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Dave Orange | E-mail
Had a discussion in my Legion 2-nite about the ship. Your site will answer many questions. Good work-keep it up!
5 December 2002 - Canada

Richard | E-mail
Simplemente maravilloso, este gigante de metal, navegante aterrador. Una pena lo de su irremediable destrucción, pero tenia que ser así..., hay queda para la historia.
4 December 2002 - Alicante, España

Sjur Paulo Hansen | E-mail
Nice page! I'm a hobby "historian" and ended up reading alot about the Bismarck, after starting a band called "die Bismarck project"(not named after Otto Von). I hope to have a home page some day with some of the music on it..
3 December 2002 - Norway

Dan Reed | E-mail
I found your site by going into Google for Heller, and am very glad. Your site has a lot of very valuable information, especially for someone just getting back into modelling from teen years. The pictures and descriptions are superb.
I hope to get a series of all the major capital ships regarding the Bismarck and also regarding Pearl Harbor. (My mother's high school sweetheart, just 6 months & 2 weeks from graduation, is still on the U.S.S. Arizona.) I would like to get a display of Pearl, Ford Island, with the bb's on it and also the major Japanese ships, but that will be a major undertaking needing a lot of space. Thanks, again for a terrific site. All modelers should have it bookmarked.
2 December 2002 - Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Anastasia Nicole Ryder | E-mail
I have always loved learning about the Bismarck. I find sunken ships and their stories very facinating.
2 December 2002 - United States, Ohio, at college

Bob Jones | E-mail
I was very interested to know more once seeing the hunt for the wreckage of the Hood and Bismarck, this is a very informative and interesting website, many thanks for providing it with the facts & figures of what acutally happened from the time of launching to the end of this great ship.
1 December 2002 - Kansas City, Missouri-------USA

allan karl ebert | E-mail
trying to find out about karl who died on the bismark and was my fathers best friend from lohr main germany.
1 December 2002 - u.s.a

Anthony Fidanza | E-mail
29 November 2002 - UNITED STATES

M. R. Pirkeh | E-mail
Dear Sir,
Thank you for information about battleship . I am a navigator and navy officer. Please send for me the other information in history. Thank you.
kind regards
28 November 2002 - Iran

Marcel van Kollenburg | E-mail
Verry nice site, as a kid i was intrigued by the story of the mighty Bismarck. You have provided me with so much information at this time, that i'm verry thankfull for the work you have put into this site.
Thank you...
28 November 2002 - Netherlands, Weert

Kevin Knapp | E-mail
This site is exactly what I was looking for! I'm doing a report for one of my college classes and have chosen the Bismarck. I am a follower and admirer of the Bismarck and now I'll be able to pass on the history of this magnificent ship!!
27 November 2002 - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Peter Magwood | E-mail
The images and statistics of the mighty Bismarck are awesome and staggering when one imagines the power and potential this singular ship had to destroyer/disrupt everything the Allies put on the Atlantic sealanes. Churchill obviously knew this and his orders to the RN and RAF to "Sink the Bismarck" sent thousands of men to their deaths. But had the Bismarck escaped death, that ship's presence and warring activities in the North Atlantic and elsewhere could have changed the complexion of the Second World War in those crucial early years.
Your pages are well-designed and -illustrated and serve as a small tribute to the thousands of British and German sailors who lost their lives during that great high-seas naval encounter more than 60 years ago.
26 November 2002 - Canada (NS)

Hannes | E-mail
I always be frighten and fascinated how beautiful and proud these warships look and for what a cruel and deathly job they are built. Not only the Bismarck, many warships of all centuries. Very nice and informative site about a period I hope that will never come back. So many people lost their lives senseless.
23 November 2002 - Hamburg

Ronald | E-mail
Great website, good luck.
22 November 2002 - Netherlands

C J Homes
A very detailed website but it lacks photos that can serve as wallpapers.
20 November 2002 - NYC USA

Mr. Tribon's Class
this is a great site and we enjoyed looking at it and learning about that interesting ship! :)
20 November 2002 - Harmony, MN

Mr. Tribon's History Class
This site is great-it has everything you'd ever need or want to know about this great ship of it's time.
19 November 2002 - Minnesota

