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Alfons Hanke

Bootsmaat Alfons Hanke (1915-1941)
(Photo courtesy of Emilie Hofstaedter)
Born: 04 May 1915 in Breslau, Germany.

Died: 27 May, 1941 aboard Bismarck.

Age (at the time of Bismarck's sinking): 26.

Rank (at the time of Bismarck's sinking): Bootsmaat.

Position (at the time of Bismarck's sinking): Amidships Gun Leader (Mittelschiff Geschützführer).

Additional notes: Before being asigned to the Bismarck Alfons Hanke served on both the pocket battleship Graf Spee and the battleship Gniesenau. He left behind a pregnant wife and a daughter Irene he never knew born after the sinking of the ship.

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