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Bodo Rautenkranz | E-mail
All my best wishes and greetings!
I saw last week in the Discovery Channel again the great documentation about the Bismarck.
After refit of my IBM-APTIVA for 300mhz, 2 40gi drives and high speed phone hooc up, I visited this site. I was amazed!
I was born in Hannover in 1929 and I was in my 1st year at Gymnasium when it all happened. I (we) listened at night and day to BBC, Oberkommando and we were talking a lot with those who were running the show. We were sad, not really angry, and we had the feeling that Commander in chief was too audacious and pushing something too big. The questions were about the planning. It was not like the Tokio express with the Yamato to Guadal Canal. What did we discuss: Where were all the other U-boats and Capital Ships to support such an action?
I worked as a student of Chemistry during the summer of 1957 for the Blohm & Voss Yard in Hamburg Finkenwerder for QC in their lab. At that tme Cargo - Passenger ships, Bulk-Carriers, a cruiser or destroyer for the Bundes-Marine in the Stuelken Yard and repairs and maintenance jobs were on the agenda. I was out on Trial runs and I heard about a lot of things.
With paying maximum respect and compassion I remain:
Bodo Rautenkranz in Canada

22 June 2003 - CANADA,, Dorval, Quebec.

Menge, Christian, Leutnant | E-mail
It was a lucky chance to find your site. As a german officer, i am very interested in military history. And im very glad to see, that you think positiv about the man who died.
21 June 2003 - Germany

Greg Blackburn | E-mail
This is a great site to find on DKM BISMARCK and related ships and topics. It is well to find it so close to the top on a search of the BISMARCK. My compliments to the page designers and all who contribute. The above mentioned ship was not perfect, but did have many well done attributes. Too bad for her that she was commanded by such a stern and unwavering admiral---her own captain seemed much better suited to lead her. However, as German Naval Command remarked to Hitler, hindsight is always 20/20. She was lost, and a terrible sad loss it was, but although at the bottom, she is still with us; the ships that sunk her were all scrapped.
20 June 2003 - Daniels, West Virginia, USA

Dave Watts | E-mail
I just watched a television show about the battleship Scharnhorst and while doing some research found this website. Very nice and informative.
18 June 2003 - United States

Daniel Solis Barredo | E-mail
Congratulations for this great page of Bismarck the best navy ship in the history, i'm has the opportunity of prouding dress the uniform of the chilean navy. Bravo Zulu.
18 June 2003 - Chile

Umesh S. Bhende | E-mail

Very well made documentation.
17 June 2003 - Concord, California, U.S.A.

Paul Wilhelm Klay | E-mail
This site has all the things I need to know about the Bismarck [this site rules].
17 June 2003 - United States

J.S.McN McCormick | E-mail
Finally! I find a site/writer that states the true facts on this ship's design. So many so called experts in naval history trot out the same old propaganda about battleship design and in particular this design that after 20 years of study I was starting to wonder if naval history was based on facts or fictional progandish dribble that seems to pervade this field of reseach and writing. Just because a particular design is the only one left or was the last active ships, does not mean that this was the ultimate in end product. This was the cliam in a recent published video / t.v. series / book by one group. I find it interesting the lattest investigations into the probable collaspes of the stern of the bismarck {as this did occur in two other cases}. Photographic evidence seems to support this as the point of brakeway is to smooth and delinated to be as a result of impacting the bottom of the ocean. It is clear that the stern has broken away before. Reading survivor's accounts seems to indicate the the end loss of steering happened in two seperate events. After the initial hit, the rudder control seems to be regained by manual steering or jury rig. After getting up to speed of 24 knots the ship conintues. During the last night this jury rig fails, leaving the ship at a reduced speed and heading controled by wind and some engine control. During this time a torepdo attack by destroyers occurs and after this another report is made that steering is impossible. Why report twice unless something changed; like the collapse and resulting total failure of the stern with rudders attached after the stress of maneuvering to avoid destoyers.
16 June 2003 - Adeliade Australia

Manuel Alarcon | E-mail
Congratulations, very interesting. Keep on it!!
14 June 2003 - Madrid, Spain

