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BOOK: Der Seekrieg in Bildern


Title: Der Seekrieg in Bildern.

Author: Fritz Otto Busch.

Publisher: Marine-Verlag Heinrich Beenken, Berlin C 2.

Publication date: 1940.

Language: German (English translation available in PDF format see page bottom).

Format: Softcover, 120 b/w photos, 112 pages.

Comments: Der Seekrieg im Bildern (Pictorial of the War at sea) is a very hard to find German book published during wartime. It is the first volume of a series of books and covers the first five months of the war at sea as seen from the German point of view. The book follows a day by day chronological sequence describing all major events from 1 September 1939 to 31 January 1940. It includes a lot of official OKW press releases and over 120 photos to help illustrate the text.

Sample pages (from the original book).

E-book (PDF): Der Seekrieg in Bildern.

This electronic publication is a modern reprint in PDF format of Der Seekrieg in Bildern. It prints 132 pages, and includes both the original German and its English translation, plus new explanatory notes. To purchase this e-book click below on the PayPal icon according to your currency.

EUR 10,00
* As soon as we receive notice from PayPal that purchase is made, you will receive download instructions by e-mail. This usually takes 24-48 hours. If you prefer a different method of payment contact the webmaster at: jmrico@kbismarck.com.

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