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Dedicated to the memory of all those brave
German sailors who served and ultimately gave
their lives aboard the battleship "Bismarck"
during the course of Operation "Rheinόbung"

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Battleship Bismarck
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Battleship Bismarck Book
The Battleship Bismarck.
The Complete History of
the Ship.

"The pursuit and sinking of the Bismarck will remain one of the great sea-stories of all time, worthy to take its place with Salamis, Lepanto, the Armada, Trafalgar, Tsushima, Jutland, Midway, the Coral Sea."

Sir Ludovic Kennedy

ArchivesOn-line Archive: Have access to all kind of original material concerning the battleship Bismarck. Including the complete war diary of the ship, debriefing reports from survivors, printing press, memories, etc.

Technical DataTechnical Data: Detailed information on the structure, size, and displacement of the ship. The armor protection that made the Bismarck an almost "unsinkable" ship. The powerful guns of this formidable instrument of war. The steam power plant that propelled the ship to speeds of up to 30 knots.

Bismarck HistoryHistory of the Bismarck: Full coverage of the ship's history and carreer timeline. Go over the battle of the Denmark Strait and the destruction of the Mighty Hood. Also read through the subsequent naval pursuit and Bismarck's final batlle against impossible odds.

Bismarck CrewThe Crew: Information on the ship's company. From the higher officers to the lower ratings. Including the complete crew roster alphabetically arranged.

Bismarck InformationFurther Reading: Diverse information about the ship. Read about the wreck of the Bismarck, its current state of preservation, and the most recent expeditions carried out. Also check the naval articles written by readers of this site dealing with the history of the Bismarck.

Warship ModelsScale Models: Featuring warship miniatures of all sizes and scales. From the smaller commercial model kits to the large scratch built constructions.

Naval Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery: A large selection of photos, paintings, and drawings of the Bismarck. Also including other World War II German warships, action photos, damaged ships, sinkings, etc.

KriegsmarineKriegsmarine: On this section you will find extensive information about the Kriegsmarine, the German Navy of the 1935-1945 period (organization, naval operations, ranks, flags, etc.). Also including technical data and operational histories of almost all known naval vessels, from the most powerful combatants to the smallest auxiliary units.
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