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This guestbook no longer accepts new messages. You can however use our battleship Bismarck FACEBOOK page to let us know who you are and where in the world you have reached us from. We welcome all suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticism as well.

In addition, if you have any research questions you may post them over in our NAVAL HISTORY FORUMS, where lots of knowledgeable people will see them and try to help.

There are 1,093 messages in our guestbook.

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Ana Maria Zacagnino | E-mail
Zeit der Muße, Zeit der Ruhe,
in der man sich was Gutes tue
und beizeiten nicht vergisst,
dass bald Weihnachten ist.

4 December 2008 - Argentina

James | E-mail
Outstanding website. I have putchased items from your store with very quick delivery. I'm a regular visitor and really enjoy this website. Great work
26 November 2008 - Australia

Rev. Firen Skyshadow
A wonderful site for education and for us Milirtary Veterans and history buffs.
20 November 2008 - Pacific NW. USA

Bob Farmer | E-mail
Pictures #004,005 and 30 are not of the same ship yet they all claim to be the Bismark in September of 1940. The bow of these ships ar dramatically different.
11 November 2008 - Colorado

Tom Childs | E-mail
Hello everyone,

I am hoping that someone out there will be able to direct me to any Bismarck German survivor association.

Many of the German POWS were sent to Canada after being interrogated in England. I am looking for any survivors and/or their diaries that were interned at the POW camp located in Longlac, Ontario, Canada till the end of the war.

Any help is greatly appreciated in this matter. Thanks.
4 November 2008 - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Steve Azevedo | E-mail
To the crew of Bismarck: You are all Hero's,who did your duty as you saw it.Only God can judge,man must due as his country ask's.
Meine Ehre Heiht Treue
1 November 2008 - Saint Paul Mn.

Colin Lyle | E-mail
I am seeking information about HMS Suffolk's log - as to what tim e she signalled lost of contact with Bismarck
26 October 2008 - England

Dave White | E-mail
The Bismark was a fantastic ship. Studying about it got me interested in the other battle ships. with all their fire power and dedicated men it is amazing that most of them fell victim to fragile little airplanes.
23 October 2008 - Big Bar California

Bruce Buchanan | E-mail
In fact Lt Cdr Rupert Tillard, along with his observer, my Uncle Mark Somerville, had been killed on 8 May 1941, and did not command 808 Squadron during the Bismark operation.
19 September 2008 - Spain

Mark E. Medved | E-mail
Are there any surviors of the Bismarck who except e-mails
8 September 2008 - Duluth,Minnesota

Rupesh Shirodkar | E-mail
This gallant lady always facinated me.I was always interested in the story ,the way ,she fought against ,so heavy odds.
Hats off to BISMARCK
8 September 2008 - India

Garry Knieriemen | E-mail
My Father's Uncle served on the Bismarck.so this site is very special to me.
6 September 2008 - Oshawa,On Canada

Maurice Arguelles | E-mail
Some years ago I acquired a WWII German life vest from one of many military collections I have purchased in Europe over the last 30 years. This item was special, as it is stenciled BISMARCK. At the time, I was advised that it was removed prior to the sinking by a pilot of one of the Arados. I assumed that it was removed prior to Bismarck leaving port on her final sortie. Q: Did any Arados manage to cat off the ship and return to base or otherwise get recovered? Most importantly I wish to verify the authenticity of this item. If you can assist, please contact me at the posted email and I will send detailed pics of the vest. Hope you can help. Regards Maurice
21 August 2008 - California USA

Guy Adams | E-mail
I was a friend of Bruno Rzonca's. He was a good man and father, and a good American citizen. He loved America. He will be missed.
16 August 2008 - Munster, Indiana, USA

Jason Port | E-mail
This site is exccelent. My Grandfather was serving on HMS Anthony when the Hood was sunk his brother was serving on HMS King George V when Bismarck sank I myself have worked at Fairey engineering where the Swordfish aircraft were made. So this fasinates me
10 August 2008 - Runcorn England

Cal | E-mail
If you are a Bismarck fan Beware of this site. If you look at what is written in the forum; very few Bismarck fans and a bunch of anti Bismarck morons.Many idiots trying to defame the Bismarck
9 August 2008 - US

Robin | E-mail
Very informative site I must admit. Keep up the good work.
22 July 2008

Sebastian Fritz
The greates ship in the world
17 July 2008 - Vancouver Canada

bismarck and tirpitz is one of the greatest battleships in ww2 !!
17 July 2008

Gunnar Ojala | E-mail
Bismark and Hood my favourites, greatests
warships of ww2.
12 June 2008 - Finland

antilles | E-mail
Gratulations, one of the best sides
One of the greatest naval battles in WWII

Mögen Admiral Lütjens, die Offiziere und Mannschaften der Bismarck nie in Vergessenheit geraten. Ich verneige mich vor dem Mut und der Opferbereitschaft.
Ebenso gebührt unsere Hochachtung vor Admiral Sir John Tovey, der den tapferen Kampf der Bismarck in Zeiten des Krieges würdigen konnte.

