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Ricardo Coimbra | E-mail
Bismarck . . . the Great Battleship.
19 April 2003 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arapa | E-mail
God bless the memory of the crew, and all the man responsible for building the most incredible battleship of all times! Bismarck is a name to be respected when pronounced.
17 April 2003 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Derick Brundick | E-mail
I was given a wonderful large photograph of the BISMARCK by my Lloyd's of London broker this past January '03 and have had it framed. It is a copy of an orginal of the BLOHM and VOSS builder's seatrails of the magnificent ship.
Great Website
15 April 2003 - Jacksonville, FL

Pawel | E-mail
Hi! Your site is cool but how can I get the bismarck sign?
12 April 2003 - Poland

Glen Sweet | E-mail
Thankyou www.kbismarck.com
10 April 2003 - Pendleton, Oregon, U.S.A.

Henry Quon | E-mail
Bismarck was truly an engineering and technological marvel for its time. Although I may certainly disagree with the politics of the flag she flew under, there is no denying the courage, sacrifice and bravery of her crew when the odds were against them from the very beginning. My compliments to you on your excellent website.
7 April 2003 - Canada

John Morillo | E-mail
I met Bruno RZONCA at a militaria show and sale in MINNESOTA last year he autographed a picture of himself and the Bismarck, it was great to be able to meet and shake hands with a genuine crew member of such an illustrious battleship.
7 April 2003 - Brandon, Iowa

Steven A. Lorenz | E-mail
I just found this site on 4-3-2003. I really enjoy it, there is so much to learn. Hope to share information
with others.
4 April 2003 - Gulfport, Florida,USA

Joseph Lorenz | E-mail
The Bismarck was not sunk by shell fire or torpedos she was sunk by her own crew!
3 April 2003 - USA

Konstanze Hanke | E-mail
Very good site.
My mother in law is the daughter of Ernst Schäpler (matrosenhauptgefreiter auf der Bismarck). She was born after he died and her mother left Germany right after the tragedy, so she has very few information about her father. Maybe somebody can help me and my mother in law.
Meine Schwiegermutter ist die Tochter von Ernst Schäpler, Matrosenhauptgefreiter. Sie ist erst nach seinem Tod geboren worden und hat dadurch sehr wenige Informationen und Bilder über ihn. Der Kontakt zu seiner Verwandtschaft ist war sofort abgebrochen nach seinem Tod. Vielleicht kann uns jemand helfen mehr über ihn zu erfahren. Er hatte auch eine Schwester. Danke im voraus.
1 April 2003 - Austria

Harry Stipkes | E-mail
Excellent site. I had a quick look around on your site and it is great. Bismarck was a fascinating ship. I will return to have a closer look at this site.
31 March 2003 - Arnhem, The Netherlands

Dave Rutter | E-mail
Congratulations on a great site, very well done. Keep it going in tribute to the gallant men who gave their lives at sea, both German and British. It would be great if someone could contact any surviving Bismarck crew, or there families. I for one would be very interested in what they have to say. Better still I would love to correspond with the above. We can only guess what these brave men went through. Would it be possible to have a cut away picture of the Bismarck showing her decks.
Regards. Dave Rutter
24 March 2003 - New Zealand

Gary | E-mail
An outstanding web site, and i have visited many! I only visited for pictures of the ship for the model i'm building,What an amazing ship! with an amazing if very sad story to tell.
Thankyou .
22 March 2003 - Leeds, England

Peter h. Cox | E-mail
Great site,Iam a model builder and this is a big help with my frist ship. Outstanding. thank-you.
22 March 2003 - Canada

Paul Francis McCourt | E-mail

The Deutsche Battleship BISMARCK was the greatest ship ever created and was manned by enough men and cadets to occupy a small town. as I have seen in the Crew List, most of hew crew perished when she went down. These men and boys were NOT nazi's but naval personel caught up in the madness of History. At the time Bismarck was sunk, a great many of the personnel were made up of Cadets, according to an old article I read, and many of these young cadets did not survive. They perished, I understand, because the ONLY Nazi on board was a senior officer who tired of laying low and was spoiling for action, and ordered the Bismarck "Go Hunting" for prey. I saw the Movie and I read the articles. To ME, Bismarkc is LEGENDARY. She was a ship YEARS ahead of her time. She should NOT have gone down and should still be with us today I honour of Bismarck and her Crew, I would seriously like to see a Starship named after her. Officers and Crew of Bismarck, Lest We Forget. How can we ever forget a Legend? Thank you for inviting me to put this entry into your Guest book. Best Wishes to ALL Surviving Bismark Crew and their Families.
Paul F. McCourt.
21 March 2003 - 65 Patikura Place, Turangi 2751, New Zealand.

