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John C Paolino | E-mail
I'm interested in knowing more about the ships of the Kriegsmarine.
17 September 2003 - Pittsburgh, Pa USA

Frank Curran | E-mail
The Bismarck was certainly a magnificient fighting machine and a tribute to the abilities of the German war machine. It was unfortunately used for evil reasons in an attempt to conquer the free world. This is a very interesting website.
14 September 2003 - Brighton On. Canada

Donovan Guidera Huelva | E-mail
The Bismarck was the greatest battleship to have ever come into action and the most incredible warship the world has seen. She was absolutely a fantastic sight with all her guns and impressively looking control towers. Bless the crew of the Bismarck, let all their souls rest in peace for they have taken a great leap in war thru mankind. They showed the world how capable the Bismarck can be, my salutes to all of them. Her sister ship, Tirpitz was just as incredible... Once again the Bismarck is one battleship which can't never be ever replaced again by any other ship....It was a class above the rest. She was the one to rule the seas...
14 September 2003 - Singapore

Sergio Illan | E-mail
Excelente la pagina...muy completa, da gusto verla y ya la he leido varias veces. Felicitaciones.
12 September 2003 - Argentina

Jorge Alastuey | E-mail
INMENSO!!!!!!!!!!! No crei nunca que encontrara una web tan completa........ y en Castellano. Enhorabuena
12 September 2003 - Zaragoza, España

ACMG Associació Cultural de Modelismo Guíxols Club Naval | E-mail
Nuestra enhorabuena, por esta pagina de este super navío de guerra, y homenaje a su valiente tripulación. En nuestra Associació tenemos un Tirpitz navegable a RC y construido en madera de 250cm de eslora, en breve tiempo, enviaremos sus fotos, para que la pongais en esta web. Saludos Miquel Martín (Presi)
10 September 2003 - Modell Ship estatic and RC

Asociación Aeronaval Catalana | E-mail
Como ya he puesto en mi anterior escrito, este trabajo sobre el Acorazado Bismarck es una obra maestra, Enhorabuena. Si alguien quiere contactar con nosotros le estaremos esperando encantados. Nuestra actividad está relacionada con las Marinas de Guerra de la OTAN, material naval y aéreo.Mi nombre es Angel López Calvó, tengo el honor de presidir nuestrra asociación
10 September 2003 - Tarragona, España

Angel Manuel López Calvó | E-mail
Soy Presidente de la Asociación Aeronaval Catalana "Roger de Lauria" de Tarragona. Sin ningun tipo de dudas esté trabajo sobre el Bismarck es una obra maestra. Enhorabuena!!!
10 September 2003

Walter Safranski | E-mail
I have been absorbed all my life with the beauty and strength of Naval Warships and all ships for that matter. The Bismarck has always held a special place in my Soul. It was too bad she had to meet her death alone. I always felt at least she should have had a Comrade near her at the end.
8 September 2003 - Woodbridge,New Jersey

Sandro González | E-mail
Hace mucho tiempo, cuando yo tenia unos 6 o 7 años, un viejo marino me conto la historia de un barco aleman, que habia sido el orgullo de su armada y que se había convertido en un mito, por sus hazañas y por la inigualable valentía demostrada por sus tripulantes a la hora de afrontar los últimos momentos de su vida; era el Bismarck y ahora 23 años despues he logrado mediante esta página descubrir su historia, y de paso rendir un particular homenaje a aquellos que fueron capaces de resistir hasta el último momento, manteniendo la validez de su juramento, "vencer o morir". Gracias por darme esta posibilidad con su página.
5 September 2003 - España

James Hay | E-mail
In remembrance of the courageous men, fathers, sons, and brothers lost in devoted service of their homeland Deutschland and fellow Germans "heil" only to those who fought and died for Germany and Germans. rest in eternal peace each and every one of you heroes.
1 September 2003 - Hecker, Louisiana, USA.