Peter Bolton | E-mail
Hoping you can help. We recently buried an 84-year-old indigent who went by the name of Talmage V. Weech. A friend of his, in conversation, says Mr. Weech claimed to be a survivor of the sinking of the Bismarck, picked up by the Dorsetshire. He also claimed to have changed his name on coming to Canada c1943, possibly from Adolf Eich or Adolf Kunkel. (His friend - certain his name was Adolf - is hoping he has notes somewhere, but as yet can't find them). Have you any idea what happened to either Adolf? We'd like to give this man the recognition he deserves. Thank you.
Peter J. Bolton
Cemetery Board of the Municipality of Port Hope
18 November 2002 - Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

Mike Shanahan | E-mail
Your web site is very informative. A fine tribute to a great ship and and crew. I wonder how things would have turned out if she had chased down the Prince of Wales instead of resuming her attempt to get out into open water to sink convoys? Too bad we will never know.
15 November 2002 - United States

Juan Prieto Pena | E-mail
Es una página estupenda sobre un barco estupendo y muy interesante
11 November 2002 - Lugo, españa

Christopher Ramseyer | E-mail
Thanks for building such a great web page dedicated to the mighty Bismarck, and its brave Crew.
10 November 2002 - United States

Scott Dakan | E-mail
Great site! Has lots of information. Doing a report on the reality of world war II vs. the possible myth of the movie Sink the Bismarck. Wondering if someone could give me a list of mistakes in the movie. Thanks!
10 November 2002 - Pennsylvania, United States

Juan Ignacio Poveda | E-mail
Excelente página sobre un excelente buque y su valerosa tripulación. Un admirable esfuerzo para mantener vivo su recuerdo a través de Internet.
10 November 2002 - Madrid (España)

David Dunnett | E-mail
Very good site great info on a great ship.
10 November 2002 - Australia

Klaus | E-mail
Servus, wirklich tolle Seite!! Echt Klasse, immer weiter so!
10 November 2002

John Mc Gockin | E-mail
As a child the Bismarck has always held a deep respect for me. The bravery of the crew ae (in my opinion) unsurpassed. I am Scottish and most of my generation (I am 51 years young) have great friendship towards the German people, and feell sorrow for the loss of such a great ship and fine crew.
8 November 2002 - Scottland

Bernard | E-mail
Great site for a great ship, could do with more info about the songs, if there are any recordings to be had. as I require some for my 1/128 scale model.
7 November 2002 - Essex, England

Kevin Griggs
A very fitting tribute to a legendary ship and to the legendary crew it took to man this awesome ship.
5 November 2002 - Florida

Fazlie | E-mail
A very interesting history of Bismarck. Full of courage. She really went down with her colors flying.
5 November 2002 - Malaysia

Mandy | E-mail
I have some original pictures from the Bismarck, the crew and some postcards from Saigon in one album. I would like to give that to a museum or something. If somebody knows where the best place is for the album, please let me know and send me a e mail. Thank you
5 November 2002 - Germany and Virginia USA

Tesselaar Bryan de Wet | E-mail
This is one of the finest web sites I have visited. The Bismarck was one heck of a ship; sorry that she could not be saved and be on display now.
5 November 2002 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Tim Sesemann | E-mail
Correction! Esmond Knight was wounded and lost most of his sight when the Bismarck attacked The Prince of Wales, immediately after sinking Hood. This website tells about a very courageous man...
5 November 2002 - England UK

Tim Sesemann | E-mail
I believe the actor Esmond Knight was one of the three survivors of the Hood. He lost an eye and became a regular 'character' actor in many films.
5 November 2002 - England UK

Miguel Santiago | E-mail
La verdad es que soy usuario de Internet desde hace poco tiempo, pero siempre me han maravillado los temas bélicos y he comprado muchos libros sobre ellos y la verdad es que el Bismarck, a mi pensar, siempre ha sido y sigue siendo un buque formidable para su tiempo, como lo fue el Titanic en el suyo, salvando distancias, claro está. La verdad, es que siempre me ha quedado la duda de si este acorazado pudiera haber tenido otro destino final, si el alto mando de la flota alemana y sobre todo, Hitler, hubiera puesto más énfasis en dar mayor cobertura a estas unidades de la flota de alta mar, dado que ya sabían la desventaja con la que partían.
4 November 2002 - España

Christopher Tomkins | E-mail
The best web site on the net, love the line drawings, just one thing, the Scharnhorst was a battle cruiser, not a battle ship. Thanx. Keep up the great site.
2 November 2002 - Hebburn, Britain

Geza Reichart
Excellent site - a lot of hard work and research dedicated to a historic event. Keep up the great effort, as it is appreciated.
1 November 2002 - Naperville, Illinois USA

Ing. Mario A. Frendo naval architect | E-mail
Wonderful site. Actually I'm looking for naval uniforms on board e-boats. I'm a modeller. My next project is building a model of the Tirpitz. Keep up this site.
27 October 2002 - Malta

Ramón S. Barchuk | E-mail
Soy un apasionado de la Segunda Guerra Mundial y sobre todo de estos monstruos flotantes. Me parece un sitio muy interesante para los estudiosos del tema. Les mando mi más cordial saludo a todos ustedes. Sigan adelante. Felicitaciones.
26 October 2002 - Misiones - Argentina.

