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Book: The Battleship Bismarck

Bismarck book

Title: The Battleship Bismarck. The Complete History of the Ship.

Author: Josť M. Rico.

Publication date: March 2014 (first published in April 2012).

Language: English.

ISBN: 978-1-312-02845-6

Format: Softcover, A4 Size (8.267 x 11.692 inches), 300 photos, maps & drawings, 276 pages.

Comments: This book includes the complete operational history of the Bismarck from inception to final demise, as well as detailed technical data on the ship's construction and design, information about the wreck, crew, etc. Illustrated with over 300 photos, plans and drawings carefully selected and chronologically arranged.


· Introduction.
· History of the Ship.
· Appendices.
· Sources and References.

Sample pages.

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