Georgiadis Dimitris
My English is not so good but I want to say this site is fantastic! And now I want to ask? In a duel Bismarck vs Yamato who is the winner?
12 June 2003 - Germany

Nadine Bargenda | E-mail
Hi! This page is very interesting! It`s GREAT!! And I need some help: I search for information of the cousin from my grandfather, Rudolf Bargenda! perhaps somebody knows anything of him!? I would be very, very happy if I get an answer!! Thanks a lot for this page!!
12 June 2003 - Vechta / Germany

Garry Bryar | E-mail
Very informative site, its a credit to all concerned. I have admired the lines of both the Bismarck and the Hood since my teen years in the sixties. With the technology they now have in computer animation, a new movie about these two great ships would be something to look forward to.
12 June 2003 - Melbourne, Australia

Ashley Mugford | E-mail
Hey, how are you? I am 12 years old, and I am in grade 7. I find it really cool that this was a ship in World War II, but why do people say it was a unsinkable ship when it did sink. I watched it on the discovery channel last night, it was very interesting. I am going to do a project on it soon. I want to say something to the people that died, "good job on what you did, we will all remember you, and something to the people who survived," you did a wonderful job we are proud of you, remember everyone that you made friends with cause they are your guarding angel.
10 June 2003 - Cartwright, Labrador

Murtaza Tharoo | E-mail
This is a great site. It was very sad to read about BURKARD VON MÜLLENHEIM-RECHBERG's Passing away. I am orginaly from Tanzania with an ancestry from India (Indian origin). I am in Canada at present. I was just watching the program on The Bismarck on the Discovery Channel. Thanks to my Grandfather who witnessed the WWII, I really love watching, reading and pretty much anything about military. I always have special respect and great feeling for all those who do anything to save their country and the world at large. My Grandfather always used to tell us stories and he showed us lots of stuff about the Great Wars. We have special Books from Readers Digest Back home about the WWI and WWII. I would love to see the movie or any information like a story about the Bismarck or the WWII.
9 June 2003 - Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Michael Henderson
This is a very good site with a lot of information I enjoy all war stories especially this one. just a suggestion if you could add cross section photos of The Bismarck it help people see what it was like in side.
8 June 2003 - Canada

Josef D. Lorenz | E-mail
On 24 May A German U-Boat #556 commanded by Lieutenant Wohlfarh,was in a position to attack the H.M.S. King George the Fifth,and the Carrier H.M.S.Ark Royal,when they were attempting to sink The Bismarck. U-556 could only watch as the targets speed across his bow as he had no Torpedoes. Another twist of faith for the all to short life of The Bismarck!
6 June 2003 - Gulfport Florida

John Pettitt | E-mail
The Bismarck (and Tirpitz) were undoubtedly the best battleships built in Europe at that time but one should remember that a major factor was that her designers did not stick to the Washington Treaty rules which limited gun size to 14 inches and standard displacement to 35,000 tons. Hence the British KGV battleships of that era were at a significant disagvantage (as were the Nelson and Rodney whose original design engines were dramatically reduced in size and power to stay under treaty limits). As in boxing, good "big un" will always beat a good "little un" and in that context the Yamato and Musashi would surely have made mincemeat of any other battleship of that era in a daylight (where radar did not count) confrontation. Size does matter in the end. The Bismarck and Scharnhorst and their sister ships combined beauty and power in a unique way and were a tribute to German engineering prowess - rather like Mercedes and BMW are today.
As has been pointed out by others, the Hood was a WW1 pre Jutland battlecruiser design based on Jackie Fisher's belief that speed could compensate for lower levels of protection. The loss of three British battlecruisers in huge explosions (a la Hood) at Jutland put paid to that belief while the better protected German battlecruisers survived much better in that battle with only the loss of the Lutzow which was battered by 15 inch shells from the very best Britsh battleships of the time that were attached to the British battlecruisers. Despite increasing the thickness of her armour in the light of the Jutland experience, the Hood was WW1 design and was never really equipped to tackle the Bismarck.
5 June 2003 - Melbourne Australia

John Pettitt | E-mail
Well done. A very informative website.
5 June 2003 - Melbourne Australia

