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Sink the Bismarck
Movie poster made by Eric W. Pulford.

Sink the Bismarck

Sink the Bismarck! is, up to date, the only movie made that deals directly with the operations, chase, and sinking of the battleship Bismarck. It is a British production based on the book of Cecil S. Forester (1899-1966): “Hunting the Bismarck”. The movie starts with original newsreel footage of Bismarck's launching in Hamburg. The main character is the fictitious British Chief of Operations, Captain Shepard, a cool man devoted to do his job who tries to keep his own personal feelings away. What people tend to criticise in this movie is the portrayal of personality of Admiral Lütjens. He is depicted as fanatical Nazi with a blind faith in his "unsinkable" battleship; moreover, he refuses to accept any suggestions from Captain Lindemann whose role in the movie depicts him as very passive character.

The models of the warships used are good, but the movie itself has a few historical inaccuracies. For example, two Swordfish are shot down, and a British destroyer (HMS Solent!) is blown up by the Bismarck, when actually nothing of the kind really ever happened. Anyway, besides those details, and keeping in mind the year of production, the movie is accurate enough, and every Bismarck fan would enjoy it. Let's hope to see a new Bismarck movie anytime soon.

From the Publisher.

A true story of heroism at sea. Heroism and hard choices are the order of the day as the Royal Navy desperately tries to destroy the most powerful battleship in the world - the Bismarck. In the spring of 1941, England remains the only undefeated nation in Europe and stands alone against Nazi Germany. But she can survive only as long as her vital ocean supply lines remain open. The biggest threat to shipping is Germany's floating fortress, the Bismarck, which is faster and has more fire power than anything Britain can throw against it. In port for the last three months, the dreaded Bismarck is now returning to the open sea to dominate the North Atlantic. This juggernaut of destruction must be stopped, and Churchill himself gives the order to the Royal Navy - sink the Bismarck at any cost! Featuring actual combat footage, this gripping film puts you on the front lines of one of the most crucial naval engagements of World War II.

Title: Sink the Bismarck.
Year: 1960.
Nationality: British.
Producer: John Brabourne.
Director: Lewis Gilbert.
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox.
Black & White
Duration: 97 minutes.

Kenneth Moore . . . . . .
Dana Wynter . . . . . . . .
Karel Stepanek . . . . . .
Carl Mohner . . . . . . . .
Geoffrey Keen . . . . . . .
Laurence Naismith . . .
Michael Goodliffe . . . .
Michael Hordern . . . . .
Jack Gwillan . . . . . . . .
Walter Hudd . . . . . . . .
John Stuart . . . . . . . . .
Esmond Knight . . . . . .
Ernest Clark . . . . . . . .
John Horsley . . . . . . . .
Mark Dignam . . . . . . . .
Captain Shepard
Anne Davis
Admiral Lütjens
Captain Lindemann
First Sea Lord
Captain Bonister
Commander in Chief King George V
Captain King George V
Admiral Hood
Captain Hood
Captain Prince of Wales
Captain Suffolk
Captain Sheffield
Captain Ark Royal

Movie shots.

The King George V anchored in Scapa Flow.

Captain Lindemann.

Admiral Lütjens.

Bismarck crewmen.

Bismarck crewmen.

Lütjens and Lindemann on Bismarck's bridge.

Hood and POW in the Denmark Strait.

Bismarck under enemy fire.

The Hood blows up.

Swordfish torpedo bombers.

Bismarck under attack.

Bismarck at high speed.

Torpedo hit on Bismarck's stern.

King George V and Rodney.

Bismarck on fire and sinking.

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