Charles Woods
Why was it not possible for the Tirpitz not sail with the Bismarck on a sortie against uk convoy? They were built within a year were they not?
21 March 2003 - USA

Charles Woods | E-mail
I am very excited to find your site many questions will be forthcoming.
21 March 2003 - Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Jasmine | E-mail
May we please borrow a colored photograph of the Battleship of Texas by Today.
20 March 2003 - Texas

Casey K | E-mail
Nice site,keep up the good work
20 March 2003 - USA

Ewald Woisinger | E-mail
Hallo! ich habe den Namen „Woisinger“ gesucht und bin dabei auf diese Seite gestoßen, vielleicht kann mir jemanden noch was von „Woisinger Ernst“ berichten?? Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ewald Woisinger
12 March 2003 - Steiermark - Austria

Parvez Jamasji. VrC. GvPr. Sqn. Ldr. Rt. IAF | E-mail
Gallantry knows no borders. Great! Keeping alive the memory of gallant warriors for posterity. Congrats.
11 March 2003 - Bombay, India.

Ron Tristram | E-mail
I see all those "If" messages and would like to add another...what IF 'Hood' had got another salvo off and hit 'Bismark' again and sank her? What if 'Prince of Wales' forward turrt had worked? There is only imagination in these messages...the facts are that the Royal Navy sank the 'Bismark'. If anyone doubts this, they are fooling themselves. And the whole reason for 'Hood' sinking is the light armour she carried on the upper deck could not resist the plunging fire from 'Bismark'. People think that 'Hood' was a Battleship, in the same class as 'Bismark', when in fact she was a Battlecruiser, fast, heavily armed but with basically thin armour. Up against 'Rodney' and 'King George V', there was a very different story. And it was a lucky torpedoe that crippled Bismark? So are many such episodes in a conflict as huge as WW2. To dismiss the attack by out of date fragile biplanes flying in very bad weather as 'Luck'is a gross insult. Likewise the suggestion that the Captain of 'Dorsetshire', I believe it was, was being inhuman when he had to leave 'Bismark' survivors in the water...dare he risk his ship and crew when he was warned that there was a submarine in the area?
'Bismark' was the product of an appallingly brutal society and all the glamourising in the world cannot hide that fact. If Bismark had not been sunk when she was, it would have happened later. There was no way that Britain would have failed in that mission.
10 March 2003 - New Zealand

Rocco F. Yanora | E-mail
Born April 7, 1934, New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada. Even at a very young age, I recall well adults speak of Graf Spee, Scharnhorst and Bismarck. Despite these ships being our enemies at the time, adults spoke of these vessels with great admiration.
10 March 2003 - West Wyoming, PA USA

Merna Reed | E-mail
I just read some more about the Bismarck [on here] and you are doing great work!! I almost had forgotten about you, good to see you back on line!!!
10 March 2003 - Big Timber, Montana

Femi Obileye | E-mail
An engineering excellence honoured by a fantastic site, well done.
7 March 2003 - London

Chris Clark | E-mail
Great site, very interesting for those of us interested in this great topic. I am trying to get any infomation on the "munsterland" what was this vessel etc? any help greatfully recieved
6 March 2003 - Lowestoft, Suffolk,.England

Pablo Marcelo Parrabere | E-mail
Sin lugar a dudas la mejor pagina referente del maravilloso acorazado Bismarck. Espero y confio que nos aportara datos constantemente, por la memoria de los bravos del mar y por quienes como yo, no dudan en recordar la memorable mision que afrontò. Les deseo lo mejor para este año.
Me interesaria saber tambien, en que fecha aproximada de febrero, se emitira esta legendaria historia por el Discovery Channel, documentada y recreada por James Cameron.
Los saluda muy atentamente,
Pablo M. Parrabere
7 February 2003 - Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina

Carlsen | E-mail
Hello, I'm just sitting here chewing on the book of Robert D. Ballard and his and his crews struggles finding the wreck of Bismarck. It is very interesting. I'm thinking a lot of thoughts about those who were killed in the final battle. So futil, such a loss of human lives. My thoughts goes to those on the ship. And of course, naturally also, to those on the other ships fighting the battle. But of course also to the discovery of the wreck itself. Good job done. I'm sure I'll visit your site again to seek further information.
4 February 2003 - Denmark

Moritz | E-mail
This is a highly interesting Web Page, honoring those fallen on that magnificant Battleship!! But we need to remember those other millions of soldiers who stayed in that war as well.
2 February 2003 - UK / BRD

Stephanie | E-mail
I would like to know when the Bismarck was made. I am a kid and this is for my school project. i can't find when it was made.
1 February 2003 - South Carolina

Mike Mahon | E-mail
A very informative site & well presented keep up the good work
28 January 2003 - Britain

Peter Metcalfe | E-mail
Has anybody any idea when (or if) Tamiya are going to release a 1/350 model of the Hood. Surely a glaring omission in their large warship series.
25 January 2003 - England

Alessandro Rinaldi | E-mail
One of the best sites I ever seen. I was searching some information about the Bismarck (I finished Kennedy's book), and then I saw your wonderful site. Thanks.
p.s. I hope You could add something about the Naval Artillery (ballistics information)
25 January 2003 - Italy

Ken Evans | E-mail
Just surfing the web, looking at World War II history, and ran across your site. I must say, exceedingly well done!
25 January 2003 - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Domingo Sánchez
Sin lugar a dudas el acorazado Bismack pasa por ser la mayor, y mas poderosa maquina naval de todos los tiempos. Teniendo en cuenta la epoca en la que fue construido y su demoledora capacidad destructiva asi como el diseño de este monstruo de acero es de comprender que las fuerzas navales aliadas tuvieran como asunto prioritario su destrucción. Jamás en la historia hubo un navio de guerra tan determinante para el desarrollo de campañas navales. La desconfianza y el abandono al que Hitler sometió a su, aun asi, todopoderosa Kriegsmarine fue la principal causa de la perdida de sus dos buques estrella, Bismarck y Tirpitz. Una flota mas completa y la combinación de los submarinos con esta hubieran hecho de la armada alemana una pieza a considerar en el mapa marítimo de la segunda guerra mundial. ¿Se imaginan uds. una escuadra en la que hubieran navagado juntos el Tirpitz y el Bismarck? ¿Si la temible flota alemana de sumergibles se hubiera coordinado con sus escuadras en mejores circunstancias desde el mando naval aleman? ¿Si esta flota hubiera tenido covertura aérea en condiciones? ¿Si Adolf Hitler no se hubiera visto inmerso en tantos frentes de guerra y su confianza hacia la Kriegsmarine hubiera sido mas idonea? Probablemente el rumbo de la guerra hubiera dado un giro de 180 grados. Este acorado demostró ser infinitamente superior al resto de rivales. Solo basta recordar el brutal bombardeo que recibió, ya a la deriva, durante casi hora y media en la que recibió una lluvia de proyectiles de entre 120 y 38 mm a distancias muy cortas permaneciando como un dinosaurio herido a flote hasta que su capitan ordenó hundirlo con cargas de demolición. La ingenieria alemana de entonces demostro a todos que el mejor y mas demoledor acorazado de todos los tiempos se llamó Bismarck.
Felicitaciónes por este paginón a todos los participanten en el. Un abrazo desde las Palamas de Gran Canaria.
24 January 2003 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), Spain.

Derrick | E-mail
I'm desperately looking for scale plans for building the Bismarck. Can anyone mail me this? Thank you bye.
22 January 2003 - South Africa

David Kellar | E-mail
This was great site! I used it to gain knowledge and uderstanding for the speaking of my speech which I achived only by visiting this site. It gained me an A and I can only thank you for posting this imformation on the greatest battle and battle ship of its time! Im only 12 but his site was understandable and easy to fing and gather information from.
21 January 2003 - Canada

Carlos Linares | E-mail
Soy admirador de la tecnologia alemana durante y despues de la II Guerra mundial, el Bismarck fué la mas elocuente representación de ello. Su pagina es excelente
21 January 2003 - Colombia

