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Bismarck under Construction
The battleship Bismarck under construction at the Blohm & Voss Shipyard in Hamburg.

Building Cost of Different Warships of the Kriegsmarine
and other German military weapons and civilian constructions
New Wilhelmshaven Locks (IV. Entrance) RM. 250 million
German Stadium, Nuremberg RM. 200-250 million (estimated approx.)
Battleship H RM. 240.85 million (estimated)
Battleship J RM. 237.6 million (estimated)
Battleship Bismarck RM. 196.8 million (1938)
Battleship Tirpitz RM. 181.6 million
Battleship Gneisenau RM. 146.2 million
Battleship Scharnhorst RM. 143.5 million
Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin RM. 92.7 million
New Reich Chancellery, Berlin RM. 90 million (1938)
Panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spee RM. 82 million
Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen RM. 104.490 million
Heavy Cruiser Blücher RM. 87.855 million
Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper RM. 85.860 million
Olympic Stadium, Berlin RM. 43 million (1936)
Light Cruiser Nürnberg RM. 40 million
Destroyer Z28 RM. 13.106 million
Schwerer Dora 80cm railway gun RM. 7 million
Torpedo boat 1939 RM. 5.7 million
U-boat Type XXI RM. 5.75 million
U-boat Type VII C RM. 4.7 million
M-boat RM. 3.5 million
S-boat RM. 2.275 million
Führerbunker, Berlin RM. 1.35 million
Tiger I tank RM. 0.25 million
Panzer IV tank RM. 0.1 million
V-2 missile RM. 0.1 million
Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter RM. 0.08 million

Battleship Bismarck Book
The Battleship Bismarck.
The Complete History
of the Ship.

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