Tommy Hyde | E-mail
I think that the Bismarck was one of the greatest battleships in the world. if someone were to fix the rudder problem, and radar, missiles it would propably be the world's greatest battlship in the world.
30 August 2003 - New York, USA

Jose Varnas | E-mail
Congratulations Sir, this is an excellent job.
30 August 2003 - Argentina

Robert Matthews | E-mail
Most excellent site! Came here by accident. I keep coming back. Your site gave me a look at the Bismarck builders' model. Outstanding! Now I'm out find more pics of this model. Thanks folks.
30 August 2003 - Vancouver Island, Canada

Rodrigo Atienza Cruz | E-mail
¡¡FELICITACIONES!! Muy completa tu página y detallada. Me gusto mucho los perfiles de acorazados aunque me gustaria ver las plantas y perfiles del acorazado Missouri y el Yamato. Adios Rodrigo
28 August 2003

Santiago Peña
Recuerdo haber visto la pelicula cuando tenía aproximadamente 12 años y naturalmente las imagenes se van borrando. En la época (1959 alguién lo recordará seguramente) yo colleccionaba los cromos "Batallas Navales" donde figuraba el Bismarck y naturalmente muchos otros buques de la segunda guerra mundial. Hecho el preámbulo os doy las gracias por vuestra magnifica Web. Muy bien construida y documentada y de muy buen acceso a todos los links. Feliciatciones por vuestro trabajo.
27 August 2003 - Switzerland

Gord Lehmann | E-mail
We are having a tough time here in Kelowna with forest fires,makes one relate to what it must have been like on the Bismarck during his final hours.A salute to the brave men fighting fires here,and to the men who fought on the ships.Make war no more.It's hard enough dealing with what nature throws at us
26 August 2003 - Kelowna B.C.

A. Russell | E-mail
I have just finished watching James Cameron's work on the Bismarck. An incredible project that made you feel like you were there. You could almost feel the strength and power that this ship stood for. It must have been an extremely proud time for all the personel involved. An incredible collection of film footage. After viewing the film, I had to find a Bismarck website. For all involved with this site, you should be very proud of your work. In watching the TV show "Frontiers of Construction", I think it would be great to see what would have gone into fabricating such a mechanical marvel as the Bismarck. As one of the other entries had noted that thank God the Bismarck did not complete it objectives. The dead and the survivors will be long remembered thanks to sites like this one. God bless all involved in that unforgettable battle.
25 August 2003 - London , Canada

Michael | E-mail
This is an excelent site, I love it. I have recently come obsessed with the Bismarck so im spending usually from 1-3 hours on this site just observeing the Bismarck. I'm driving my friends mad about the Bismarck so they kinda hate this site for supplying me with so much Bismarck information. O well, I will be back later.
24 August 2003 - Kentucky

Dave Merry | E-mail
Loved the site. I'll definitely be back.
23 August 2003 - England

M. Copeland | E-mail
Exceptional website, one of the few with information on the German Surface Navy in WWII. Thanks for the work. I am a fan!
22 August 2003 - Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA

Darrin Teskey | E-mail
I have been in aw since I heard the song Bismarck the ship was totally amazing. It is a ship I will always remember. Thank you for the web site. will view it many times.
17 August 2003 - Nova Scotia, Canada

Jürgen Böttcher ( Boetty) | E-mail
Very good homepage.
My hobby is an 25 years old Bismarck in scale 1/100 . She stand ten years in a garage and must repair. I send you my first pictures for your hp.
Best regards
16 August 2003 - Germany ------ Osnabrück---------Hilter a.Teutoburger Wald

Daniel Veith
I have been fascinated by the Bismarck all my life. I think I may have had a distant Zoller cousin on board. Thank you for a beautiful and most interesting site. It is a lovely and fitting tribute to the brave men who perished on both sides.
13 August 2003 - Vancouver, WA U.S.A.