10 June 2008 - Vienna

chris | E-mail
awesome site.proves that the bismarck is one of the top ten warships of all time.
6 June 2008 - Lagrange,GA USA

Bob Rouse | E-mail
Great Site! Love the minute by minute account!
14 May 2008 - Alabama, USA

Robert Darwin | E-mail
There is ample mention in the published literature of the addition of the Atlantic bow to the Bismarck after its launch but I have never seen a drawing of the modification or a photograph of the work in progress during the time the new bow was being applied. Any additional information regarding this very visible feature of the Bismarck would be sincerely appreciated.
27 April 2008 - Carmel Valley, California

Knut-Erik Seierslund | E-mail
This is a great website, concerning the greatest warship of all times. And all the brave men will never be forgotten. Thank you for your nice work, and keep going!!
27 April 2008 - Norway

Kristin Ann High
Regarding the April 2008 Quiz: you need to add a "None of the Above" button---of the three choices available, none were strategically sound. Bismarck was not a suitable commerce raider, and Norway was of no strategic consequence either to the Germans or the British. Raeder's reasons for ordering the breakout were unsound, but the move itself was the only practical one for the German surface fleet. Adding Tirpitz would have increased the urgency with which the British hunted the squadron, and would certainly have changed Tovey's typically hesitant dispositions. Remember that, but for Lutjens' bungling, Bismrack might well have made Brest, where she was an actual danger to the vital convoys of the South Atlantic---with Bismarck, the German Battle Squadron in Brest was sufficient to force the British into further convoy escort commitments from a dwindling supply of capital ships.
26 April 2008 - USA

anthony miranda | E-mail
Nice place to visited and learn.
22 April 2008 - los angelles,california

Derek Karl Alexander Evtodgev | E-mail
My Greatuncle is Admirial G Lutjens,His wife is my Grandmothers'sister,geb Kaiser,gehart A Wickel.I have familie photo from 1933,that I found in one of my mothers'books when I was grade three,in 1967/68.Ever since then I've been interested in The Bismarck.
19 April 2008 - Brampton On,born in Toronto On.

lance | E-mail
cool website i am doing a report on it!
7 April 2008

R. Schluetemann | E-mail
I am very interested in the 1/100 Bismarck model made by Tomas Vnoucek from Czech Republik
How can I contact the owner?
6 April 2008 - Germany

Douglas J Schrack | E-mail
My congratulations on a wonderful site.
29 March 2008 - East Norriton, Pa

MICHAEL | E-mail
any body know paint ral no on bismarck
iam building a 200 scale model of her
25 March 2008 - uk

Wilhelm Lindeiner | E-mail
I was looking at the Bismark site and arrived in here.Have nott yet looked at the site but it seems to respect those concerned
21 March 2008 - England

Don Near | E-mail
A great web site for a great ship thanks , l will be starting a 66" working model soon of Bismark so sites such as these are a big help ,all the best saranora dnear
18 March 2008 - Ontario Canada

Peter Bogie | E-mail
Interested in navel history, esp WWII.
16 March 2008 - New Jersey

James M. McElfresh | E-mail
God bless the Bismarck! And all the brave men!
We shall not forget you!
10 March 2008 - Parowan, Utah USA

With the phenominal advances in film technology, why hasn't a modern movie been developed about this fantastic ship? Thanks to James Cameron for producing a great documentary in 2002. In light of this, someone should develop a story honoring this ship's legend!
5 March 2008 - Florida

Tony Vaccaro
30 plus knots and 150,000 HP.That's getting the job done offshore.What a fishing platform!
2 March 2008 - Long Island, New York

Roger E. Dorrel | E-mail
A very interesting and informative site about one of the most fascinating ships ever launched. I return often
2 March 2008 - Walnut, CA, USA

Richard Bohlmann | E-mail
Just stopping by
25 February 2008 - Happy Valley, Oregon

Brad Schuldt | E-mail
This is a great site, I have a 12' rc model of this ship
23 February 2008 - Wilsonville,Oregon

Noah Johnson | E-mail
I am 9 years old and the Bismarck is one of my favorite battleships. I am doing a report on it. Thank you for the website. (my mom helped me.)
21 February 2008 - Niles, MI, USA

Ian Hornsby | E-mail
A name that will forever live on.
17 February 2008 - Australia .Queensland,Brisbane,Brighton

Gene Phillips | E-mail
Yet mourning the loss of so many young men who perished in an ill-fated cause. May neither their names nor their sacrifice ever be forgotten.
13 February 2008 - Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Ricardo Alexander Driotez Navarrete | E-mail
Mi primer conocimiento de este excelente barco fue un reportaje de Selecciones de el Reader Digest alla por finales de la decada de los 70 sobre el libro de Ludovic Kenedy y quede realmente impresionado con la historia y desde esa fecha hasta hoy siento un profundo respeto por ambos contendientes y la mision que les toco cumplir excelente sitio, sigan adelante y ojala se siga aumentando informacion conforme se encuentre de este impresionante acorazado Bismarck
12 February 2008 - San Salvador El Salvador

francisco olivares baéz | E-mail
agradezco la información de esa maravilla de la ingenieria naval.es un orgullo para cuyalquier país construir navas de esa envergadura
11 February 2008 - chile.viña del mar

daniel Horacio Pucci | E-mail
I have just a remark regarding these wonderful ships. According Jane´s Fighting Ships 1943/44 edition, originally there were three ships of this class instead of two. The third could not be completed in time before the end of the World War Second, and she was bombed to sunk while she was alongside wharf for completion in the Shipyard in Hamburg.
8 February 2008 - Argentina

charlie howell | E-mail
to the makers of the site great job. proud to visit and even have a t shirt from you dad bought it. The bismark has been a icon in my household since i was 8 and still is now in my own home. i even got my son interested in learning about the ship, if anyone has a good easy book title for my sons to read let me know the books i have are big worded and hard for them to red
29 January 2008 - oshawa ontario canada

marlies barlow | E-mail
This Lady will never be forgotten. All my respect for the crue of this battle ship the GREAT LADY of all seas.
22 January 2008 - will you ever see a ship like this again?

Andreas Lampmann | E-mail
Werner Lampmann was one of the crew of the Bismark. He had to be taken off the ship for medical reasons before she made her final voyage. If he didnt't get sick, iI would not be here.
2 January 2008 - Spring Hill Florida

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