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(by Michal Matata, Slovakia)

Battleship Bismarck 1/100 Model

Arado 196 1/100 scale

Arado 196 1/100 scale

Arado 196 1/100 scale

Update 14-12-2011

Bismarck Conning Tower

Bismarck 7-m Rangefinder

Bismarck Foretop Rangefinder

Update 11-3-2012

Bismarck Foremast

Bismarck Foremast

Update 29-3-2012

Bismarck Foremast

Bismarck Foremast

Bismarck Funnel

Update 1-6-2012

Bismarck Funnel painted

Bismarck Funnel Cap

Bismarck Funnel and foremast

Update 29-8-2012

Bismarck Funnel

Bismarck superstructure

Bismarck hull

Bismarck aft superstructure

Update April 2014

Bismarck Aufbaudeck

Bismarck Fumo Radar

Bismarck Foremast

Bismarck Arado Catapult

Bismarck 15cm turret

Bismarck upper deck

Battleship Bismarck Book

The Battleship Bismarck.
The Complete History of
the Ship.

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