Brent A. Davs | E-mail
More lifeboats!!
11 August 2003 - US

Carlo Bacabac | E-mail
Good thing I found this site. The contents are very interesting as well as helpful. Keep up the good work.
9 August 2003 - Philippines

Samuel Robert Holman | E-mail
My father served on the King George V During the fight with the Bismarck.I have a photo of the sinking from the decks of the KGV and a certificate printed on board the KGV which the wording seems a bit nasty today.My dads name was Samson Holman. He would have liked all this.
26 July 2003 - UK

Mari Berlanga
I am in Mallorca remembering my son who´s a #1 fan of the Bismarck. Miss you a lot, regards to Sandra and Ignacio and most especially to my cat Mindy, and Pandy as well as Jessica and my beautiful plants (if they have survived without water).
24 July 2003 - Bette´s house in Mallorca

Daniel Hofmann
I love your page, you can get many informations!
24 July 2003 - Germany

Phil Overton | E-mail
Thanks for the excellent site.
Can anyone confirm that the FUMO fire control sets were passive detectors rather than active radars? If so how did they measure range? This is how they are described in "Bismarck" by David J. Bercuson & Holger H. Herwig, (Pimlico).
23 July 2003 - UK

Mark Evdemon | E-mail
Very interesting and informative site. Thanks ....
21 July 2003 - N. Huntingdon, PA. USA

Andrew Evans | E-mail
Son of Bryn Evans Signalman HMS NORFOLK during the final battle to sink Bismarck.
17 July 2003 - Australia

John Hoffmann | E-mail
Doing research for the 1/400 sclae Bismarck model.Great material here and vary informative.I downloaded many photos for my own use in the model I am building.Soon to follow is the H.M.S.Hood.This site has been very helpful in learning some extra history of this once mighty ship!Thank-you for the excellant information here.ALL PRAISES on this site!!!
13 July 2003 - Richmond,Va. U.S.A.

Sehr schöne Seiten
13 July 2003 - Vienna, Austria

Donald Grebos | E-mail
I viewed the documentary on the history channel about the HMS Belfast. It is nice to see a bit more about the Scharnhorst. Amazing to see how our Grandpa's fought World War 2. Too bad this had to be a war and not a scientific venture that benefited all of mankind. Peace be with you!
12 July 2003 - Atlantic City, New Jersey

Juan de Dios Angel Gonzalez | E-mail
Hola, he seguido la historia del BISMARCK desde los 10 años, actualmente tengo 35 y siempre me ha impresionado (fotos, repotajes, modelos,etc) enhorabuena por tener una pagina web.
p.d.: En mi ciudad una calle tiene el nombre del Canciller de Hierro; Otto Von Bismark (desde 1900). Gracias.
11 July 2003 - H. del Parral, Chihuahua, Mex.

adina ochert | E-mail
re the following quote; can anyone advise me how I can get a copy of the documentary referred to below. Many thanks! Adina
Frode Groven
I have allways been fascinated of the German warships, as the Caesar turret from Gneisenau, is mounted on land, near to wear I live (Ørland, Norway). Its really huge, and I can imagine how big these ships were. Also, Tirpitz was operating very much in Norway. The heavy cruiser "Blucher" even to day leaks oil, a oil slick can bee seen in the Oslo fjord. Blucher will continue to leak oil for at least 20-30 years more (30 litres each day!!) In september 2000, they found the wreck of SCHARNHORST, north of Norway. A documentary were shown on Norwegian TV a few weeks ago...
23 May 2001 - Trondheim, Norway
10 July 2003 - uk

Peter Tuffley | E-mail
I'm an expatriate Brit, born 1942, with a keen interest in naval history. Congratulations on producing such an informative and visually elegant site on the most beautiful battleship ever built. A great monument to her brave crew. This is a site I shall definitely revisit from time to time.
9 July 2003 - New Zealand

James Calvert-Gooch | E-mail
I am a 5 year old boy who has a great intrest in the HMS Hood and the Bismarck
8 July 2003 - Loughborough, UK

Neill Reardon | E-mail
Good informative site.
Very interesting will keep looking to see if updated every so often.
7 July 2003 - UK