Hi, just wanted to thank you guys for getting such an informative site. Excellent graphic designed and easy to navigate. Your site is indeed wonderful and I bookmarked it. I have found some of the information here helpful. There are too little good sites. Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I will recommend and come back.
3 June 2003

John Cuthbert | E-mail
Amazing web site! It reaminds you of the sacrifice of all the young men who fought on the oceans of the world went through. No matter what flag they fought under!! God bless them all! NEVER FORGET
3 June 2003 - Glasgow, Scotland

Mike Torst (von Torsten up to WWI) | E-mail
Being a German is my heritage. Finding pride in the same is another. Thanks!
3 June 2003 - Las Vegas, NV USA

I love the Bismarck. It was the 3rd best ship of her time behind the jap Yamato class. I have looked for a site on the Bismarck forever. I didn't see the whole site but I must say the ship was sunk by the Germans which was proved!!!!!!!!!!
2 June 2003 - here

Clarine Gnutzmann Souza | E-mail
I think that I had a 16 year old cousin aboard
30 May 2003 - Orangevale, CA

Paul Robinson | E-mail
The HMS King George V would have sunk the Bismarck sooner or later all by herself. Superior naval tactics win in the end.
30 May 2003 - Toronto, Canada

Mateusz | E-mail
Great site. The one I've been waiting for!!!!!!!
29 May 2003 - Poland

Gordon P
I loved the site. I've been battleship daft for 6 yrs. I'm 28 and I thought I'd drop buy on the anniversary of the sinking. RIP crew of Hood and Bismarck.
27 May 2003 - Glasgow, Scotland

Jonathan Penny | E-mail
I loved this site, I recently watched the movie on the Bismarck and I loved it. I thank you for creating this website.
26 May 2003 - Canada, Nova Scotia.

Seth Spijker | E-mail
Always when I'm on the internet I go to this site. Since I was a five year old child I've been interested in the Bismarck. At that time it was because the Bismarck fought a heroic battle against an whole army. These days I'm interested because the Bismarck is a symbol for all countries to fight against racism facism.
26 May 2003 - The Netherlands

ActSubLt Hultzén, Royal Swedish Navy
It is with sadness i send my thoughts to the hundreds of brave seamen who lost their lives onboard the Bismarck and now reamin on everlasting patroal. GMY.
25 May 2003

Steen jensen | E-mail
Hello there..
I was wondering if there is real life foto´s of the bismarck, or where i could get some....
25 May 2003 - Denmark

Gregory Weaver Sr. | E-mail
What "IF" the Bismarck had sailed with her sister ship the Tirpitz, the battlecruiser Scharnhorst. I don't think the British could have sunk either ship so easily.
24 May 2003 - United States

R obert B. Austin, Lt. Col. USAF retired | E-mail
Bismarck was a phenom. for her time. Really a very beautiful ship!
19 May 2003 - Oakhurst, CA, USA

Bochicchio Sergio Alejandro | E-mail
Soy marino, maquinista naval. La historia de este hermoso y noble navio de la marina de guerra alemana, así como su valiente tripulación, siempore me ha conmovido. Jamás pensé encontrar tanta información al respecto. Muchas gracias.
19 May 2003 - Argentina

Fernando Varela | E-mail
Estoy investigando dentro de esta página de internet y es fantástica. Muy completa. Felicidades.
19 May 2003 - Espańa

Thomas Turek | E-mail
The Actual LOG from the USCGC MODOC reporting the Sighting of the BISMARCK
17 May 2003

Albert Glaze | E-mail
I thouroufgly enjoy the sight
16 May 2003 - Baltimore, Maryland USA

Site genial mais juste une question: mon grand-pere Willy Stahl figure parmi les morts du Bismarck avec des fautes dans son nom, or j'ai des photos et son carnet militaire et il a ete fait prisonnier. il est decede en 1982 en france.
si ca vous interesse, je peux par e-mail vous faire parvenir ce que je possede. a bientot.
11 May 2003 - paris-France

Martin Borman | E-mail
It was hell in Berlin in 45, I took my gold, and the Good Dr. in a Fleseler Storch a small plane but needed little runway. That was the last I saw of Germany.
9 May 2003 - Anytown South America

Norberto Pontes | E-mail
I am finishing my model of great opponent of Bismarck, the King George V in 1:160 scale. As a ship modeller my next and big project is the own Bismarck in 1:100 scale. I would like to know the e-mail of Markus Van Beek. I need to change some informations and other things and if someone know his e-mail please let me know. About the site it is the better I saw. More complete and full of information. Congratulations. Thank you, Norberto
9 May 2003 - Brazil

I. Shaw | E-mail
Fabntastic site. I use it for my work in the Museum Service, so please keep adding to it! Cheers.
8 May 2003 - North Staffordshire, UK.

