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This guestbook no longer accepts new messages. You can however use our battleship Bismarck FACEBOOK page to let us know who you are and where in the world you have reached us from. We welcome all suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticism as well.

In addition, if you have any research questions you may post them over in our NAVAL HISTORY FORUMS, where lots of knowledgeable people will see them and try to help.

There are 1,093 messages in our guestbook.

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Fernando | E-mail
Felicidades por esta maravillosa web en la que se muestra con todo detalle las andaduras de este gran buque.
En recuerdo de todos los que perdieron su vida en la segunda contienda mundial.
25 August 2004 - España

Simone Sangalli | E-mail
A site of great interest for the of the accuracy of the research and the deep care for each detail!!!
24 August 2004 - Italy, Bergamo

shyam mullerpaten | E-mail
a very good site.wish they remake "sink the bismarck" movie again.
22 August 2004 - bangalore,india

Peter Gardner | E-mail
Very interesting site. ideal for anybody taken studies in second world war history
18 August 2004 - Ruislip United Kingdom

Frank W. Barrett Jr. | E-mail
I have always been fascinated with the chase of the Bismark. Your website is very enlightening. In 2000 I had trouble finding the book " The Discovery Of The Bismark." by Robert Ballard and one of my fellow web surfers on your site gave me some good direction and I found the book. Thank you and my fellow surfer!
17 August 2004 - Walden New York

Amlan Jyoti Patra | E-mail
Bismarck was indeed the pride of the German Navy of the Second World War. Even its name commanded an aura of awe and respect. Thank you very much for all the information your website has provided.
16 August 2004 - India

Roman Alsace-Lorraine | E-mail
Anglo-German Alliances failed ; which is why Germany and Britain went to war against eachother!
This is best illustrated by the Naval Conflict
between the Bismark and British Warships!
Roman Alsace-Lorraine
413 Upper Edward Street
Brisbane City
15 August 2004 - Australia

Dr. Víctor Noguera Navas | E-mail
Honor y gloria a todos los valientes marinos que perecieron a bordo de tan majestuoso buque y aquellos que perdieron sus vidas luchando contra el. Simplemente megnifico.
13 August 2004 - Nicaragua

Al | E-mail
I have been looking for the Bismarck model from Lindberg that had a haul about four feet long. I converted into a RC model. If anyone can help me locate this model again it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! This site has alot of TERRIFIC Information.
8 August 2004 - Chicago,IL.USA

Superb site. Almost every bit of information is
available on your site.
8 August 2004 - Belgium

Bros Maga | E-mail
Excellent and informative indeed.
4 August 2004 - us

Hugo Lizana Peralta | E-mail
Es un gran aporte a la historia y a la investigacion el que me han hecho dar con esta pagina, soy diseñador y siempre me ha gustado la historia y ha sido una maqueta del Bismarck lo que me ha traido hasta esta magnifica y justa pagina web, que la lucha y la muerte no pasen en vano y esta sea una huella que quede para la posteridad, es muy importante guardar esta memoria para las generaciones venideras...
3 August 2004 - Argentina

Jordi Marin
Gracias a esta página he podido ver el mas bello acorazado del mundo mas en profundidad. Aquí, desde España, un recuerdo a las víctimas del Bismarck, del Hood y de los restantes marinos muertos en combate.
Spanish people never forget Bismarck´s and Hood´s crew. And excuse me, my english is not very good.
2 August 2004 - Spain

von Brown
Herr Ludwig,
Radio on Bismarck not really important.
Bismarck had if I count correctly three radars.
That is important. What was radar range, what
was radar angle error, etc.
Had Kriegsmarine or was it WilhemMarine had
radars during battle of Jutland?
My guess is yes. Germans had the technology since
1905 or there about. How else would german
battle ships sink and cut in half british ships
in the middle of the night?
In the morning the whole british fleet run away,
so they were afraid of german new weapons.
Bismarck sunk Hood with the first salvo in bloody
snow storm at a distance of 20 km. Even today
with al the radars they have it would be
a mastershtik of gunsmanship.
1 August 2004 - us

Erik LUDWIG | E-mail
Bonjour Jim, sent e-mail but address did not work. So now via this way. You certainly remember the canadian who had a diary of a radio man on B. My offer to translate without answer. Do you have his address in the forum computer ? Or do you have another way to contact him ? Important since there is not much known about radio on board. Thanks, erik
1 August 2004 - you know

Sebastian Kelle | E-mail
My the uncle of my grandpa (Herbert Belling) died on the Bismarck.
Very good and informative webside !!!
31 July 2004 - Magdeburg (Germany)