Ken LeClair | E-mail
A really great site. I remember when I saw the movie Sink The Bismarck, as child in the 70's, I was only about 8 years old, but it really fascinated me. I also remember pestering my mother to get me the model, by Revell at that time I think, as a Christmas gift. Today, at 41 I am still fascinated. The expeditions by Ballard, Cameron, and Mearns have shown us how majestic these warships were. My present project on buliding a 1/350 Bismarck, and Hood to follow will, I hope, do justice to these awesome creations.
2 July 2003 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Geddes V. Perkins | E-mail
Hello and congratulations on creating a wonderful tribute to a ship and its crew. I have never seen anything like, anywhere.
My only suggestion is for the inclusion of a set of her draughts (lines drawings). These would add a true feeling for the shape of her hull, I confess, my favorite part of any vessel.
Cheers, G.V.Perkins
30 June 2003 - Nantucket, MA. US

Mr.Erin Boo Esq. | E-mail
Does anyone know the black cat that was on the Bismarck when she went down, 26 May 1941.? The story goes the Bismarck found the cat in the water on the 24- May- 41. Does anyone know of this story? Please write me if you do. Thank You.
28 June 2003 - Somewhere in South Akerica

Michael Scheffczyk | E-mail
Thankyou for remembering the many brave Germans who fought so gallantly. My father was serving on a German minesweeper M27 based in Kiel when the Bismarck was there in 1940 conducting sea trials. He says she was the greatest sight he has ever seen. As a diesel engineer he later was transferred to landbased duties servicing U-Boats out of Naples.
27 June 2003 - Australia

Laurent | E-mail
Thank you for this very site. I'm very happy to see how many people are fascinated by this ship, the most beautiful, for ever.
25 June 2003 - france

Paul Hosse | E-mail
As a former Navy man, and a disabled veteran, I say a job "well done." A terrific site about the most powerful ship of her time. I would also like to say "Rest in Peace" to her crew, and to a cousin of mine, Werner Hosse, who fought and died with his countrymen on the that fateful day in May of 1941.
24 June 2003 - USA

Rafael Ciordia | E-mail
The best about Bismarck. Congratulations. I think my friend Juancho would like to know about this site. Do you know where can I get something similar about U-556?
24 June 2003 - Spain

Gary Stone | E-mail
Thank you for a most informative and well spent morning in which I read your site. My father. passed away four years ago, was in the U.S. navy during WWII on a destroyer, so I've always been interested in the war. I thoroughly enjoyed my read.
23 June 2003 - I'm in New Jersey, in the U.S.A.

Bodo Rautenkranz | E-mail
My sincere Greetings. I am back again. I was to muster or join the German Forces on 27 April 1945. The British Armoured divisions already were cutting off Hannover from the last area of action. I felt attracted by the posters re joining in a career as military engineer or...
From 1961 until 1966 I worked for the Esso Imperial Petroleum Co. doing Research in their laboratories near Abingdon Berhshire. On the NAVY-DAYS I went to Portsmouth to visit the Fleet. In the harbour I was on a Mine Sweeper and was showen the entries in the Log made By Prince Charles during his time of command. Also I was on the Flight Deck fo the Carrier Albion. I felt so thankful for the sights. And I had some thoughts about the Bismarck. I served on a 750 ton Motorvessel on 3 voyages to many Swedish ports of the Baltic. In the harbour of Kiel I was invited to clibrate the compass. The former Chief Engineer there was the fomer 1st Engineer of the Scharnhorst. North of Sundsvall he enticed me to rejuvenate the dead battery, and with my knowledge of Electro chmistry we succeded. From the Blohm & Voss Yard I was on a trial run on board of the RIO MANMO en route to Oslo. North west off Cabo Coruna I learnt to steer on manual the 13000 ton JOHN T ESBERGER in a NW Gale force 7. It was not easy to keep her steady. On Lac St Louis I sailed my 22ft ctatamaran sail #44. I feel with emotion now that I followed the Bismarck through the stages of her construction when working for Blohm & Voss in QC their Engineering Dept. as student in 1957.
22 June 2003 - Dorval, QC, Canada, 2 Blocks from Lac Staint Louis.

David R. Thomas | E-mail
You have a great site, Congratuations! I have developed a passion for WWII history, especially the German War Machine. How could a defeated country come back in 8 years to be a weapons "super power"? Other websites I indulge in are luft46.com and uboat.net - I just added kbismark.com to my faverites. I work at Northop Grumman Newport News, you might have heard of it!
22 June 2003 - Virginia Beach, VA - USA

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