Magne Lein | E-mail
It was the Norwegian Military Attaché, colonel A.R. Roscher-Lund who informed captain Henry W. Denham, British Military Attaché and a personal friend of Roscher-Lund, that Bismarck and Prinz Eugen, supported by three destroyers, had been sighted in The Kattegat Strait. Roscher-Lund met with major Toernberg (private dinner) earlier that evening. Toernberg was head of the staff at the Swedish Intelligence Service.
In his book "Between Silk and Cyanide" (1989) Leo Marks, famous SOE codemaker, states that it was the two Norwegian radio operators Starheim and Tomstad (in the Kristiansand area) who sent the frist telegrams about Bismarck and the other German battleships moving into open sea. But that's wrong. Starheim was killed, and never insisted he sent any telegram. Tomstad, due to a personal tragedy related to being both a SOE agent and a member of the Nazi Party, said he and his boss Starheim sent the first telegram about Bismarck, they did not. The former director of the Resistance Museum in Oslo, Knut M. Haugland (age 85, also a Radio operator at the Gunnerside mission, who blew up the Heavy Water Plant at Rjukan/Vemork: "THe Heros of Telemark", and a radio operator at Thore Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki expedition) tells me he has looked through all the telegrams sent from Starheim and Tomstad, and none is related to Bismarck.
23 October 2002 - Oslo, Norway

R Bayorek | E-mail
What a pleasure to find so much technical data and information. Keep up the good work. Your site is a great source of information and gives a no nonsense view of a great and mighty ship that in my opinion, was a engineering marvel of the time.
20 October 2002 - Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A

A Halim
Nice site! Can you add some wallpapers too? Anyway, keep up the good work! =)
19 October 2002 - usa

Serge Sorokin | E-mail
A great site... well done guys. So much to look through, great insight into history's most fierce fighting ship. The Bismarck.
16 October 2002 - Toronto, Canada

Christina Lindemann | E-mail
Ernst Lindemann? Relative? Perhaps. My father heard a long time ago that he was. I was just here looking for more information about him. Trying to find his family line to see where or if it connects with mine.
15 October 2002 - Pennsylvania

Szés István | E-mail
/I can little speak english/This is very complex deep and circumstantial page.Good work "Captain"!
Bismarck vs Hood=english pride and prestige plump
Bismarck vs remaining=The proportion is shame>>>english pride and prestige plump
15 October 2002 - HUNGARY

Seong Hoo Kim | E-mail
This Site Is COOL! I was just looking for some information about battle ships, and I found this site :)
I can tell; this site is full of information. I'm working on a model Bismarck. its a Academy-made. Some day.. I can upload it in this site.
whew.. people all over the world, looking for Bismarck :) Thanks for the information. See ya
15 October 2002 - Korea (Whew.. Too Far?)

James Villa
I've been looking all over for an excellent page about the Bismarck. Keep up the good work because I shall return.
15 October 2002 - Tombstone, Arizona, USA

Gregory S. Hupf
Great history/beautiful ship/dedicated crew; but tragic for ship and crew; she should never put to sea with 1 cruiser for an escort; what Bismarck really needed was an aircraft carrier for support; to provide air cover; god rest the souls of the GERMAN and ENGLISH sailors involved that fatefull day. I enjoyed visting Bismarck's web site; will visit again soon
14 October 2002 - cambridge ontario canada

Paco Velasco | E-mail
Interesantísima la página sobre este mítico barco. Tengo 39 años y me gusta todo lo relacionado con la 2ª GM sobre todo el tema naval.
13 October 2002 - Córdoba (España)

Bob Midkiff | E-mail
Just wanted to drop a note to say I really enjoyed your site. The pictures and the information will be most helpfull in construction of my 1/800 scale model of the ship.
10 October 2002 - Maryland USA

Robby Swiger | E-mail
Since I started learning about the Bismarck and other capital ships, I have made I little memorial to the Bismarck and the USS Arizona. They are under water and the USS Missouri is above them.
10 October 2002 - Kilgore, Texas

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