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Wilhelm Meyer

Wilhelm Meyer
Matrose Wilhelm Meyer

Born: 11 October, 1922 in Alfeld/Leine, south of Hannover.

Died: 27 May, 1941 aboard Bismarck.

Age (at the time of Bismarck's sinking): 18.

Rank (at the time of Bismarck's sinking): Matrose.

Position (at the time of Bismarck's sinking): ?

Additional notes: Wilhelm Meyer was the only child of August Meyer and his wife Hermine, née Thies. His father was a plumber and lived from 1899 to 1988, whereas his wife, who was the same age, died 10 years earlier. Wilhelm lived all of his short life in Alfeld and after completing school he took up the same trade as his father in 1936. In fact, they were planning to open their own business after Wilhelm's return. He finished his apprenticeship as a journeyman in 1939, and later volunteered for military service in the Kriegsmarine. Wilhelm went on to serve on the Bismarck where he lost his life.

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