Simon Morley | E-mail
A couple of renderings of a 3d model I'm doing, for you to look at
You can add them to your site if you wish...
Simon (Bomber) Morley
31 July 2004 - Nottingham England

john | E-mail
Cool site!!!!! :-), 7q!
29 July 2004 - USA

Peter Ashford | E-mail
Have just watched a 2 hour documentary from The History Channel about Bismarck. What a ship she must have been...just so sad that Hood and Bismarck both had to be sunk because of war.
My feelings go out to the families of both ships' crews
29 July 2004 - Auckland, New Zealand

Terry Quandt | E-mail
Bismarck Survivor, BRUNO RZONCA, the only Survivor residing in the United States, died yesterday, July 23, 2004, after battling cancer. Pruzin & Little Funeral Service, 811 East Franciscan Drive, Crown Point,Indiana, is handling arrangements (www.pruzinfuneralservice.com). Visitation 2 pm to 8 pm Sunday (July 25). Funeral Services Monday (July 26)at 10:30 am from the Pruzin & Little Chapel. Funeral Notice in the (Hammond, Indiana) TIMES, July 24.
24 July 2004 - Dyer, Indiana USA

Un saludo desde España en recuerdo de los heroes del Bismarck que lucharon y murieron pero nunca pudieron doblegarles el espiritu. Magnifica pagina electronica- Enhorabuena y Buena singladura a la eternidad Bismarck.
23 July 2004 - Madrid. España.

Ian Farnfield x RN
Despite being ex Royal Navy (1978-1984)i would consider it to be a great honour to have served on such a great ship. God bless all souls lost regardless of flag
23 July 2004 - UK

Svaran | E-mail
G'day fellow Bismarckians!
I'd like to recommend the game "Call of Duty" a WW2 role playing game. One of the missions is to damage the "Tirpitz". I know its reprehensible, but what the mission allows you is a 3-D virtual tour of the entire Battleship from bow to stern and from the depths of the ship to almost uppermost level of the armoured conning tower. You really do get a sense of scale when you creep past "Bruno and Dora" Hope you guys get a chance to play the game and enjoy the tour I know I did!
22 July 2004 - New Zealand

hemelsoet rene | E-mail
Hi, can anyone tel me a when meeting or tour is happening near belgium??
19 July 2004 - belgium

henry Henkels | E-mail
In fact, your website on the Bismarck is one of the most informative and up-to-date… …an excellent website – congratulations from Brazil.
14 July 2004 - São Bento do Sul SC - Brazil

M.SUganthan | E-mail
i have seen the expedition of bismark by james cameroon on discovery channel ... i was so amazed to see that ..now iam searching through internet .. i got to say your site has lot of information abt the Mighty BISMARK .. nice site.. can you please add some more photos? keep it up your work !!
11 July 2004 - srilanka

Durch Zufall bin ich hier auf dieser Seite gelandet und bin wirklich begeistert. Dabei habe ich laengst nicht alles gesehen. Aber was ich sah, gefaellt mir ausnahmslos. Ein dickes Lob an den Webmaster! Weiter so...
gut gedacht, gut gemacht, weiter so!

Trygve Nilsen | E-mail
www.kbismarck.com/photos.html spicture number 38 shows Bismarck in the vicinity of Bergen. The cone formed mountain in the background is "Lyderhorn".
I would have like to have seen a picture 38a, the photo from above taken by RAF on the same day. It shows Bismarck at the same location from above.
5 July 2004 - Bergen Norway

peter | E-mail
Are you sure the radio messages are genuine?
From radio messages on your web site one
clearly concludes that british fired and sunk
Prince of Wales not Bismark.
Visibility only 1 mile, Prince of Wales with no bridge and no radio, Bismarck long gone,
only Prince of Wales could have been sunk that day
by english fleet.
2 July 2004 - usa

Rainer Tonsky | E-mail
I like to have my model of the Prinz Eugen added to your list of models.
2 July 2004 - Sarasota,Fl ,USA

Chris | E-mail
Great Website. Informative. Keep it up.
1 July 2004 - USA

Duke Lubick | E-mail
An absolutely thorough, tireless and stellar piece of historical introspective.
Sincerely, Thank-You.
29 June 2004 - San Diego, California - United States of America

Rainer Windorfer | E-mail
Hello i have see my uncle Xaver Windorfer(BISMARK)on your PAge have you more informations about him,and who give you this photo from him?
29 June 2004 - Germany 93055 Regensburg

Very nice and useful website. Please visit my new website!!! :)
25 June 2004 - Miami,Florida,USA

Andreas | E-mail
Hello.This day i bought a plastic kit of the Bismarck. I was really looking for something else, but when i saw the oh so impressive boxart and read the name, i rememberd seeing James Cameron`s documenary on Discovery Channel a few months ago. And since the price on the kit was right.. :)
As a modeller who builds cars to 95%, i didn`t know much about " the real thing", so i Googled on "Bismarck" and guess what site popped up first on the list? Yes, this one!
i drooled over the Models section, and it have given me inspiration to build it. I`ve already glued the hull together, and now i will come back to this site now and then for reference.
Very informative site, i might add!
The modelkit? Oh, a Revell 1/570 scale.
24 June 2004 - Sweden

colin tiso | E-mail
a excelent piece of work
this site about the bismark is very good ,lots of technical detail and very easy to read
it would be nice to see a few more phots and maybe a section on life on board for the crew
but overall i was very impressed
23 June 2004 - london ,the united kingdom

