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nick h
i need bleuprints of the original design. im trying to make a scale model of the bismarck
16 May 2007 - United States of America

frontkampfer | E-mail
Great site! I have always been interested in the Bismarck and battleships. My father served on the USS Missouri as a FC2 (Fire Controlman 2nd class), was with the ship from comissioning, its Pacific campaign and witnessed the surrender at Tokyo bay. Dad always said that in his opinion the Bismarck was a sleek ship and was almost on par with the Iowa's. I enjoy your site very much and keep up the new work!
15 May 2007 - Philliopsburg, NJ - USA

Yuri Alexandrovish Orlov | E-mail
It's Very nice website
I like Bismarck because Bismarck is most powerfull Battleship

Thank for Your Website is have good data.
10 May 2007 - Thailand

Von Faught | E-mail
I am looking for Full blueprints/ layout of the bismarck so if you can help me it would be Wunderbar!
4 May 2007

SStefano | E-mail
Bueno me gusto mucho la pagina y el video del Bismarck yo creo que es una obra fantastica de la ingenieria pero hay algo que no me gusto no se pueden ver las fotos del Bismarck no nos hagan eso jaja pero ese barco es lo mas de los mejores
3 May 2007 - Argentina

Liem Hok Gie | E-mail
Situs yang sangat Komunikatif & Informatif luar biasa. (The Web is Communicatif and informatif)
very greatfull
23 April 2007 - Indonesia

Hey guys. Love the site. I am writing a book on the bismarck, and all of my info is coming from this. LOVE IT
23 April 2007 - US of A

Gordon.F | E-mail
A site dedicated to the memory of the brave sailors of the battleship Bismarck and his maiden voyage along with one of the most celebrated sea chases on history.
22 April 2007 - Canada

Ricardo | E-mail
Mis respetos a TODOS los hombres de la marina alemana, verdaderos caballeros del mar ,desde el "Gran Almirante" al último marinero. "Honor a quien honor merece". Subordinación y valor.
22 April 2007 - Argentina

Steven Hart | E-mail
Fantastic site, really informative and helps keep this ship remembered
21 April 2007 - UK England

Cristian | E-mail
Just like a grizzly bear been attacked by a wolfpack went down, but took some with him.
21 April 2007 - Honduras

This is one of ther best ww2 sites ever
20 April 2007

You should make a video game on this. It would be a lot of fun. I am A BIG fan of the Bismarck
7 April 2007

Peter Ellis | E-mail
My late father, Captain R.M. Ellis, D.S.O., R.N. commanded H.M.S. Suffolk during the Bismarck chase, spending nearly three days on the bridge without sleep. I was very interested to see the terse excerpts from Suffolk's log on your website.
3 April 2007 - Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Hernan | E-mail
Bueno chicos principalmente los felicito por la pagina por otra parte considero que la ultima gran batalla de la obra maestra el acorazado BISMARCK fue algo injusta no? digo estaba combatiendo con fuerzas superiores(en numero pero alomejor no en espiritu) y aunque combatia por una causa equibocada igual creo y siempre creere que el BISMARCK fue y todavia es una maravilla de la ingeneria naval.
1 April 2007 - Venezuela

David B
That's very good page!I love battle ships! and that page is good for me. Thank you friends and greet from Czech Republick
29 March 2007 - Czech Republick

massimo bernazzi | E-mail
y love bismarck !!!!!
28 March 2007 - Tuscany,Siena;Italy

Carlos Tello | E-mail
El Acorazado Bismarck fue una excelente trabajo de ingeniería de marina naval del mundo. Muchachos los felicito por la Web pude ver el vídeo incorporado.
26 March 2007 - Perú

Iván Nantes
Poderosa maquina con valerosa tripulacion. Una gran joya de la construccion naval de todos los tiempos
23 March 2007 - GALICIA - SPAIN

Zsigmond Tomosvary | E-mail
Excelent site!!!! I found all the informations for my book. Can I discuss with anybody for some more info about the crew?
Thank you guys.
22 March 2007 - Hungary

kevin hutchinson | E-mail
superb site dedicated to one of the most awesome ships ever built
19 March 2007 - halifax west yorkshire

Der bismarck war ein stolzes Schlachtschiff in der deutschen Marine, einer des schöneren Krieges schifft sich je gebaut ein, die Mannschaft war in einer Zeit stolz, wo Krieg das Gefühl für einen zu einer anderen, sehr guten Seite verringert wurde, halten Sie Schritt.
16 March 2007 - BRAZIL

CAPT Steven Myers, USN (Ret) | E-mail
BISMARCK was full of paradox and irony. She was an incredibly beautiful monster, manned by brave men who fought and died for the wrong reasons. Complicated and for her day very advanced, she met doom when a simple lever stuck in one position. She valildated Gen Billy Mitchell's ideas on aviation against capital ships, but perished in the proof. I could go one, for there is so much point-counterpoint in BISMARCK's short and momentous life. A final point: When USS IOWA (Battleship BB61) made a courtesy visit to Kiel, Germany in 1990 I escorted several (West) German Navy officers aboard her for a visit. One captain turned to me and said he thought BISMARCK's ghost was anchored alongside. "This is the most beautiful warship I have seen," he said, But BISMARCK had her own beauty." "Yes," I agreed, "She was a beautiful monster."
15 March 2007 - USA

chris | E-mail
a good site with lots of interesting info helped with my model thanks
13 March 2007 - England

Martin | E-mail
Excellent site. The bismarck was a tremendous war machine, She was beautifull and powerfull than any other ship in the history of naval war.
12 March 2007 - argentina

