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By Stefano Schembri.

The Flyhawk 1/2000 is the smallest available commercial kit of the Bismarck and, despite the scale, it is surprisingly detailed. The box contains the hull, split conveniently in two pieces at the waterline level, a separate part of the main superstructure and three sprues with the rest of the tiny parts. A beautiful stand and a name plate are also included. All the parts are carefully protected in plastic bags and soft styrene foil wraps. The kit, as said, has remarkable level of detail, all parts are crisp and, once assembled, pin ejector marks are invisible. The molding flash is nonexistent on most parts and very limited overall, no putty is required as - after minimal scraping and filing - the fit is perfect. Aseembling and painting might take you no longer than 2 hours if you want a decent model, a little bit longer if you wish to have a more accurate replica.

Stefano choose to build the Bismarck in full hull version, painted as it appeared in her last days of service. He started by painting flat white overall, then applied some black shading by airbrush to the hull and deck. The kit's intelligent engineering allows convenient painting of the hull, the only challenging part being the black waterline separation mark, which was achieved by using a pen marker and thin masking tape as a reference. The deck was sprayed with Tamiya deck tan XF-55 and after drying received a wash with dark brown, to highlight the incredible amount of detail including the subtle wooden planking effect. All other parts were painted when still on the sprue and seembled with a minimal amount of Revell liquid cement. Once the ship was completed, Stefano fit it into a nice bottle, as you can see in the pictures. The whole process was really enjoyable and 100% trouble-free. All in all, a top-level kit for a very affordable price that you can build just for fun or turn in a small work of art.

In the same series, Flyhawk has also released a Tirpitz, which Stefano assembled in a small waterline diorama.

Flyhawk Bismarck 1/2000

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