Gregorio Torres | E-mail
Un trabajo fantastico. No había visto nada igual sobre buques de la Kriegsmarine. ¡Enhorabuena!.
An fantastic site. I had never seen any like this before. Congratulations!!
Best regards from Spain
22 June 2004 - Spain

Richard Pickston | E-mail
Excellent site - a tribute to a well designed ship and to the brave men who fought in her. Spoilt only by the guest book with messages from people who ought to visit a holocaust museum, and to realise that Bismark's purpose was to perpetuate this horrror. No ship, however well designed, however graceful in looks, can possibly make up for that. A superb ship that needed to be sunk for the good of mankind.
18 June 2004 - Liverpool

rallis evangelos | E-mail
keep up the good work
18 June 2004 - avon park florida

Casi | E-mail
Gracias por esta página llena de historia, valor, disciplina,...etc. La breve pero a la vez duradera historia de este grandioso buque, ha pasado de abuelos a padres, de padres a hijos y seguro pasará a las generaciones futuras gracias a trabajos como el suyo... Buena Proa!!!
16 June 2004 - Luarca (Asturias), España

gifomaniac | E-mail
Pozdrawiam wszystkich i zapraszam do serwisu www.Gify.Tk :)
13 June 2004 - Stwa

Randall Morera | E-mail
Extraordinaria pagina, excelente trabajo, soy apasionado de los buques de guerra, principalmente Alemanes e ingleses de la segunda guerra, me gustaria seguir aprendiendo de los paraderos de algunos buques que aun no conozco.
randzmc@hotmail.com GRACIAS
10 June 2004 - Costa Rica

Steve Coseo | E-mail
Hi, Just found this after doing a google search on Ernst Lindemann, who happened to be my Grandfather's older brother. I grew up knowing this story, and our family had personal pictures of Ernst, and super 8 video as well. He was well liked, and despite his stern appearance in his photo, quite affable by all counts..
10 June 2004 - Seattle, WA

The REAL Viking

I found your website after I have been surfing the internet.
And It´s a very good website you have here,
I put my step in to your guestbook like I always
do when I surf the internet.
I send you and your visitors my best greetings.
You are welcome to visit my website one day.
10 June 2004

Andre Capper | E-mail
Their were plenty of ships just as good ie: HMS Nelson,Rodney,Prince of Wales,Vanguard the Iowa Class Battle ships & the biggest by far Yamamoto.
6 June 2004 - New Zealand

Stephen Ling | E-mail
My uncle was a leading torpedoman on Dorsetshire when Bismarck sank. He was involved directly in the rescue operation and was given a german Navy knife by one of the survivors he helped pull aboard. The knife apears to be inscribed with the name Peter Muller whose rank was descibed in the survivors list as Obermachinenmast. The list also suggests Peter Muller may still be alive. My uncle is also still alive but in poor health and in residential care. Is there anybody out there who may know how I might contact the Muller family and perhaps reintroduce the two veterans if it is not already too late?
3 June 2004 - Morpeth nr Newcastle upon Tyne England

german825 | E-mail
I am just getting to learn about the Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine. Great stuff!Will read as many posts as I can.Great site.
2 June 2004 - Las Vegas,Nevada

Lanny Lenneffer | E-mail
I am very happy !
I hope I could help you searching pictures.
Thanks a lot - you do a very difficult job.
Young men had to give their life for a "Crazy" -
never again!!
Lanny Lenneffer
31 May 2004 - D 51515 Kürten

Erik LUDWIG | E-mail
Dear Rico, A very intereting and smoothly running Forum. Good work.
I am dutchman, worked in the radar business and was sent to France in 1960 to work in a NATO program. I came to your Forum because as the historian of the REF (the official Radio Amateur Association in France) I was requested in 1998 to examine a strange VHF receiver nobody had ever heard of and used by the German Navy during WW2. I am finishing my article about this receiver which proved to be a radar warning receiver. I am therefore interested in the affaire of Luetjens long signal which connects to the story I am trying to put on paper.
I read your request for translators and could maybe help you when this article about the Metox story has come to an end. Good luck.
31 May 2004 - France near Paris in a village called Les Clayes sous Bois

Christopher Martin | E-mail
I have been interested in the Bismark since grade school. I have visited your site a number of times recently as I am building the 1/350 Tamiya model (again). My modeling skills have improved and your site has been an exceptional source of information to produce a more accurate finished model.
30 May 2004 - Pocatello, Idaho USA

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