjoyed reading every information about the Bismarck.
Maybe you want to look at our pictures at Arndtelier.de - you will find oilpaintings and fotos from Germany and Spain. It is also written in English.
Keep up this interesting work, Philipp
14 January 2006 - Germany - Google

8 January 2006 - EL PASO, TEXAS

6 January 2006 - TORREON,COAH MEXICO

bill cable | E-mail
I have always had a fondness for battleships of all countries, they are quite a sight to behold. It is nice to be able to see all the different pictures, as some i had not seen before. Thank you for making them available to be viewed.
3 January 2006 - Watford, Ontario, Canada

Martin Wegener | E-mail
A relly great site!!!
My grandfather was a Obersteuermann on the "Anton Schmitt". The destroyer was destroyed by english torpedos in Narvik. Thanks god my grandfather is still alive and tell us lots of stories from narvik.
Never forget the killed people in the 2nd WW!!!
And never forget the killed people in the wars TODAY!!!!!
Stop every war! Thanks Mr. Bush!!!
4 January 2006 - Deutschland, Ganderkesee

John Deterick | E-mail
I just wanted to point out that the Anglo-German Naval Accord was amended in June 1938 to adjust the permitted displacement tonnage of individual battleships upward to 45,000 long tons. The 50,000 ton displacement generally cited for the Bismarck and Tirpitz is a conversion to short tons, and thus is not accurate. Furthermore, even if the Bismarck and Tirpitz had 16-inch guns, that armament was permitted by the Naval Accord.
3 January 2006 - California

Matthias Baack | E-mail
Hello to all, this is the great site
At january the second i saw a film about the Bismark from Mr.Cameron .And i have many book`s about battleships. This site is very good for details. Thanks allot
3 January 2006 - Germany

Thorsten K | E-mail
Superb work, the best site I´ve ever seen on this subject.
31 December 2005 - Gevelsberg / Germany

James Harris | E-mail
25 December 2005 - Corpus Christi Texas

Colonel Robert G. Morris, III USA (Retired) | E-mail
I am a Ship Model Builder and am working on this kit! Appreciate this great site!!
25 December 2005 - San Antonio, Texas, USA

Rick Cook | E-mail
What a outstanding job you have done with this. You are truely keeping history alive for this young generation who could not concieve what their grandparents generation lived through.
22 December 2005 - Strongsville, Ohio , USA

John Schwind III | E-mail
Curious about the two Schwind's lost on the Bismarck. Could be relatives?
22 December 2005 - Wilmington, Delaware USA

alf | E-mail
estupendo reportaje grafico.felicidades
19 October 2005

Dennis Andrews | E-mail
Great site! Glad I found it! I fowarded to a lot of my freinds. I have one question. Who is the Dennis Andrews that did the painting on your site because that is my name. DA
22 December 2005 - USA

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