What an interesting informative website, I saw the Documentry on discovery channel and it was very sad. They were all young men cut down in the prime of their life over such a silly thing as war, a whole generation was butchered and damned, I think Arne needs to do a bit of homework and be not so judgemental in his posted message, it is no glorification of war or the NAZI regime, it is but a tale of wasted young lives regardless of race. Once again great informative site.
8 May 2003 - Aus

Robert G B CORNER | E-mail
Fabulous web site. Shame that some people can't see that after the treaty of versailles the German people were a down trodden starving nation looking to find their place in the world. Adolf Hitler came at an opportunist time when the people of Germany had no one else to turn to. If anyone is naive enough to believe that 55 million people suddenly became evil over night that person is indeed naive himself. Hitler was the embodiment of evil but to pile all Germans in the same light is rediculous. THE men who died on the 27th of may 1941 weren't any less human than those who died on the Hood just a few days earlier. They were boys; nothing more. May GOD grant them all peace. Once again great web site.
7 May 2003 - Canada, Madoc Ontario

Mike Henry | E-mail
Very well put together. I myself just retired from the Canadian Navy. As a sailor for over 28 years I can understand the dedication of all sailors from around the world no matter what Navy they served in. Whenever you take a beer remember all of the sailors who never made it home.
7 May 2003 - Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Alexandre Gignac Asselin | E-mail
Wanted to know about one of the greatest battleship ever built.
6 May 2003 - Canada

Shane Schleper | E-mail
Having just found this site while looking for my relations in Germany (and glad I did)I think that the views of all and sundry should be accepted, I view the Bismarck and her sister ship the Tirpitz as the most stunning of battleships of their time. Having just celebrated ANZAC day here in Australia we should remember the young men who died while in the service. LEST WE FORGET.
3 May 2003 - Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia

Charles Schwartz | E-mail
A very interesting and informative site. I hope you are able to find more information on the crew. It is indeed chilling to see the pictures of the very young members of the crew that died the day the ship went down.
30 April 2003 - Arizona, USA

Peterstamp | E-mail
The Bismarck must be the definitive batteship in terms of the elegance of her design. To have seen her or images of her is to be captivated by her lines and proportions. The excellence of her design is demonstrated by what a tough nut she was to crack. We salute the gallantry of the men who made her and sailed her. May they rest in peace.
30 April 2003 - Dorset, England

Anthony John Medland | E-mail
I have been interested in Operation Rheinübung since a child of 8 years. I know not why?. I am now 55 years of age and accumulated much knowledge of this fascinating subject. I made a model many years ago 72" in length still in my garage in a glass case. I is not accurate because of the lack of detailed knowledge at the time. However, it stands with it's chief advisory Prince of Wales, perhaps the real reason for her downfall. Both made to same scale (Janes fighting ships detail) ...God Bless You and Thank you.
29 April 2003 - Cornwall, England

Paulo Neves
Since I was a little boy (8) the great and decisive moments of WWII were always fascinating as a subject. I have eard experiencies of people who lived and fought at that time. Right now I´m building a 1/350 Bismarck model and decided having a look. I must say this site is the best among all others of this kind! But when I saw what some people say... carring ideas of political nature to a guestbook!!! I belive that when someone thinks of Bismarck and all others Battleships and naval warfare itself, the beauty, the shapes, coullors, patterns, dedication of seamen, bravery, decision and mistakes are something to consider and respect. Please Gents. leave politics asside. Thank you
27 April 2003 - Cascais, Portugal

Grant Alexander
Keeps the memory of brave men alive.
20 April 2003 - Edinburgh UK

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