The following scans, taken from the book "Bismarck. Pride of the German Navy" by John Asmussen
are an example of what an author should never do if he wants to be taken seriously by the community.


1) Below we can see that entire paragraphs have been copied and pasted from

Plagiarism Example

2) In this case it can be clearly seen that the map on top has been redrawn from the original (below).
It is virtually a sharpened carbon copy with some minor modifications. The original map can be found at the bottom of the following page:

Plagiarism Example 2

3) Here the evidence shows that even mistakes made by others have been copied.
The name of Prinz Eugen's Torpedo Officer was Sigurd Reimann, however on this book it appears as Ernst Reimann (see below the scan from page 65). Ernst is a false name used on purpose by Italian author Antonio Bonomi on an article he published back in 2006. This article can be found here:

Plagiarism Example 4