David Trotter | E-mail
Would you PLEASE consider adding a deck by deck overview of the ship like they have with the titanic site. I would very much like to see this added as I'm sure there are others who would too. It would be greately appreciated, thanks
20 January 2003 - Auburn, Alabama USA

Chet Burnes | E-mail
Regarding the 13 May 41 entry:
"oversalting" refers to feeding the boiler with feedwater that has not been properly distilled. once the boiler is salted up, it must be shut down, dumped and refilled with fresh feedwater. This has to be accomplished fairly quickly because even a small amount (at the level of parts per million)of chloride in the water will rapidly attack the internal boiler components.
17 January 2003 - Georgia, USA

Douglas Willis | E-mail
Very resourceful and interesting site which contributed to my knowledge of KMS Bismarck.
16 January 2003 - Houston, Texas USA

Jim Medd | E-mail
Instead of the French vessel "Richileu" or that Italian bucket, try "HMS Dorsetshire" and "HMS Schoefield" with regards to the ships that pounded the DKM Bismarck.
15 January 2003 - USA

Carlos Alberto Mantilla García | E-mail
Me parece que es una página muy completa que narra las incidencias navales que involucraron no solo al "Bismarck" sino también al resto de navíos tanto alemanes como británicos. Les felicito y espero que en un futuro cercano hagan una similar con el superacorazado japonés "Yamato".
14 January 2003 - Perú

Joshua Smith | E-mail
The battleship Bismarck is without a doubt one of the most beautiflly designed and most durable battleships of all time like her sister ship tirpitz she had a very elegant and very dangerous appearence. I once heard it said the Bismarck was like a cat waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey. thats essentially what she was. what is a travesty is what royal navy captain martin did to the hundreds of german sailors who made it off the ship when it sank. he left them to freeze in the waters of the atlantic when he got an unconfirmed report of a german u boat. he had plenty of destroyers there so why was he so cold hearted to the men in the water. well i read the book by the bismarcks senior surviving officer and he was told ive been at sea longer than you. What a cop out. other than that i must say this site is without a doubt the best and most accurate in representing the bismarck and her brave crew. ill as i have been doing for the last 2 years return again.
12 January 2003 - american soldier in germany

Great documentation and Web design! Documentation of a part of the history to live on! Wreck diving on remains of Tirpitz is popular out from Tromsø i Northern Norway, today. The diving club in Tromsø offer guided dives. Another curiosity; Just before Christmas the Aftenposten newspaper in Oslo, Norway (evening edition) wrote about some big and very, very strong steel plates, used to close dithces or lay temporary roads when roadworks are done. These plates are cut from Tirpitz the old guys told in the newspaper article. They're cut in lengths up to 6 meters, I drive on them daily due to some constructional works. Heavy truck with load have only been able to bend them slightly. The traffic in Oslo have been driving on them for more than 50 years with, even with spikes during winther, and they still in use. This says something about the high quality armored steel these ships were built from. Yes, I cross them with respect to those who suffered during WWII. Thanks
9 January 2003 - Oslo

Ron Cistola | E-mail
This excellent Web-Site should be made "Mandatory Viewing" for all Grade/ High School students that do not know what an impact this ship had on the 2nd World War! Keep up the good work!!!
8 January 2003 - Pennsylvania, USA

Mark McCarthy
An excellent site, well organized and researched. However the Bismark was sunk by the guns and torpedos of the Royal Navy. That she was scuttled by her crew is but Nazi propaganda. This fact does nothing to detract from the bravery of her crew who fought against such great odds.
6 January 2003 - USA

Peter Worsley | E-mail
I have just been reading your wonderful site, and am moved as anyone should be that so many should pay with there lives. I am sorry to hear that your site is struggling am an astonished that the goverments or a museum cannot step in.
5 January 2003 - England

Bill Herwig | E-mail
A very interesting site to say the least. Educational, scary, sad, all heroes, war is not the answer. Just a thought, what if all of the German battle crusiers were all together cruising as a pack. What a very scary site that would have been to see. God let them all rest in peace.
4 January 2003 - Salem ma.

Wayne Macdonald | E-mail
An excellant site. It helps me realize just what these men went through,no matter which side they were on,when they fought for their countries. They have my utmost respect.
4 January 2003 - St.Catharines,Ontario,Canada

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