Pete O'D | E-mail
My Grandfather was one of the Hood survivors. Throughout the rest of the war and beyond, he never bore any malice towards the crew of the Bismark. I have read through the crew list of the Bismark and I have nothing but respect for crews of warships of all nations who find themselves at war. I am a soldier and in 1982 found myself on a ship heading to the South Atlantic to retake the Falkland Islands. I was scared the whole time when on board and was very relieved to be set on dry land. Warship crews endure this feeling all the time during conflict. No matter what nationality they are, they are braver men than I.
10 March 2007 - UK

Owerri Johnson | E-mail
Nice site keep it up
10 March 2007 - Lome Togo

Wendy Tilburn | E-mail
Just a history Interest
9 March 2007 - South Africa

Martin F. | E-mail
The website is very helpful. What separates it from other discussion forums is that it has an incredible community. Keep it up!
7 March 2007 - Geneva, Switzerland

Jeff O'Byrne | E-mail
I'm an avid ww two interested party and am trying to find photos on the wreck of the Bismarck
5 March 2007 - Parrsboro Nova Scotia Canada

WillVallaeys | E-mail
The most wonderfull baot in the history.
4 March 2007 - Belgium

Colin Flynn | E-mail
This is a quite remarkable website. It is difficult to imagine a moe thorough telling of the whole Bismarck story. A stunning achievement.
3 March 2007 - England

Ray Hope | E-mail
There was a great lost on both sides, But some people still how ill feeling against the German people, but to be stationed in Germany is a lot greater, than than in Japan
3 March 2007 - USA Indiana

Hermann Karl Fleischer | E-mail
My Uncle died on the Bismark and I was named in his memory.
28 February 2007 - United States of America

kevin t | E-mail
brill site, just makin modle of the bizmark. site is a lot of help thank you
28 February 2007 - yorkshire england

Lynne Thornton | E-mail
Great uncle died on bismark
27 February 2007 - West Yorkshire

Des Magowan | E-mail
EXCELLENT website. Thorough, well set up, objective, extremely informative, historically accurate and necessary. Do not let this site die!
26 February 2007 - Canada

26 February 2007 - Italy

Gerry Presby | E-mail
Very interesting site, glad to find it. I knew one of the crew members Alois Haberditz
26 February 2007 - Richland, WA

24 February 2007 - ENGLAND

Richard Rogers | E-mail
I would like to sell the book called Battleship Bismarck: A Survivor's Story by Burkard Baron von Mullenheim-Rechberg. It was published in 1990. It is in excellent condition. It has 467 pages including several illustrations. The cost for it would be $10.00. A check is only accepted. If you are interested in getting that one, please give your mailing address.
21 February 2007 - Dana Point, California

Richard Rogers | E-mail
I would like to sell the book called Battleship Bismarck. It is in excellent condition. It has 271 pages including several illustrations. It was authored by Baron Burkard von Mullenheim-Rechberg and was published in 1980. The cost for it would be $5.00. A check is only accepted. If you are interested in getting that one, please give your mailing address.
21 February 2007 - Dana Point, California

Richard Rogers | E-mail
I would like to sell the book called The Sinking of the Bismarck. It is in good condition. It has 178 pages including seven illustrations. It was authored by William Shirer and was published in 1962. The cost for it would be $5.00. A check is only accepted. If you are interested in getting that one, please give your mailing address.
21 February 2007 - Dana Point, California

Richard Rogers | E-mail
I would like to sell A&E Home Video: Sink the Bismarck. It is in excellent condition. The cost for it would be $5.00. Please email to me along with mailing address and a check if you are interested in getting that one.
21 February 2007 - Dana Point, California

I have read, and re-read the superb naratives of the epic battles between HMS Hood, HMS Prince Of Wales and the German navy's DKM Bismarck and DKM Prinz Eugen. Also, the later British warships HMS KGV and HMS Rodney and their accompanying heavy cruisers that sealed Bismarck's fate.

I have the utmost respect for all the participants on both sides and lament the tragic losses of both the British and German sailors. It is my fervent prayer that the Christian nations of the world never take up the sword against one another again!

Being a veteran myself, I can appreciate the deep feelings and emotion that those classic confrontations between the two proud navies still bring forth today. The old song sung to the accompaniment of a mouth organ by Bismarck's survivors who'd been taken aboard HMS Dorsetshire as they committed one of their dead sailors back to the deep, and which also brought tears to the eyes of many a British sailor as well is called ."Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden".

It still brings back powerful emotions today.

Look it up lads, and listen to it.
20 February 2007 - Western Canada

Einar | E-mail
well done great site
18 February 2007 - Reykjavik Iceland

Liz Sargent | E-mail
This site is a treasure trove of information and well presented. The information about the crew and the ship is fascinating and I have enjoyed the experience so will be keeping in contact with this website again. Many thanks for giving those that are interested a valuable lesson in history.
16 February 2007 - Plymouth, Devon, UK

Waco Arterbury
I was just browsing and found you. I like to read about W.W.2 and I am enjoying it. Thanks for the info.
16 February 2007 - Combine, Texas

Juan Pablo | E-mail
I always read about ships in the II World War, especially I remember Exeter, Ayax, Achilles and Graf Spee.
This story about Bismarck is really interesting.
13 February 2007 - Argentine

Bizzell | E-mail
I would just like you guys to know that I did a report on the Bismarck about two years ago (my ninth grade year in high school). I got a perfect grade on the report and never thought I'd use the information ever again. Well, it turns out, I was on X-Box Live one night and I was talk to this British guy. I brought up the Bismarck and we got into an argument over whether the Bismarck really was as great of a ship as everyone says it is. In the end, my knowledge prevailed and he admitted that the Bismarck was really that good. I just thought I'd let you know. Thanks for the site.

12 February 2007 - United States

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