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(Schlachtschiffe H Klasse)

H Class Battleship

The Z Plan contemplated the construction of six large battleships of over 52,000 metric tons each armed with eight 40.6cm guns. They were basically enlarged Bismarcks with heavier guns, extended compartmentation, and increased radius of action. The propulsion plant was to include 12 diesel motors coupled to three shafts able to provide a speed of 30 knots. The first two units were laid down in the Summer of 1939, but further construction was suspended following the outbreak of the war.


Displacement: standard 52,600 mt, full load 62,600 mt.

Dimensions: Waterline length 266 m, overall length 278 m, beam 37 m, maximum draft 10 m, depth 15.565 m.

Armour: main belt 300 mm, upper belt 150 mm, main turrets 150-385 mm, upper deck 50-80 mm, armour deck 100-120 mm, conning tower 200-350 mm, torpedo bulkhead 45 mm.

  •  8 x 40.6cm/L52 guns in four double turrets.
  •  12 x 15cm/L55 guns in six double turrets.
  •  16 x 10.5cm/L65 guns in eight double mounts.
  •  16 x 3.7cm/L83 guns in eight double mounts.
  •  20 x 2cm guns
  •  6 x 53.3cm underwater torpedo tubes.

Aircraft: 4 x Arado ar 196.

Propulsion plant:
  •  12 M.A.N. diesel motors coupled to three shafts, 165,000 hp

Speed: 30 knots.

Endurance: 16,000 nm at 19 knots

Fuel capacity: 8,700 mt.

Crew: 2,400.

H Class
Name Builder Laid Down Launched Commd. Fate
H Blohm & Voss,
15.07.1939 - (Planned for 1943) Scrapped on slip
J AG Weser,
15.08.1939 - (Planned for 1943) Scrapped on slip
K AG Weser,
- - - Canceled before
construction began
L Kriegsmarinewerft,
- - - Canceled before
construction began
M Blohm & Voss,
- - - Canceled before
construction began
N Deutsche Werke,
- - - Canceled before
construction began

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